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Standard Reference Pick 11c : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 174
World Banknotes North-eastern circa 1945 to modern (18) various issues and denominations in mixed grades most - all ranging from VF-GVF to UNC. including some Scarce issues from (4) as the State Bank 1 Ethiopian Pick 12b ND 1945 signature Bennett series BF 182021 , Emperor I. Along with ND 1966 issues (3) 1 Ethiopian Dollar Pick 25a series KV 591024, 50 Ethiopian Dollars Pick 28a series D 304562 and 100 Ethiopian Dollars Pick 29a series C447084. (4) consisting 24th May 1997 dated issues (2) including 5 Nakfa Pick 2a series AA 5276872 and 20 Nakfa Pick 4a series AA 1315800. Also 24th May 2004 dated issues (2) 50 Nakfa Pick 7a">Pick 7a series AC 0038187 and 100 Nakfa Pick 8a series AD 1075064. (9) including 25 Pick 11c 1980 signature Ibrahim Mohammed A. Nimir (Governor) series A/135 866296, Scarcer. 1 Sudanese s (2) including Pick 34 Law of 1985 series G/36 663623 and Pick 39 Law of 1987 series C/320 254487. 10 Sudanese Pounds (2) including a Scarcer Pick 15c 1980 watermark secretary bird signature Ibrahim Mohammed A. Nimir (Governor) series E/92 516026 together with Pick 46 1991 series E/374 061323. 20 Sudanese Pounds Pick 47 Law of 1991 series F/211 068097. 50 Sudanese Pounds (2) Pick 43a Law of 1987 series G/36 663623 and Pick 54a Law of 1992 series J/20 926890 with artist's name "Dosougi" at lower right on front. Also a 100 Sudanese Pounds Pick 44a Law of 1988 series H/4 834884. Also a South Sudan issue 10 Sudanese Pounds Pick 7 ND 2011 series AF6263203.

Auction 170
World Banknotes World (211) a vast in an album ranging from VG to UNC and includes many and different examples from numerous countries and from different periods from 1920's and World War II period 1940's to modern. A few Scarce and more collectible notes include a Bank of 20 s B351 prefix 73C and a Brixton 1 Pound. An interesting early issue Pick 71b dated 19th May 1924 block Y.2802 series 447 signatures Moyse & Penalva. Bank of 1 Pound Pick 96a (PMS BA98a; BY SC104) first date and prefix 4th January 1945 series A 0351859, worn but Scarce. / Frank = 10 Belgas / Belga Pick 106 dated 29th November 1944 series 5647J0460. an example of the very first banknotes issued and circulated in the country - / Pick 1a 1967. A Dominion of Pick 11c 1923. 5 s Pick 51d 1st September 1964 series C/12 142551. A selection of various French issues circa 1960's to modern including some very sought after examples as the 5 Francs "Pasteur" Pick 146a (Fayette F61.4) LAST date for signature type Tondu / Gargam / Morant dated 4th November 1966 block L.46 08696. 50 Francs Pick 148d (Fayette F64.28) LAST date for signature type Bouchet / Vergnes / Morant dated 3rd October 1974 block X.256 77027, also examples of the 1999 issues 50, 100 and 200 (2) Francs, a selection of Delacroix (8) with various dates and wording value with lines at upper left - 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 along with other various French examples. Also, 100 Francs Pick 32 ND 1957 along with a 100 Francs Pick 2a 23rd April 1959 no Code Letter. A Promotional set of the Jason Islands Len Hill notes and 1, 5, 10 and , used to support the Birdland Zoo Gardens in Great Britain in the late 1970s. A RARE Bank of Libya Pick 26 Law No. 4 of 5th February 1963 series 4 B/6 473591, an always sought after note. Pick 44a, an n printing. (2) 10 Liri Pick 47 and 20 Liri Pick 48. A modern 100 Krona P65a 2002, a higher denomination. Also includes other issues from , , , , , , , Brasil, , , , , and many others. A very attractive lot

