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20 Marks : World Bulk Lots

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
World Bulk Lots Porcelain Money (3) Schloss-Comburg 1922 (2) both EF, Freiberg 1921 A/UNC, along with s in Porcelain? (2) 1983 (2) 44mm diameter EF

Auction 179
World Bulk Lots World (3) Indo- 1947 KM#32.1 A/UNC with a small spot on the obverse, Rare, - 1967 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Wilhelm von Humboldt KM#18.1 UNC, scarce, 50 Filler 1948 aluminium KM#536 Lustrous UNC, a scarce one-year type
£100 London Coins : A179 : Lot 2670 : World (3) French Indo-China 1947 KM#32.1 A/UNC with a small spot on the obverse, Rare, Germany - Dem...

Auction 174
World Bulk Lots GB and World (12) comprising GB Sovereign 1907P NVF , GB 1907 Good Fine, Ten s 1882 VF, USA Five Dollars 1881 GVF, 1915 EF/NEF, Austria 20 Corona 1915 NEF/EF, 1893 GF/NVF, 1947B EF, 10 1877 NEF, 20 1916 (h) VBP VF, - 1891A NVF/VF, Russia 5 s 1900 VF, 10 of the 12 coins in 9 carat gold mounts, the other two mounts presumed gold but not hallmarked, on a sturdy chain with maker's mark B&S () Anchor and G marks, marked 18 on the end link, all the coins have good surfaces and will be easily removable without damage, total weight 145.07 grammes
£4,400 London Coins : A174 : Lot 981 : GB and World gold (12) comprising GB Sovereign 1907P NVF , GB Half Sovereign 1907 Good Fine, USA Ten... London Coins : A174 : Lot 981 : GB and World gold (12) comprising GB Sovereign 1907P NVF , GB Half Sovereign 1907 Good Fine, USA Ten...

Auction 173
World Bulk Lots Porcelain Money (5) Saale-Orla-Kreiss district - Possneck 1923 lic issue 46.7mm diameter Obverse: Bust left GOETHE GEDENKFEIER 1923 POSSNECK, Reverse: ACH! WARUM/ IHR GOTTER IST UNDENDLICH ALLES (star) ALLES / ENDLICH UNSER GLUCK NUR!, on white finish, Scheuch 2206r EF, - medallic issue, Obverse : Snake and Eagle, 178 ER UNSERE GEFALLENEN, Reverse: Kamenz Church 23-25 . 9 . 1922 GEF, Spendenmedaillen (3) 1922 Obverse: Dancing Couple KUMM DRAMPELEMER WOLLE DANZEKUMM DRAMPELEDANZ AH!, 20 in exergue, Reverse: Two Shields SOLBAD 1545 SCHWABISCH HALL 1922, GEF, (2) 100 Marks 1923 Obverse: bust left, Friedrich Barbarossa 1152-1190, Reverse: Twin Shields HIE WELF! HIE WAIBLINGEN GEF, 100 Marks 1923 Obverse: Knight on horseback HEINRICH D LOWE HERZOG V.BAYERN SACHSEN 1129-1195, Reverse: DIE ALTEN RAVENSBURG Hillfort, 1923 in exergue EF, Emergency Note 20 Heller (Notgeld) a wooden issue Hadersfeld 1st June 1920 Deer design, unusual, Germany - 1922J Aluminium KM#29 A/UNC and lustrous, comes with old promotional leaflet for the sale of the porcelain money also covering Notgeld

Auction 172
World Bulk Lots (14) One Pfennig (6) 1948A (2), 1950E (4), s (5) 1948A, 1949A, 1952E, 1953E, 1963A, (2) 1983R Birthplace of , 1986 Potsdam-Sanssouci Palace, 1972A Wilhelm Pieck, a high grade group EF to UNC most with lustre

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots - (4) 1981 Death of Vom Stein KM#83 Prooflike UNC toned, (3) 1969 250th Anniversary of the Death of Johann Friedrich Bottger KM#24 Prooflike UNC, 1970 175th Anniversary of the Birth of Heinrich Heine, Poet, KM#39 Lustrous UNC with a tiny tone spot on the reverse, 1980 225th Anniversary of the Birth of Gerhard von Schamhorst KM#77 Lustrous UNC with the odd contact mark

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots East a small (22) Pfennig - 1952 - 1985 including 3 20 Marks and 4 Commemoratives mostly in high grades

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots German (8) (3) 1971A Thalmann UNC, 1972A Wilhelm Pieck EF, 1983A Karl Marx UNC, (1) 1976A Peoples Army UNC toned, (4) 1972A Meissen A/UNC, 1982A Wartburg Castle UNC, 1983A Wittenberg Church UNC, 1989A Marien Kirche UNC

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots World (17) 1893 A/UNC, (2) 1943L UNC and nicely toned, 1944 Lustrous UNC with some tone, 5 Cents 1879 Toned UNC, 1865A A/UNC, 1935 GVF/NEF, 50 Centimes 1897 GVF, 1858 GVF, Quarter Kopek 1768EM F/VF, 1883 GVF/VF, Quarter Rupee 1912J GVF toned, - -Cassel 1/3 1828 VG/Fine, (3) 1876G Lustrous UNC with light hairlines, 4 Pfennigs 1932A UNC with lustre traces, 2000F 250th Anniversary of the Death of J.S.Bach Lustrous UNC with light contact marks, Abbasi, Hyn I 1694-1722 Fine, some stains, Artuqid 1258-1260AD Ayyubib Yusuf Ghazi Fine

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots - (23) 1971 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Heinrich Mann KM#33 (5), 1971A 85th Birthday of Ernst Thälmann KM#34 (5), 1972A Friedrich von Schiller KM#40 (6), 1972A Wilhelm Pieck KM#42 (5), 1873A Otto Grotewohl KM#47 (2) GEF to Lustrous UNC

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots - (3) (2) 1966 Liebniz A/UNC, 1967 Humboldt A/UNC, 1966 Schinkel EF, Germany - Federal Republic Commemorative Coinage (3) 1955F Schiller KM#114 EF, 1955G Ludwig von KM#115 NVF Ex-Jewellery, 1957J Freiherr von Eichendorff KM#117 NEF, 5 Marks (2) 1964J Johan Gottlieb Fichte KM#118.1 UNC or near so and lustrous, 1967F Wilhelm and Alexander Humboldt KM#120.1 nFDC, 1955G KM#110 GVF toned, Rare, 1932 Haydn KM#2848 NEF

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots - (East Germany) Commemorative in (10) 1967 normal edge, 1971 Rosa Luxemburg, 1972 Cranach, 1973 Bebel, 1974, 1975 Bach, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 Lessing along with 20 Marks 1972 Schiller in - generally Unc

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