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Standard Reference Pick 97c : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 175
World Banknotes (17) in mixed grades Fine to about UNC - UNC including various issues comprising 100 Pick 145 2nd January 1969 serial number P 006358L, Anglika Kauffmann. 1 Franc Pick 92 dated 1st October 1920 serial number Z03 035134, King Albert and Queen Élisabeth. (4) including an Allied Millitarbehorde 50 Pfennig = 1/2 Mark Pick 191A series 1944 number 030848367. Along with examples including 1 Milliarde Mark Pick 122 dated 20th October 1923 block AR. 10 Pick 180b dated 22nd January 1929 serial number C 00135175, Albrecht D. Thaer. 50 Reichsmark Pick 186a 1st August 1942 Watermark "5" upright and 8 digit serial number R 15469252 , "Löwendenkmal" (Lion's monument). (2) 50 i Pick 104 dated 1st September 1935 block AM=081 number 920694 plate A' and an interesting style printing. Along with 5 Million Drachmai Pick 128a 20th July 1944. (2) including a 100.000 (Egyszázezer) Adópeng? (Tax Pengo) Pick 144e Law 5.600/1946 no watermark no serial number. Along with 20 Forint Pick 169g 30th September 1980 Red serial C255 094007, Dózsa György. 100 Pick 44 Law No. 10 of 29th March 1961 serial number DA 29506037, Tryggvi Gunnarsson. (3) including an 10 Lire Pick M19 series 1943A serial number A 53521762 A with Printer's Code letter. Along with Banca d'Italia (2) including 10000 Lire Pick 97c 20th May 1966 block S0286 number 073286, Michelo and 1000 Lire Pick 101d 5th August 1975 serial number SC 023541 D, G Verdi. (2) including Pick 176b 4th October 1978 serial number AXP 097750 and 50 Escudos Pick 174b 1st February 1980 serial number AHG 67096. And finally Pick 83 25th April 1931 number 6248482, Casado Del Alisal.
£30 London Coins : A175 : Lot 101 : Europe (17) in mixed grades Fine to about UNC - UNC including various issues comprising Austria 100 ... London Coins : A175 : Lot 101 : Europe (17) in mixed grades Fine to about UNC - UNC including various issues comprising Austria 100 ...

Auction 167
World Banknotes World a in a deed box of mostly modern 1970's issues onwards (lot) in various grades Good to about UNC consisting of notes from various countries and the majority from , and . Includes a few earlier issue Reichsbank note from . A few scarcer earlier notes include an Currency note 10 Pick 167a Law 50 of 1940 the variety with a single letter prefix R at left of signature. Pick 49 from 1942. The Municipal Bank Pick S2276b from 1933 signatures Huang & Ch'en and a of China Pick 194a from 1924. 10 Cents Pick 315b from 1941. Societe Generale 1 Franc Pick 86b dated 25th May 1917. 1939 issues Pick 83a (Fayette F4) and Pick 100 (Fayette F7) and a very FIRST date for this issue 2nd February 1939 block 290 series R. 68527. Casa de Moeda Pick 97c dated 15th August 1917 (2) and Pick 100 dated 4th August 1922 along with a Banco De Portugal Pick 112b dated 5th July 1918. Biglietto Di Stato Pick 23f Royal Decree 07.10.1904 (1923) signatures Maltese & Rossolini block number 5302 and the 10 Lire Pick 20g Royal Decree 05.02.1888 signatures Giu. Dell'Ara & Porena block number 3318. Also includes a few and Belgium World War I Necessity money and local currencies along with United Kingdom 9 and 1/2 percent Loan and Treasury War bonds 1999/1973. An interesting group

Auction 166
World Banknotes (9) in mixed higher grades average VF-GVF and above comprising Pick 85b dated 10th August 1939 series Y.10704 566. 50 Francs Pick 93 dated 18th December 1941 series Z.150 01204. Pick 86a dated 2nd December 1937 series G.56144 655 with "Waffen SS" hand stamp over watermark area, the stamp possibly modern. 100 Francs Pick 94 dated 9th January 1941 series B.17738 679. Pick 88c dated 4th January 1940 series X.3930 601. Very Scarce in higher grades and eye catching. Pick 90c dated 21st September 1939 series B.7569 348. 1000 Francs Pick 90c dated 21st September 1939 series B.7569 348. 5000 Francs Pick 97c dated 13th November 1941 series D.742 426. Scarce and with much eye appeal. Along with Chambre de Commerce and Villes Région Provençale 1 Franc R series 11 number 477669 Pick NL (Jean Pirot P-JP-102-29).

Auction 165
World Banknotes (4) Large size notes average Fine - about VF includes Pick 88c dated 20 July 1939 series T.3500 992 blue on pink Scarce. Pick 90c dated 3rd November 1938 series O.5373 295 ochre, blue and multicolour. 5000 Francs Pick 97c dated 08.05.1941 series T.557 042 woman holding victory statuete and olive branch at centre but with much eye appeal. 10000 Francs Pick 132c dated 05.04.1951 series A.1376 510 multicolour young woman with book and globe and Scarce

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