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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
World Bulk Lots World a varied group, 1783 water worn in a Lost at Sea presentation box, a modern and set of coins from circulation along with a large assortment of circulated mostly more recent base metal issues including some UK £1, £2 and £5 (lot, over 19 KG gross weight)

Auction 180
World Bulk Lots A mixed lot with s, GB and world coins from circulation some in silver, s, base metal BU issues in packs (lot)

Auction 178
World Bulk Lots GB and World comprising GB History of Our Monarchy 1936 Year of the Three s gold 0.50 grammes of 14 carat gold nFDC, s (6) 2012 London s plated , nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate, 2009 3-Year countdown to the London Olympics - UNC on the Royal Mint card of issue, 2012 London Olympics (3) cupro-nickel UNC on the Royal Mint cards of issue, each with a touch of toning at the top, 1996 II 80th Birthday EF, Crowns (53) 1953 (1), 1977 (10), 1980 (15), 1981 (27) EF to UNC, Pre-1947 silver £0.92 1/2 face, Silver s pre-1920 (7, one inscribed A J), s cupro-nickel issues (14), s (33), s (9), Pennies (8), (3), s (2), Coinage (29) 1986 Games (12) EF to UNC, (1), (2), Five Pence (6), Two Pence (4), One (3), Half Penny (1), Promoters items (12) mostly Crown-sized UNC, World (10) 1996 Silver Proof FDC in capsule with certificate, One 1977 Olympic Games, UNC in a slide case, 1964 EF, (4) Punt (3) 1990 (2), 1994, 1992, Ten Francs 1990, Five Pesetas 1999, and a modern token, in mixed circulated grades, Medals (2) Leeds d FA Cup Winners 1992 VF, and a prize medal Assembly League 20th Year VF

Auction 178
World Bulk Lots GB and World comprising GB Plastic Set 1953 (9 coins) UNC in the wallet of issue, Year Set 1983 (8 coins, to Half ) UNC in the wallet of issue, Crowns to s 19th and , Crowns (29) 1953, 1965 (2), 1972 (3), 1977 (9), 1980 (5), 1981 (9), A/UNC to UNC, s (5), s (2), Shillings (21), s (23, one on a chain), s (6), Threepences (6), Pennies (186), (31), Farthings (21), in mixed circulated grades includes a handful of silver issues, Coinage (43) (4) 1986 Games (2), 1989 Bill of Rights, 1994 Bank of , (1), Five Pence (16) One Penny (1), Half Penny (21), in mixed grades, World (190) mostly 20th Century base metal issues a wide variety, with a handful in silver, in mixed grades, GB and World Banknotes GB (20) Cleland polymer (4), One Pound Page (15) B322 (2) HZ04 231170 and HZ04 231171 constives, (last series), B323 MT08 955289 and MT08 955290 consecutives, B337 A30 273126, B339 (10) consecutives 77N 471416 to 471425 , EF to UNC, Fe B310 D02N 587026 last series about Fine with some tears, World (13) mostly World War II issues, includes , , and

Auction 176
World Bulk Lots GB and World includes GB 1845 Cinquefoil Stops on edge VG, GB 1873 Die Number 28 VG/Near fine, GB s (2) 1897 Queen , the Official issue 56mm diameter in , 1902 Coronation of Edward VII, the Official Royal Mint issue 55mm diameter in bronze VF, - 1899 Fine, - Five Marks 1914A GF/VF, Balboa 1934 VF, Russia (2) 1896 Y#59.3 Near Fine, 1896 VG, 1964 GEF, 50 Pesetas 1949 (Year 50) EF, these as part of a mixed group many different countries represented including, USA, , , , , , , , , , , mostly , includes many USA Cents with some earlier dates, in mixed grades, GB Crowns (9) 1951 (2), 1953 (2), 1965 (2), 1977 (2), 1981, EF to UNC, along with a group of World Banknotes (57) includes examples from Germany (15), , Ireland, Spain, Russia, USA (payment certificate), , , (2), Portugal, (4), Italy (5), , Greece (9), France (7), (2), , Morocco (2) and , in mixed circulated grades, along with a further group of World (19) these in low grades and taped together at the ends (total weight around 8 Kilos)

