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London Coins Auction 171
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528 Ajman - United Arab Emirates 5 Riyals 1971 Save Venice Silver Proof KM#27 nFDC with practically full mint brilliance £90 - £130
529 Australia - New South Wales Fifteen Pence Dump 1813 FIFTEEN and PENCE with 5mm date spacing, Mira (1977) type D/2, KM#1.3 the crown bold with the legends clear, Good Fine, has been plugged and well repaired, traces of the underlying coin are visible in places £750 - £1,000
530 Australia - South Australia Adelaide Pound 1852 Type I, Cracked Die Reverse, 9.64 grammes, KM#1 one of the classic World Gold rarities and Australia's first gold coin. VG/Fine Ex-Jewellery. Only around 40 examples are believed to have been minted of the type I piece. The Government Assay Office, Adelaide had only opened 9 months earlier, in February 1852, and had previously assayed gold nuggets into ingots from the South Australia goldfields. The intention was for these new coins to circulate in order to stimulate South Australia's then ailing economy. Now the minting of the coins, rather than ingots required further precision and care, and proved beyond the capabilities of the primitive minting processes then employed, and on the initial run the reverse die cracked and broke. The type II series followed in greater numbers from a new die. Examples of the type I series are therefore greatly prized as so few were minted. A rare chance to obtain such a classic World Gold rarity £10,000 - £12,000
531 Australia $100 Gold Kangaroo 2016P One Ounce in a PCGS holder and graded MS68 £1,400 - £1,800
532 Australia Half Sovereign 1857 Sydney Branch Mint, Marsh 382 GVF/NEF with some hairlines, the reverse with a heavier contact mark, the first year of the second issue Half Sovereigns £300 - £400
533 Australia Half Sovereign 1858 Sydney Branch Mint Marsh 383 VF holed at the top of the reverse £180 - £200
534 Australia Half Sovereign 1858 Sydney Branch Mint, Marsh 383 EF/AU the obverse with a small minting flaw on the Queen's neck the reverse in particular most attractive and sharply struck, a few minor hairlines overall, but a superb example of this type, almost never seen in high grades, our archive database shows that this is by far the finest example we have offered in 16 years. A rare opportunity to add this type to an advanced Half Sovereign collection £2,600 - £3,200
535 Australia Half Sovereign 1862 Sydney Branch Mint Marsh 387 NEF/EF a very pleasing example with only very minor contact marks, the surface considerably superior to most examples usually seen. Rare with a mintage of just 210,000 pieces. Our archive database confirms that this is only the second example we have offered in 17 years £2,200 - £2,600
536 Australia Shilling 1912 NGC UNC DETAILS CLEANED £150 - £300
537 Australia Sovereign 1863 Sydney Branch Mint, Marsh 368 NEF with some contact marks and hairlines £450 - £750
538 Australia Sovereign 1866 Sydney Branch Mint Marsh 371 GVF/NEF with some contact marks and rim nicks £375 - £450
539 Australia Sovereign 1868 Sydney Branch Mint Marsh 373 VF/GVF with some contact marks £500 - £600
540 Australia Threepence 1910 NGC MS64 a choice piece with a beautiful tone £50 - £100
541 Australia Two Shillings 1934-35 Melbourne Centennial choice and prooflike and graded MS64 by NGC £200 - £350
542 Austria Thalers 1780 Maria Theresa (2) Bright UNC and EF with hairlines £30 - £50
543 Austrian States - Salzburg Thaler 1631 VF, made into a box, each half with a picture inside, one half a lady in period dress accompanied by 10 laminate-style overlays of her different outfits, an unusual and interesting item £200 - £250
544 Belgium 10 Frank 1930 Independence Centennial, Dutch legend BELGIE, Position B KM#100 UNC or near so and lustrous, Rare in high grades £70 - £110
545 Belgium 2 Francs 1904 French Legend, DES BELGES KM#58.1 UNC in a PCGS holder and graded MS64 £150 - £250
546 Belgium 50 Centimes 1886 Dutch Legend - DER BELGEN KM#27 A/UNC with attractive old toning £40 - £80
547 Belgium Quarter Franc 1843 KM#8 Good Fine, toned, a scarce date in this short series £150 - £200
548 Brazil 20000 Reis Gold 1851 KM#463 GVF/NEF a pleasing grade example of this short-lived 2-year type £900 - £1,100
549 Brazil 960 Reis - Minas Gerais countermarked issue on Bolivia 8 Reales Charles IIII host 1799 PTS PP, Obverse countermark: Crowned Shield in branches, Reverse Countermark: Banded Globe with cross, KM#242 in an ANACS holder and graded EF45, with the countermark obscuring the first three digits of the date of the host coin, the last digit a 9, so host must be 1799 and this the only date ending in 9 to have the PP assayer's mark. Countermarked issues of this type with PP assayer were issued on host coins 1795-1802. Only the second example of this scarce type we have offered in 17 years. We note an example described as VG host, countermarks Good Fine, sold in London Coins Auction A167 2/12/2019 (Lot 1881) for £180 hammer price, this example with considerably superior grade countermarks £125 - £250
