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Standard Reference C172 : English Banknotes

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
English Banknotes A good of Banknote and Coin Sets (9) C158 £10 QV10 001349 with 2001 cupro Crown, C159 s Lowther VR10 000552 with 2001 cupro Crown, C160 £10 Lowther VR10 000430 with 2001 Silver Proof Crown, C163 Five Pounds Lowther QE50 005581 with 2002 cupro Crown, C165 Five Pounds Lowther ER50 000532 with 2002 cupro Crown, C166 £10 Lowther ER50 000445 with 2002 Silver Proof Crown, C171 Five Pounds Lowther QC03 001826 with 2003 cupro Crown (stamp cover), C172 Five Pounds Lowther QC50 000256 with 2003 cupro Crown, C173 £10 Lowther QC50 000658 with 2003 Silver Proof Crown (this toning) all Unc in the packs of issue all the coins Five Pound Crowns

Auction 161
English Banknotes Debden Sets (18), C139 (4) year prefix issued 1999, 5 Pounds prefix YR19 and £5 crown, C123 (5) the Queens anniversary issued 1997, Kentfield 5 Pounds prefix HM50 and £5 crown, C130 (1) Prince of 50th birthday issued 1998, Kentfield 5 Pounds prefix PW50 and £5 crown, C165 (2) the Queens issued 2002, 5 Pounds prefix ER50 and £5 crown, C172 (2) coronation 50th anniversary issued 2003, Lowther 5 Pounds prefix QC50 and £5 crown, C164 (1) the Queens golden jubilee issued 2002, special limited edition Baby Gift Set, Lowther 5 Pounds prefix YR20 and £5 crown, C153 (3) the Queen Mother's 100th birthday issued 2000, Lowther 5 Pounds prefix QM10 and £5 crown, all coins in these 18 sets are Cupro-Nickel, in presentation packs and folders as issued

Auction 158
English Banknotes Debden sets (3) 5 Pounds, C163 HM the Queen's issued June 2002, limited edition, £5 banknote QE50 000700 (B380 for type) £5 Crown and 1st & 2nd class stamps, Philatelic/Numismatic cover, C172 coronation 50th anniversary issued 2003, limited edition, Lowther £5 banknote QC50 000256 (B395 for type), £5 Crown and stamp, Philatelic/Numismatic cover, C119 HM the Queen's 70th birthday issued 1996, limited edition, £5 banknote HM70 002285 (B364 for type) with £5 Crown, UNC

Auction 157
English Banknotes Debden Sets (6), (3) £5 C139 YR19, C123 HM50, C130 PW50 & (3) C172 QC50, C153 QM10, C159 VR10, all in presentation folder and each banknotes comes with a cupro-nickel £5 coin

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