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Medals : Auction 132

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 132
Medals 19th and 20th Century a mixed group (100) includes some larger types, mainly in base metal, includes s, s etc. many in the boxes of issue, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 132
Medals 19th and 20th Century in base metal a varied group (43) some s-related

Auction 132
Medals Archbishop Sancroft and the Bishops 1688 cast 51mm diameter in silver by G.Bower, Eimer 288 Obverse Bust right wearing a cap and clerically robed. GVIL.SANCROFT.ARCHIEPISC.CANTAVR.1688 Reverse Seven s containing busts, clerically robed depicting William Lloyd, Francis Turner, Lake, Henry Compton, Thomas Ken, Thomas White and Sir John Trelawney, a field of stars, d, EF

Auction 132
Medals Medals (2) 1911 31mm diameter in silver Eimer 1922 the Official issue with the original envelopes, 1935 (2) 32mm diameter in silver Eimer 2029, The official Royal Mint issue UNC one of the 1935 medals with the original red box of issue

Auction 132
Medals 's English Monarch Series recent replicas in bronze 38 mm various different monarchs with some duplication Unc and some developing verdigris (40)

Auction 132
Medals , assorted medals (6) Rouget de Lisle1760-1836, bronze, La Harve medal 1905, Academic medal 1904, bronze, Reims Music Festival medal 1969, silver, Edouard Goose 1923, silver. Together with another cast bronze plaque. An interesting lot

Auction 132
Medals 1821 The official issue 35mm diameter in copper Eimer 1146 EF, V Coronation 1831 33mm diameter in silver Eimer 1251 the official Royal Mint issue Obverse bust right WILLIAM THE FOURTH CROWNED SEP:8 1831, Reverse Bust right diademed ADELAIDE QUEEN CONSORT. CROWNED SEP:8 1831 GEF with some tiny rim nicks, Edd VII Coronation 1902 31mm in silver Eimer 1869 with the amended date of the Coronation (9 Aug) in the exergue EF

Auction 132
Medals Stuart white metal portrait medal, 67mm dia, after Jacopo Primavera, Maria Stovvvar Regi Scota Angli, bust right wearing ruff collar and long veil. Bronzed, fair

Auction 132
Medals June 1 1794 Earl Howe Obverse Bust right uniformed RIC. COMES HOWE THALASSIARCHA BRITAN. PATRIAE DECUS ET TUTAMEN Reverse Naval engagement NON SORTE SED VIRTUTE Exergue. GALLOR CLASSIS PROFLIG. DIE I JUNII. MDCCXCIV. Eimer 855 48mm diameter in copper by Kuchler A/UNC with a few small spots, Rare

Auction 132
Medals Queen 1897 in copper, the official issue UNC in the red box of issue, 1935 the official Royal Mint issue UNC in the red box of issue, Lusitania 1915 German EF in the box of issue as part of a group (18) of White metal and base metal issues in mixed grades

Auction 132
Medals pair to Sgt. R.B.Diggle, Medal 1962 bar (3518958 Cpl R.A.F.). R.A.F. & Medal E.II.R. (Sgt.(L3518958) R.A.F.). Mounted as worn EF. With boxes of issue

Auction 132
Medals School Attendance Medals 1882-1930 (9) includes some in silver in mixed grades VF-EF

Auction 132
Medals Thames Tunnel in white metal (3) Obverse: Sir Isambart Marc bust left, Reverse showing the twin tunnels with walkways above and to the sides diameter 49mm BHM 2136, the second with a similar obverse, the reverse showing a closer view of the tunnels with a walkway above diameter 49mm BHM 2083, the third similar with a similar obverse and reverse to the last with minor differences BHM 2140, 38mm NEF-EF, along with Advertising check 24mm in brass, related makers, all scarce or rare and unlisted in Eimer

Auction 132
Medals The 100 Greatest Cars Silver Miniature ' each piece 16mm x 5mm Silver s in the box of issue with certificates

Auction 132
Medals The Medals 1974 by 24 crown sized medals in set in the collectors album as issued in Silver FDC in the album of issue, plus Medal 1977 30mm loop mounted at top

Auction 132
Medals The Medals 1974, silver edition (24) in folder with text, issued by The Churchill Centenary Trust each medal hallmarked and weighing 25.7gms

Auction 132
Medals 1897 Silver Eimer 1817 56mm diameter A/UNC boxed, Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 in bronze Eimer 1817 56mm diameter (2) GEF boxed, 1935 Eimer 2029 in Silver 57mm diameter EF boxed with the lid detached, of I 1953 72mm diameter in bronze by H.Dropsy Obverse Young bust right S.M.LA.REINE. ELIZABETH.II. Reverse Castle 2 JUIN 1953 with LA.FRANCE A .S.M.ELIZABETH. II. in exergue Eimer 2087 UNC, Crown 1935 Specimen A/UNC boxed

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