Auction 170
World Banknotes World (54) a mostly early 1900's mixed grade group most ranging in the average of Fine/VF to about UNC - UNC and consisting of various and exotic issues. Comprising examples from (22) from various periods and regions as the examples (6) including the Scarce 100 Rubley Catherine II Pick 5c dated 1898 (1898-1912) signatures Konshin & Ivanov. 1 Ruble Pick 1d 1898 (1912) signature Shipov second ier's signature unrecognizable by me. 3 Rubley Pick 9c 1905 (1912) signatures Shipov & Baryshev. 5 Rubley Pick 10b 1909 (1912-17) signatures Shipov & Bubyakin. 10 Rubley Pick 11c 1909 (1912-17) signatures Shipov & Bylinskiy. 25 Rubley Pick 12b 1909 (1912) signatures Shipov & Bubyakin. 100 Rubley Pick 13a 1910 (1909-12) signatures Konshin & Afanasev. And 500 Rubley Pick 14b 1912 (1912-17) signatures Shipov & Metz. Provisional Government (3) 250 Rubley Pick 36 1917 signatures Shipove & Baryshev issued by the R.S.F.S.R. series ??-144.1000 Rubley Pick 37 1917 (1917-18) signatures Shipov & Sofronov series ?? 105222 issued by the R.S.F.S.R. And 1000 Rubley Pick 95 1918 signature Zhikharev series ??-045. South Russia State Bank (2) 1000 Rubley Pick S418c 1919 series ??-00093 and 5000 Rubley Pick S419d 1919 series ??-200, both with watermark mosaic. South Russia - High Command of the Armed Forces (4) 500 Rubley Pick S434 1920 series ??-011 along with 10000 Rubley Pick S425a 1919 printed on both sides variety (3) series ??-048, ??-086 and ??-020. Also 50 Kopek (2) Pick 31 ND 1915 and Pick S407 ND 1918. Lenin portrait 1937 examples (3) 1, 3 and 10 Chervontsev Pick 202, 203 and 205 respectively. Along with other countries examples as (2) a RARE pair 500 Lire Pick 71 (Gigante BI 32A - R3) Seal Type Italia/ Monogram B-I 23rd August 1943. And 1000 Lire Pick 81a Seal Type Med / Monogram B-I 14th April 1948 signatures Eianudi & Urbini. Pick 116a. 1943-44 (4) including the highest, for its series, denomination i Pick 135. Along with 50 Drachmai Pick 121. 25000000 Drachmai Pick 130b. And 100000 Drachmai Pick 125a. (5) consisting of Pick 154 1935. Along with various (3) including Pick 118q 1914 , Pick 155 1935. And Pick 159 without overprint of place of issue (issued in ese controlled area) 1941 variety with serials on obverse and reverse. Also, a Pick 120a 1st October 1914 place of issue - CHUNGKING. (5) an interesting selection of the 1917 I First World War Emergency issues (5) very well preserved including 10 Bani Pick 69 (3) and 50 Bani Pick 71 (2). Commemorative 300th Anniversary of Sveriges Riksbank (1668-1968) Pick 56. Kingdom Assignat 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass-42a). 1 Pick 16 manuscript signature and title Cuschieri ND 1943. 100 Bolivianos Pick 147 with conflict overprint. 1 George Vi portrait Pick 58e signatures Coyne & Towers. (7) including a denomination set of the 1944 Partisan issues (4) 1, 5, 10 and 20 a Pick 48b, 49b, 50a and 51c respectively. Along with 50, 100 and 500 Dinara from the following 1946 issues Pick 64b, 65b and 66b respectively. And finally 1960's issues (3) including 1, 5 and Pick 59j, 60h and 58j respectively.

Auction 168
World Banknotes & early 1900's King George V & period issues (3) in average about VF to GVF and very Scarce issues. Comprising the seldom seen Australia Bank 1/2 (Half) Pick 15c (McD 14, Rks. 07) ND 1926-33 signatures Riddle & Heathershaw serial number B/17 814179 with signature title at left "Governor / Commonwealth Bank of Australia", an original George V portrait example with some rust and exceptionally scarce note featuring the Goulburn Weir near Nagambie, - the first major diversion structure for irrigation development in Australia built during Victorian times. This note comes with a collector’s ticket. Accompanied by Canada (2) consisting of a Dominion of Canada fractional Pick 11c dated 2nd July 1923 without "Authorized by R.S.C. Cap. 31" text series H signatures Campbell & Clark, featuring a portrait of Britannia facing right. Along with Bank of Canada George VI portrait Pick 62c dated 2nd January 1937 signatures Coyne & Towers serial number K/E 4033361 and featuring an allegorical figure on reverse ("Agriculture"). A very pleasing and collectible group, certain to attract significant attention from collectors
£110 London Coins : A168 : Lot 103 : Australia & Canada early 1900's King George V & George VI period issues (3) in average ... London Coins : A168 : Lot 103 : Australia & Canada early 1900's King George V & George VI period issues (3) in average ...

Auction 167
World Banknotes Government 10 s Pick 11c dated 15th June 1982 serial number B13014 and bearing the signature of H. T. Rowlands. A beautiful Thomas printing in green on light orange and yellow-green underprint featuring a crowned lion with a young bust of H.M. the Queen. The reverse with a light green guilloche panel. Very fresh and crisp UNC and an Exceptionally Rare note especially in this high grade most surely to be 'hunted down' by any serious collector
£260 London Coins : A167 : Lot 1498 : Falkland Islands Government 10 Pounds Pick 11c dated 15th June 1982 serial number B13014 and bearing... London Coins : A167 : Lot 1498 : Falkland Islands Government 10 Pounds Pick 11c dated 15th June 1982 serial number B13014 and bearing...

Auction 167
World Banknotes Government portrait issues (2) comprising Pick 10b dated 20th February 1974 serial number D64932 about UNC and in brown on grey underprint. Along with the 1 Pick 11c dated 1st January 1982 serial number F53509 VF - GVF and in blue on grey-green and lilac underprint. Both notes bearing the signature H. T. Rowlands and printed by Thomas & Co Ltd London imprinted in small script at lower centre margin on obverse. Both desirable
£60 London Coins : A167 : Lot 1502 : Falkland Islands Government Elizabeth II portrait issues (2) comprising 50 Pence Pick 10b dated 20th... London Coins : A167 : Lot 1502 : Falkland Islands Government Elizabeth II portrait issues (2) comprising 50 Pence Pick 10b dated 20th...

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