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16th Century : World Bulk Lots

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
World Bulk Lots from an old (152) mostly base metal types spanning a wide range of types and eras ranging from to , also includes some Feudal types, era types, France token issues and related issues from and , many useful items included, many with the owners attribution tickets

Auction 181
World Bulk Lots (67) 14th to and zinc types, earlier pieces include Tran dynasty, Ho dynasty, dynasty, includes Rebel issues cast types, Ngu-Long, Gia-Long, Tu-Duc, Minh-Mang types, and a group of private token issues (11), from an old all coins have tickets researched by the vendor, in mixed circulated grades, an interesting study group for the specialist in this field

Auction 180
World Bulk Lots World to (248) the majority an issues, includes Dime 1918S VF, - 1857 George Davis - Self Government and Free Trade VF, GB 1811 Peterborough About Fine, 1/13th 1877 EF and lustrous, USA Hard Times Token 1863 First in War, First in Peace/Union For Ever VF, also includes tokens, s, s, hammered and a small group of ancients, includes many useful pieces, some in , in mixed grades

Auction 180
World Bulk Lots World an unusual group (57) Kosovo Ackes (6) 10th to (6) VG to Fine, one holed, Silver Ackes 15th to (6) VG to Fine, r (15) a selection of types includes Malacca, Palembang, Johore, mostly 17th to types, and 4 Larian to Larin (16) 1748-1913 includes types from Muhammad Imad al-Din III, Hasan Izz al-Din, Mohammad Imad V and more, most with attributions, in mixed grades Near Fine to VF, s (14) AH1312-AH1318 includes AH1311 (1912) KM#2 VG, others in mixed grades About Fine to VF, along with

Auction 172
World Bulk Lots World (27) Ancient , Reverse: seated left holding eagle and , Fine, (3) 1624 (2) KM#41 Fine and Good Fine, 1663 KM#110 Good Fine, Two 1570 Sigismund II Fine, Kopek Fine, struck off-centre on an oval flan as often, - 1819 KM#198 Fine, India - (4) Twenty 1808 KM#321 EF with pitted surfaces, Ten Cash 1808 KM#319 (2) VF and EF both with pitted surfaces, Five Cash 1803 KM#317 Good Fine, India - Bombay Presidency 1833 KM#233 AVF, India (4) (3) 1835 KM#447.1 Near Fine, 1862 (2) and Bombay Mints KM#468 both Fine, 1858 Quarter Anna KM#463.1 VF with some verdigris, 1742 KM#70 Fine, - Republic Denaro Scodellato Henry III 11th to 12th Century EF dished as often, India Kinnara State Half Anna Token 1936 Good Fine with some surface dirt, Indian - Nawanagar Dhinglo AH (9)78 frozen date KM#8 Fine, and World in base metal (7) one in the style of an Denar, the others possibly India or related all crude types on irregular flans in mixed lower grades

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots Renaissance 56mm diameter cast in by Jean Warin 1643 Louis XIII and Anne of , VF holed at the top, as part of World a small group (6) France (2) 1913 Fine, 1914 Fine, GB 1844 Near Fine, Real 1721 RS VG, Good Fine

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots AH1068/Year 32 - 1668 (type 235) Fine, India Mughal Empire Rupee Akbar Shah the Great 1556-1605AD, weight 11.16 grammes Fine, India Mughal Empire Sultan Mohammed II (1296-1315) weight 10.82 grammes, Fine, India - Sultan of Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1351-1388) Silver Tanka, weight 8.88 grammes, Fine, India - Gujarat Rulers Half Tanka Good Fine, Indian - Chuckram NVF, and Cilicia Silver Tram Levon I. 1199-1226 VF, Silver Seljuqs of Rum Kay II (1236-1245) Sun and Lion type VF with some weakness of strike (8 coins in lot)

Auction 152
World Bulk Lots - (41) a varied group ranging from minors up to , in mixed grades

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