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Standard Reference Eimer 1713

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Auction 174
Medals Medals (9) 19th and early 20th Century mostly in copper or bronze, includes Cathedral (c.1855) 59mm diameter in Eimer 1507 Obverse: Exterior of the cathedral, Reverse: Interior of the cathedral, EF, Seamens Friend Society, founded 1820 by Vaughton & Sones GEF with traces of lustre, William laudatory medal 1842 by H.H. Young and W.J. NEF, 's flagship the Foudroyant 37mm diameter in copper NEF with traces of lustre, Sunday School 1885 Thomas Charles 44mm diameter, in bronze, Reverse: 8-line inscription in Welsh, Eimer 1713 VF holed, of - (2) by J. EF and NEF the second with some surface porosity, Save The Fund (c.1923) Reverse: Copper Taken From H.M.S. Victory 1923 within a wreath GVF, 1887 39mm diameter in brass? Obverse Veiled head of Queen Victoria, Reverse: Crowned Arms, with VICTORIA QUEEN AND EDMPRESS below, ISRAEL KNOWLES CHAIRMAN 1837 1887 INCE JUBILEE CELEBRATION VF/GVF

Auction 174
Tokens (6) (3) Corresponding Society 1795 The Fable of the bundle of sticks, Reverse: A Dove flying with an olive branch, milled edge, DH286 NVF, Kilvington's 1795 Obverse: Laureate Bust left, Reverse: Figure of Britannia seated left, engrailed edge, DH346 Near VF, Richardson's DH471 Obverse: A Bluecoat boy preparing to draw from a lottery wheel, Reverse: Richardson Goodluck & Co. GVF holed, - Newent 1796 Obverse: A shield against a tree/ Reverse: a spiral inscription with date in the centre, DH64 VF, - 1792 Obverse : Shield of Arms of Norwich/ Reverse: Man in loom DH38 VF, - 1794 Obverse: Bust of John Howard left, Reverse: The Sun and Moon over a castle DH19 VF, along with s (7) The Venerable Order of the Druids 53mm diameter in white metal NVF holed with some edge knocks, Sunday School Centenary, 1885 Thomas Charles of Bala 44mm diameter in white metal Obverse: Bust almost facing, draped Eimer 1713 Reverse: 8-line inscription in Welsh Eimer 1713 NEF holed, Reform Bill 1832 44mm diameter in by D.Gibson, Obverse: REFORM IN THE REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE IN THE COMMONS HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT 1832 within a wreath with the shield of below, Reverse: Britannia with shield holding a spear alongside a crowned scroll inscribed THE FOUNDATION IS LAID BY JUSTICE, LET THE SUPERSTRUCTURE BR RAISED BY WISDOM AND HAPPINESS MUST BE THE RESULT, GVF, issued at the Bishopgate Ward Reform Dinner September 1832, Francis Henry Egerton (c.1850) 41mm diameter in bronze by F.Donadion , Obverse: Bust Right no legend, Reverse: FRANCIS HENRY EGERTON, EARL OF BRIDGEWATER VF, Lloyd's Medal 1839 a cast of the reverse of the 1839 medal (reverse type as Eimer 1333) 72 mm diameter by W.Wyon GVF, The Capture of the HMS Seripas by the USS Bonhomme Richard a uniface bronze cliché, VF cleaned, Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey 1678 after G.Bower a later cast copy 38mm diameter, unsigned with plain edge, in (?) Fine

Auction 158
Tokens s, Coin Weights, Tokens and Toy Money (50) includes Admiral Vernon Portobello Medal, prize Medal W.W.Field Challenge Sculls 1899-1900 Rowing Club 45mm diameter in VF, Christopher Evelyn Blunt 80th Birthday 16th July 1984 49mm diameter in EF, Thomas Charles 1885 Eimer 1713 Welsh language inscription (Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me - Jesus Christ) 44mm diameter in bronze EF, Emergency May 1926 medal 51mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed, Paul VI - St. Peter and St. Paul martyrs 44mm diameter in bronze EF, as part of 18th to a wide ranging group, in mixed grades a few EF

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