550 Brazil 960 Reis 1818R KM#326.1 GVF £40 - £80
551 British West Africa Shilling 1952 a trial piece struck in chromed steel, with TRIAL vertically in the left obverse field and TRIAL on the reverse horizontally above the 52 of the date. KM#TS3, FT UNC or very near so, in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 75 £100 - £120
552 Cambodia 50000 Riels Gold 1974 Cambodian Dancers KM#64 UNC with practically full lustre with just a hint of toning, only 3250 pieces minted and seldom offered £400 - £500
553 Canada - Newfoundland One Cent 1880 Narrow or Oval 0 in date KM#1 (see illustrations in Charlton, page 35) Good Fine with some edge nicks, a very rare variety £70 - £100
554 Canada 25 Cents 1880H Narrow 0 in date KM#5 VG with all major details clear £40 - £60
555 Canada 5 Cents 1903H Large H, KM#13, UNC with choice and colourful tone, in an NGC holder and graded MS64 , very rare the highest example of the Large H type graded by NGC £500 - £600
556 Canada 5 Cents 1906 Narrow date KM#13 Choice UNC with attractive colourful tone, in an NGC holder and graded MS66, the highest grade example graded by NGC, PCGS have graded just 3 pieces higher £1,000 - £1,200
557 Canada 5 Cents 1914 KM#22 UNC with practically full lustre, in an NGC holder and graded MS64 £120 - £150
558 Canada 5 Cents 1926 Far 6 KM#29 Good Fine or better, Rare, one of the key varieties of the 20th Century Canadian series £100 - £200
559 Canada Ten Dollars 1914 in a PCGS 'Canadian Gold Reserve' holder and graded MS64+ £1,200 - £1,600
560 Canada Ten Dollars 1914 KM#27 in a PCGS Holder 'Canadian Gold Reserve' and graded MS64 £1,000 - £1,200
561 Chile 8 Reales 1797 So DA KM#51 Fine/Good Fine £40 - £80
562 China - Kwangtung Province 20 Cents undated (1890-1908) Y#201 GEF a very pleasing example £40 - £80
563 China 50 Yuan Gold 1995 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Obverse: The United Nations logo, with date below, Reverse: The United Nations building, with denomination to upper left and dates in the right field, KM#814 Half Ounce Gold Proof FDC with full original brilliance, uncased in capsule with certificate £800 - £1,000
564 China 500 Yuan Gold Panda 2015 One Ounce in a PCGS holder and graded MS69 £1,400 - £1,800
565 Costa Rica 2 Pesos Gold 1866 GW KM#113 GVF with minor adjustment lines on the assayers initials, a scarce issue with a low mintage of just 13,000 pieces and seldom seen £400 - £500
566 Crete 5 Drachma 1901 KM#9 Fine, lightly toned, scarce £50 - £70
567 Crete 5 Drachmai 1901 KM#9 Fine, a scarce one-year type £65 - £85
568 Cyprus (3) 4 1/2 Piastres 1901 KM#5 Good Fine/NVF, 3 Piastres 1901 (2) KM#4 NVF toned and Fine toned, the second with some scratches on the obverse, these issues normally found in worn state, even examples above Fine now becoming difficult to find £40 - £80
569 Cyprus 9 Piastres 1901 KM#6 About EF with attractive olive and gold toning, a notoriously difficult coin to find in any grade above Fine, higher grade Cyprus coins very seldom encountered and always keenly sought after £300 - £400
570 Danzig 5 Gulden 1923 KM#147 Marienkirche GVF with touches of golden tone, a scarce issue seldom seen, our auction archive shows this is one of only 5 pieces we have offered in 17 years, with only one piece better, previous auction realisations indicate a scarcer piece than catalogue values would suggest £300 - £400
571 Denmark 2 Rigsdaler 1863 HC-RH Fredrik VII Death and Accession of Christian IX KM#770 GVF £50 - £75
572 Denmark 5 Ore 1874 (h)CS KM#794.21 UNC, the reverse with a colourful tone, in a PCGS holder and graded MS64 BN, none graded higher by PCGS £100 - £150
573 Egypt 100 Piastres Gold 1922 (AH1340) KM#341 GEF/AU with some tiny rim nicks, a one-year type with the right-facing portrait £500 - £600
574 Egypt 20 Piastre 1923H KM#338 in a PCGS holder 'Cleaned - UNC details' £100 - £150
575 Egypt 20 Piastres Gold 1930 (AH1349) KM#351 A/UNC and lustrous, an attractive example of this short-lived 2-year type £110 - £140
576 Egypt Five Pounds Gold AH1377 (1957) 5th Anniversary of the Revolution KM#388 EF/About EF and lustrous, these Large Egyptian Gold pieces are always popular and sought after items £2,400 - £2,800
577 Egypt Franc 1865 24-sided copper Suez Canal issue, Ch. & A.Bazin KM#Tn3 NEF Rare £120 - £150

This category is split into 5 pages. This is page 1.

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