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Standard Reference Pick 124 : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
World Banknotes Dennis & Colin Mathews Complete set dated 17th September 2007 and all with serial number AA000000 and featuring Sir Walter Scott on obverse (5) comprising 5 s Specimen No. 085 in small script at lower left corner Pick 124s (PMS BA127a) in blue depicting and Brig o'Doon, Alloway, Ayrshire popularised by him. Specimen No. 042 in small script at lower left corner obverse Pick 125s (PMS BA128a) in dark brown and deep olive on multi-coloured underprint featuring Glenfinnan Viaduct on reverse featured and popularised by the movies. Specimen No. 042 Pick 126s (BY BA129a) in violet on multi-coloured underprint featuring Forth Bridge between North and South Queensferry. 50 Pounds Specimen No. 061 Pick 127s (PMS BA130a) in green and featuring the Falkirk Wheel on reverse, the World's only rotating boat lift built to restore the canal link between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Specimen No. 042 Pick 128s (PMS BA131a) in violet-red featuring Kessock Bridge on reverse spanning the Moray and Beauly Firths near Inverness. All notes with red diagonal SPECIMEN on both obverse and reverse. Printed by Thomas & Co. Limited without imprint and watermarked Sir Walter Scott. All about UNC - UNC, Scarce and very sought after set
£650 London Coins : A169 : Lot 250 : Scotland Bank of Scotland Dennis Stevenson & Colin Mathews Complete SPECIMEN set dated 17th Sept... London Coins : A169 : Lot 250 : Scotland Bank of Scotland Dennis Stevenson & Colin Mathews Complete SPECIMEN set dated 17th Sept...

Auction 169
World Banknotes World (36) in mixed grades to about UNC - UNC comprising an attractive selection of issues mid 1920's to 1970's (12) comprising 2 Pesetas Pick 95 series 1938. (4) consisting of Pick 85">Pick 85 (2) series 1935, Pick 136 dated 5th March 1948 and Pick 145 dated 22nd June 1954. 10 Pesetas Pick 86 series 1935. 25 Pesetas Pick 74b 15.08.1928 series B3143993. 50 Pesetas Pick 75b 15.08.1928 series C0688044. (4) consisting of Pick 69c">Pick 69c dated 1st July 1925 series E3082553. Pick 76 dated 15th August 1928 series A6333496. And a near constive pair Pick 152 dated 17th November 1970 (2) series 3T 9802216 & 3T 9802218. And 500 Pesetas Pick 153 dated 23rd July 1971. Also a selection of pre and post war Pengo issues (5) consisting of 10 Pengő Pick 100 dated 22nd December 1936 no star Infront of block number. 100.000.000 Pengő Pick 124 dated 18th March 1946. 1 Milliard Pengo Pick 125 dated 18th March 1946. 1.000.000 Milpengő = Pengő Pick 128 dated 24th March 1946. And a Milpengő = Pengő Pick 131dated 3rd June 1946. (2) including a 5 Pick 30i and Pick 31p. 500 Rubley Pick 14b 1912 (1927-17) signatures Shipov & Chikhirzhin and this the highest denomination of this issue and an impressively large sized note. A denomination set of the portrait 1941 issues (4) consisting of Pick 6. Pick 7b. Pick 8. And Pick 9a. Hansatsu note. An 25 s Emergency 1990 Pick 74c. Along with a selection of Printer's Promotional and Test notes (9) as Giori Organization uniface William design. Wilkinson IBNS 1992 No. 389. Thomas IBNS 1991 No. 422 and a 100 s IBNS 1997. De La Rue Giori 2.000 Units Leonardo Da Vinci. Walsall Security Printing 10 Units IBNS 1993. De la Rue 5 Units Orange with a river and town scene and a 50 Units green with a lumberjacks scene. Also a pink 20 Sterling Unit desk and ATM's test note.
£110 London Coins : A169 : Lot 292 : World (36) in mixed grades to about UNC - UNC comprising an attractive selection of Spain issues mid... London Coins : A169 : Lot 292 : World (36) in mixed grades to about UNC - UNC comprising an attractive selection of Spain issues mid...