Auction 176
World Bulk Lots 100 Halala AH1397 (1977) KM#59 (6) struck by the , A/UNC to UNC most with lustre

Auction 174
World Bulk Lots World an eclectic mix (28) includes (4) 1947 Maple Leaf after date NEF, 1912 Good Fine (2), 1859 Fine, (2) 1723 Woods VG, 1806 VG, - Three Marks 1910A VF with uneven tone, 1929 GVF, 1902H Toned A/UNC, - 16th- Shah Jahan Fine, s (2) of Queen 1897 56mm diameter in , the official issue VF, Coronation of Edward VIII 1937 44mm diameter in bronze, Reverse Britannia standing in an arch CROWNED A.D.1937 VF, housed in a Lindner Tray
£60 London Coins : A174 : Lot 1046 : World an eclectic mix (28) includes Canada (4) Ten Cents 1947 Maple Leaf after date NEF, Five Cents ... London Coins : A174 : Lot 1046 : World an eclectic mix (28) includes Canada (4) Ten Cents 1947 Maple Leaf after date NEF, Five Cents ...

Auction 172
World Bulk Lots World (3) Two Reales 1792 PTS PR KM#71 VG with a heavy dig on the reverse, (2) 1/13th 1861 S.7001 GF/NVF, 1/12th Shilling 1894 S.7006 Good Fine, s (5) 1897 Queen 25mm diameter in Eimer 1817a, the Official issue VF with an edge nick, 1902 Earls Court Gigantic Wheel 32mm diameter in NVF, 1903 Earls Court Gigantic Wheel 32mm diameter in bronze Good Fine, both with some spots, 1896 Four Generations of the Royal Family - Remington Typewriters 32mm diameter in bronze F/GF once cleaned, 1897 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 32mm diameter in bronze NEF with traces of lustre
£30 London Coins : A172 : Lot 1710 : World (3) Bolivia Two Reales 1792 PTS PR KM#71 VG with a heavy dig on the reverse, Jersey (2) 1/13th... London Coins : A172 : Lot 1710 : World (3) Bolivia Two Reales 1792 PTS PR KM#71 VG with a heavy dig on the reverse, Jersey (2) 1/13th...

Auction 171
World Bulk Lots 2005 Panda KM#1589 (5) Prooflike UNC in capsules, one with a hint of toning, comes with three 2-coin boxes
£130 London Coins : A171 : Lot 995 : China 10 Yuan 2005 Panda KM#1589 (5) Prooflike UNC in capsules, one with a hint of toning, comes wit...

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots World a varied group (18) Two s 1896 KM#6 EF/GEF toned, - Two Marks 1900A KM#522 GVF/NEF toned, 1866A KM#807.1 GVF nicely toned, 1951 50th Year Jubilee KM#47 UNC with golden tone, Two Francs 1968B (2) KM#21a.1 both UNC, Two Shillings 1952KN KM#29, FT38,A/UNC and lustrous, 1934 minted at KM#274 EF, 50 Pesetas (2) 1957 (Year 58) KM#788 EF, 1957 (Year 60) KM#788 A/UNC, 1935 S.6631 A/UNC with some verdigris, 1/24th Shilling 1894 S.7007 GEF/AU with traces of lustre, Year 12 (1923) Y#46 A/UNC lightly toned, GB Coronation of George V 1911 31mm diameter in , the Official issue Eimer 1922b UNC with an original pastel tone, 10 Centesimi 1922 KM#60 UNC with lustre, 1923 Breen 2097 UNC or very near so and lustrous, 1860 KM#60 VF/NEF, France token Maunder Freres GEF with traces of lustre, holed (officially?) at the top

