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Jane Austen : English Banknotes

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Auction 182
English Banknotes A set of four first run notes with the low matching serial number 0000036. s June 2021 reverse AA01 000036, s Sarah John 2020 JMW Turner reverse AA01 000036, s reverse AA01 000036 and s Cleland Churchill reverse AA01 000036 Unc. These four notes were never offered as a set the vendor had to attend various auctions to put together a matching set extremely rare thus
£5,000 London Coins : A182 : Lot 104 : A set of four first run polymer notes with the low matching serial number 0000036. Fifty Pounds Sara... London Coins : A182 : Lot 104 : A set of four first run polymer notes with the low matching serial number 0000036. Fifty Pounds Sara...

Auction 177
English Banknotes A in an album s 1922 T30 K/79 45792 Fine, 1917 T16 A/76 798706 about Fine, 1919 T24 U/88 701061 aVF one or two pinholes. Ten Shillings Mauve K51D 706121 about Fine, (2) Prefix N40 and R48 both VF, 47U 583969 GVF, One Pound Peppiatt Blue U28D 545801 Fine, Peppiatt Green 1948 B260 Z99A Fine, 1950 B260 B26C Fine, O'Brien 1955 B273 C75L Fine, DX11 014009 Fine, s George reverse (3) EF-Unc, (2) numbers D24 002006 and 002007 Unc, Elizabeth Fry (2) consecutive numbers HD41 751091 and 751092 Unc, Winston Churchill (9) Unc including consecutive number runs, s Hollom A14 482465 VF, Charles (5) AU-Unc including two consecutive pairs, Cleland (5) Unc consecutive runs a three and a two, s Bailey AD27 835409 AU, Turner reverse Cleland (3) Unc two being a consecutive pair

Auction 170
English Banknotes GB & World a very pleasing and wide in an album (60) in various grades Good/VG to UNC. Ranging from early & issues to modern and including a group of notes. Comprising a Second issue Treasury 1 Pound T31 issued 1923 prefix L1/37. A Britannia medallion 1 Pounds (5) including the Emergency World War II B249 Blue/Pink issues (2) along with the regular Green Post-war B260 Threaded issues (3) prefixes U55A, W95A and X33A. An O'Brien Lion & Key 5 Pounds B277 Shaded Symbol 1957 prefix D33. 5 Pounds QE2 portrait & seated child Britannia B297 1963 prefix C26. issues (4) including the Lion & Key 10 Pounds B316 prefix A58 and a selection of 10 Shillings QE2 portrait (3) including B309 first series prefix 81R and B310 prefixes B38N and last series D12N. A group of (10) including the 2 designs 1 Pounds QE2 portrait B320 1970 issues (5) a set Y45D 648139 - Y45D 648143 along with a consecutive set of the QE2 pictorial (5) series L34 259440 - L34 259444. (4) including a selection of 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial B341 W Reverse issues 1981 (3) close numbers prefix CY82 along with a 5 Pounds the B343 L reverse issue 1980 prefix JY66. (2) including a 20 Pounds Michael Faraday B358 issue 1991 with a FIRST RUN and fairly low serial number A01 006715 along with a 5 Pounds. A 20 Pounds Michael Faraday B374 issue 1993 with a LOW FIRST RUN serial number X01 001439 given the first 1000 were not issued making this note number 439. A group of the new issues (6) including 5 Pounds Churchill B414 (4) with various prefixes and a consecutive pair of the 10 Pounds (2) prefix CD49. The group of ERROR notes include a Page 5 Pounds the Duke of Wellington B334 L Reverse issue 1973 with a partial offset mirror image of the obverse design on the reverse. A Page 1 Pound QE2 portrait B322 issue 1970 with a different serial numbers - BT06 788815 at top left and BT06 788825 at lower right. A Somerset 10 Pounds B348 L Reverse 1984 series AU46 984809 with a paper crease during printing in an acute angle across the Queen's picture, this note with 2 sets of small pinholes in the body of the note. And a 20 Pounds Kentfield B371 issue 1991 series T06 676486 with the obverse design with a Misaligned Printing causing signature and Bank's title to appear in incorrect position with a part of the bottom note's bank title to appear at bottom margin, also a part of the Queen's face misprinted with the arrow design at left. The world notes include issues from Brazil, China, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Germany and France along with a few , World War 2 period Allied military notes and a set of Fantasy 'Hell Bank Notes' with matching serials E64865 and illustrations of Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. An interesting and desirable selection certain to attract the attention of collectors and dealers alike

Auction 169
English Banknotes Offered Here For Charity - VIP tribute s No. 5 note Merlyn QE II & Sir Edward Elgar B386 Series E Second Historical Series Foil Hologram & Windowed Thread issue 1999 and a First Run Low Non-circulation serial number AA01 000005, about UNC - UNC. According to the lowest possible circulation serial number available of this Series E Historical Twenty Pounds before this offering is AA01 000031. This note from the Governor of the Bank of England in the original anti reflective museum glass frame with a note "From The Governor Of The / Bank of England / Note No. 5 of New Series 1999". It appears the note has not been glued in the frame and is held by precisely placed small holders with a small gap for each corner of the note to be inserted in. It has become a common tradition for the Bank of England to hold back the first printed notes with low or symbolic serial numbers when a new issue is released. Such notes are attributed to dignitaries, royalty and institutions that usually receive or were involved in the development of the new issue, for example Her Majesty the Queen traditionally receives the very first 000001 note, the Churchill War Rooms received the new Churchill 5 Pound note with the end of World War II year serial number AA01 001945, and the Cathedral received the new Polymer 10 Pound note with a serial number AA01 001817 marking the year that Jane Austen was buried there. A number of first run circulation serial numbers, the Bank of England is known to donate in Charity Auctions for various causes and many of these notes are very sought after by collectors and usually realise high figures as for example the very first possible circulation number of the 20 Pounds with serial number AA01 000007 realized £2,100, the first public available Churchill Polymer 5 Pounds serial number AA01 000017 realized £4,150 and the Jane Austen Polymer 10 Pounds AA01 000010 realized £7,200. In regard to this note the serial numbers prior to this one were reportedly donated as follows to H.M. the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Bank of England Governor and the Chancellor.
£8,000 London Coins : A169 : Lot 91 : Offered Here For Charity - Bank of England VIP tribute Twenty Pounds No. 5 note Merlyn Lowther QE II...

Auction 166
English Banknotes includes issues (18) in mostly very high grades comprising 5 Pounds Polymer QE2 & Sir Winston Churchill B414 issues 2016 FIRST RUN notes (5) including a ly numbered set of 4 serial numbers AA01 151285 - AA01 151288 along with an earlier number AA01 013400. 10 Pounds (7) including the new QE2 & Polymer issue 2017 unlisted (2) a presumably FIRST RUN consecutive pair AA01 050971 & 050972 along with QE2 & Charles B411 issues B411 (5) including a consecutive trio MA13 540848 - MA13 540850 along with LJ04 370035 and LH30 363407. 20 Pounds QE2 & Adam Smith B412 issues 2015 (4) including a consecutive trio KC05 316182 - KC05 316184 along with JK70 948736. 50 Pounds QE2 & Matthew Boulton and James Watt B413 issues 2015 (2) a consecutively numbered pair FIRST series AJ61 080535 & AJ61 080536
£320 London Coins : A166 : Lot 95 : Bank of England Cleland includes Polymer issues (18) in mostly very high grades comprising 5 Pounds ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 95 : Bank of England Cleland includes Polymer issues (18) in mostly very high grades comprising 5 Pounds ...

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