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (84) in mixed grades comprising issues dated 1st February 1943 (2) including Pick 121a prefix W1 and Pick 122a prefix B1. (14) including (9) Pick 151a series B.007 dated 1981, Pick 151b series B.021 dated 1987, Pick 151d series G.027 dated 1990, Pick 151e series W.033 dated 1991, Pick 151h series L.0.47 dated 1995 and Pick 151i (4) series M.060, V.054, T.055 and Z.055 all dated 1997. (5) including Maurice Quentin de la Tour, Palace of Versaille on obverse issues Pick 152c series U.48 dated 1987, Pick 152d series E.53 dated 1988 and Pick 152e series O.59 dated 1990 along with Exupery issues Pick 157Ac series B046236488 dated 1996 and Pick 157Ad series C050413403 dated 1999. 2nd January 1922 issues (3) including 1 Krone Pick 73, 2 Pick 74 and 10 Kronen Pick 74. (6) including 10 Pengo Pick 100 series B477 dated 1936, 100 Pengo Pick 111b series E211 dated 1945, 1000 Pengo Pick 118b red stamp series F370 dated 1945, 100000 Pengo Pick 120a dated 1945 (2) series M327 & M577 and 10000000 Pengo Pick 129 dated 1945 series O262. (22) including 10 Dinars (2) 1968 issue Pick 82c and 1994 issue Pick 138a. 1974 issue Pick 85. 50 Dinars 1981 issue Pick 89b. 100 Dinars (4) including 1986 issue Pick 90c, 1990 issue Pick 105, 1991 issue Pick 108a and 1992 issue Pick 112. 500 Dinars (3) including 1970 issue Pick 84a, 1978 issue Pick 91a and 1991 issue Pick 109a. 1000 Dinars 1981 issue Pick 92d. 1985 issue Pick 93a. 10000 Dinars 1992 issue Pick 116b no dot after date. 20000 Dinars issue 1987 Pick 95a. 50000 Dinars (2) including a 1988 issue Pick 96 and 1992 issue Pick 117a. 100,000 Dinars (2) including 1989 issue Pick 97 and 1993 issue Pick 118a. 50,000,000 Dinars 1993 issue Pick 133a. 100,000,000 Dinars 1993 issue Pick 124. 1,000,000,000 Dinars 1993 issue Pick (15) including 1 Turk Lirasi 2005 issue Pick 216, 5 Turk Lirasi L.1970 issue Pick 185, 10 Turk Lirasi L.1970 Pick 193. 20 Turk Lirasi L.1970 Pick 187b. 100 Turk Lirasi (3) including L.1970 7th issue Pick 194b and L.197- 5th & 6th Issues Pick 189 (2) series J34 & I27. 500 Turk Lirasi L.1970 Pick 195. 10000 Turk Lirasi (2) including Pick 199b and Pick 200. 100000 Turk Lirasi Pick 206 without a circular mark at upper right on obverse prefix J17. 500000 Turk Lirasi Pick 208c. 1,000,000 Turk Lirasi (2) Pick 209a and Pick 209b. 5,000,000 Turk Lirasi Pick 210b. e (8) including 5 Gulden Pick 120b dated 1st September 1963. 10 Gulden Pick 137b dated 1st December 1996. (4) including Pick 127b dated 1st November 1985, Pick 132b dated 9th January 1988, Pick 138a dated 9th July 1991 and Pick 138d dated 10th February 1998. 100 Gulden (2) including Pick 128b dated 1st November 1985 and Pick 139b dated 10th February 1998. (7) including 1 Dollars Pick 21e and Pick 21f. Pick 22d">Pick 22d. Pick 23f. (3) including Pick 24d, Pick 27 and Pick 30a. Trinidad & Tobago (5) comprising 1 Dollars (4) including Pick 30a signature Bruce, Pick 41 2002 issue and ND 1985 issues (2) Pick 36b & Pick 36c. Along with 5 Dollars Pick 37a signature E.A. Bob. (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 68Ab dated 1st March 1986 and 5 Dollars Pick 70d dated 1st July 1991. Pick 22 signature Hari Shankar Tripathi (1990-1995).
£75 London Coins : A166 : Lot 506 : World (84) in mixed grades comprising Belgium issues dated 1st February 1943 (2) including 5 Francs ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 506 : World (84) in mixed grades comprising Belgium issues dated 1st February 1943 (2) including 5 Francs ...