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots 8 s 1892 KM#2269 VF cleaned, Year Sets 1983 (2) UNC in the wallets of issue as part of a group of to Elizabeth II Florins to ,. Includes some issues, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots GB and World a mixed group includes a locket in the form of a 1953 , (5), (2), and lic issues (5) in a box with certificate. History, International Coin Replicas, and Greatest Coins of the World a 12-coin set in base metal, Prooflike UNC, in a box, ten with certificates, GB and World loose and in capsules (103) includes mostly base metal issues from a wide variety of countries, including (4) 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1999 on waffled flans, these EF to UNC

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots One Tenth 1956 KM#32 lustrous Unc a of approximately 2,000 pieces accompanied with the original bag and seal. Before this hoard these coins were rare with the three examples we have previously offered realising between £300 and £460 and Krause lists them at $700 in MS60 (most or all of this hoard would be in much higher grades than MS60)

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots Crowns (2) 1819 LIX, VG, 1935 NEF, s (2) 1899 VG, 1900 VG, Crown 1949 EF, 1933 VF, 1780 Maria Theresa Restrike GEF, s (2) 1970, 1999 Blue Set nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, Mint Sets (3) 1995, 1996, 1997 UNC in the wallets of issue, Unofficial Sets in slide cases (7) Elizabeth II s 1961-1967 in mixed grades, 1953 The Coinage of (10 coins) Crown to EF to UNC, Last £sd Halfcrown to 1967 (6) and First Set to Halfpenny A/UNC to UNC, Crowns (5) 1965, 1972, 1977, 1980, 1981, Euro Coinage 2002 (8 coins) 2 Euros to 1 Euro Cent UNC, Ireland Halfcrown to Farthing mixed dates 1943-1968 in mixed circulated grades, Great Britain Crowns comprising GB 1965, GB 1977, 1966, Jersey 1977, 1977 and Guernsey 1978 UNC

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots Dollars (2) 1904 KM#25 NVF/VF, 1907H KM#26 GF/NVF, GB 1897 KM#T5 GVF with some contact marks and small rim nicks, along with an additional small group (4) Coronation of Edward VII 31mm diameter in silver the Official issue A/UNC, Medal II , in base metal 1977 UNC, Toy Money 1848 style, Bimetallic by H.Hyams NVF, 1756 (2) joined by a hinge both Fine, Ex-Reeves Auction 5/5/1978 Lot 1227

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots 1957 2500 Years of Buddhism KM#126 (50) A/UNC to UNC beautiful choice toning with underlying colourful lustre, an original and matching group. : Note, of the 500,000 mintage, 258,000 were returned to the in 1962 to be melted, groups like this are seldom encountered

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots World a small in a Sandhill Library-style album (19) many -sized and in includes '' Year 32 EF, also includes issues from , , , Strait Settlements and , and pieces BRITANNIA MONETA both 36mm diameter, in mixed grades some UNC and Prooflike

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots World in (7) Dollars (2) 1901O, 1921D, USA 1893 n Exposition, 25 s 1968, (2) 1965, 1874A, , 1913 in mixed grades to GEF, along with s (2) City and Guilds Wheelwright Work First Prize 1901 awarded by William Malham UNC, and Coronation Medal 1902 30mm diameter in silver, the Official issue, UNC

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots A mixed group including and Mint Sets, Proof $10 Prince Charles, s, Tokens these generally in sets such as Los es 1984 s tran token set, a parcel of foreign stamps and more

Auction 156
World Bulk Lots Coronation of Edward VII 1902 the official issue 30mm in GEF toned as part of a group of World (82) 19th and a wide range of countries including , , , , , and more includes many silver items and plenty of high grade material, a useful group

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots Seal in lead, 1294-1303 Good Fine, s (2) 1897 25mm diameter, VF, Edward VII Coronation 1902 31mm diameter GEF both Official issues in , as part of a group of World 19th and (124) includes a few in silver in display trays in mixed grades to UNC, includes some token issues

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