Auction 165
World Banknotes Obsolete & Fractional Currency along with States issues (58) in mixed grades comprising The County Bank Calais dated March 1806. The Citizens' Bank of 5 Dollars unissued remainder "FIVE" in cursive pink font at lower centre. The Citizens Bank of Louisiana unissued remainder "TEN10TEN" in green at lower centre. The State of 1st January 1863 issues (3) 25 cents, 50 cents and 1 Dollar. The Central bank of Alabama Montgomery 1 Dollar unissued remainder "ONE" in red at lower centre. Insurance & ban Co. Augusta (4) dated 12th March 1862 horse running from train at upper centre, 1 Dollar dated on Eve 24th December 1861 Man watering horse at centre left Red underprint, 5 Dollars dated 10th March 1860 (?) man and barrels at lower left and girl child at lower right and red underprints, 1 Dollar dated 18th March 1862 blacksmith at upper centre. The cochitate Bank (2) 2 dollars blacksmith resting at upper left and 5 dollars paddle steamship at sea surrounded by smaller vessels at upper left. The of New Amboy State of 1 Dollar dated 10th July 1856 Farm animals at upper centre man with hat sitting at lower left. The Valley Bank of land Haggerstown 5 Dollars dated 1856 Woman and anchor on shore and stormy seas and ship in background at upper centre "FIVE" in red at lower centre. The Egg Harbor Bank New Jersey dated 1861 dogs herding elk at upper centre "ONE" in green at lower centre. The Bank of Clarandon at State of 5 Dollars dated 1st November 1855 "FIVE" in red at lower centre. Fractional Currency Pick 124, Pick 123a (2), Pick 122b, 10 Cents Pick 98c, Pick 105a. Along with , MO- Terre Haute Alton & St. Louis Rail Road Company 10 Dollars dated 21st March 1859, this railroad was part of the & rail line. The Merchants Bank, Augusta, Georgia 5 and 10 Dollars both dated 1st October 1861 and both promise to pay Mr David L. Roath. The State of e 1863 issues (3) 10, 25 and 50 cents. a Silver Dollar Martha Washington Pick 321. The State of North Carolina (3) 5 Cents 1st January 1866, 1 Dollar 1st January 1866 and 2 Dollars 6th October 1861. The State of Missisipi (10) 25 Cents 1st May 1864, 1 Dollar Cotton Pledged underprint in green dated 1st May 1862, 2 Dollars dated 1st May 1862 (2) Cotton Pledged underprint in green and blue, dated 1st May 1862 Cotton Pledged underprint in green, 5 Dollars dated 1st May 1862 Cotton pledged underprint in green, 10 Dollars dated 1st May 1862 Faith of the State Pledged underprint in blue, (2) dated 1st May 1862 Cotton Pledged underprint in green and 7th March 1862 Cotton pledged underprint in grey, dated 1st May 1862 Cotton pledged underprint in green. Also includes an assortment of unissued remainders from various issuers

Auction 165
World Banknotes World a in 6 Albums in mixed circulated grades comprises early and modern issues mostly 1900's and some more rare notes as Quatar & Currency Board Pick 1 (3) about 1960's. £1 Pick 28a dated 15th June 1966 & $1 Pick 30e dated 19th July 1971 & Pick 30f dated 18th August 1971. $5 Note , Fractional Currency 1874 Pick 122b & 1875 Pick 124, Obsolete Currency Canal Bank $20 unissued and a group of in a small album

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