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Bradford : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 172
Tokens //, W.Cussons & Sons (70) GEF to A/UNC with traces of lustre

Auction 162
Tokens (28) a small comprising Eighteen Pence - 1811 Obverse: West front of Peterborough Cathedral, Reverse: Peterborough GVF, s (22) (6) Bridlington 1812 Cook and Harwood Davis 5 VF toned 1812 Reverse: Arms with owls as supporters Davis 30">Davis 30 NEF toned, Mirfin and Parker 1812 Obverse: Lion holding a standard, Reverse: Seated female, D over the 1 in the date, with H on the bale, Davis 8 VF, York 1811 Cattle and Barber, Letter Y on last palm blade over the last digit of the date, Davis 62 GEF and lustrous, 1812 James Laycock Davis 3 VF, Yorkshire County - West Riding 1811 Davis 1 GVF toned, (3) Diss 1811 Muskett & Sons Davis 7 NEF and nicely toned, (2) 1811 F.R.Reynolds Davis 15 NVF, 1811 J.Hunton's Davis 13, VF/GVF with a few tone spots, - 1811 The Workhouse Davis 8 EF and lustrous, - 1811 Rushbury and Woolley Davis 2 GVF, (2) 1812 W.B.Best Davis 8 Toned VF, Blandford 1811 H.Ward Davis 2, VF, 1811 Arms of Gloucester between two sprigs of olive, crest a cap of maintenance Davis 5 VF or better, toned, County - , Obverse: Arms, Reverse: Devon Token, Davis 2 Fine, (2) 1811 Obverse: Arms without supporters, Reverse: BRISTOL SILVER TOKEN 12, Davis 18 GVF toned, 1812 Davis 17, C.Culverhouse, I.Orchard and J.Phipps, no Periods after C,I, and J Davis 17 VF toned, Rare, - -upon-Tyne 1812 Obverse: Arms PAYABLE BY ALEXr KELTY NEWCASTLE ON TYNE Reverse: View of a Davis 7 EF and lustrous, - 1812 Seven Acorns inside left of wreath, Davis 17 VF, - High Wycombe 1811 Town Hall-James Gomme Davis 1 VF Toned, - Shilling 1812 Obverse: The Arms of Liverpool. Thos. Wilson, Reverse: A female seated on a bale, Davis 2 Near VF, nicely toned, Non-Local undated Bees and Beehive/Britannia Davis 7 VF, - 1812 G.&R. Ferns and T.Cartwright, Bees and Beehive/Female seated, 15 bees, No H on the bale Davis 5 VF, Birmingham and 1811 Rose Company Davis 95 GVF, (3) Non Local, Trade and Navigation 1813 Davis 43 NEF, Non Local 1815 Genuine British Copper, Britannia left, 4 Leaves in the olive branch Davis 73 VF, Penny ed on a 1797 Penny ROBINSON CUTLER, AVERY ROW, LOWER GROSVENOR STREET LONDON undated, Near Fine, USA Hard Times Token 1837 Extive Experiment GVF

Auction 156
Tokens (7) s (5), Scarborough 1812 Davis 33">Davis 33, 1812 Davis 3, 1812 Davis 30, 1812 Davis 50, York 1811 Davis 57, s (2) York 1811 Davis 72, Sheffield 1811 Davis 54 Fine to VF, all with old tickets

Auction 156
Tokens - s 1811 on a Three Shilling Davis 47 Obverse bust type (Davis describes bust type and illustrates Head type) Counter mark and host coin Fine, the obverse with a round indentation on the bust, comes with two old collector's tickets
£130 London Coins : A156 : Lot 707 : 19th Century Yorkshire - Bradford Three Shillings 1811 countermark on a  Three Shilling Bank Token D... London Coins : A156 : Lot 707 : 19th Century Yorkshire - Bradford Three Shillings 1811 countermark on a  Three Shilling Bank Token D...

Auction 134
Tokens (18) VF-GEF, 1787 NVF, Penny 1812 Thomas Gibson St. Mills VF

Auction 120
Tokens s 1812 Workhouse Davis 47 no value expressed, ed on a Three Shilling 1812 Armoured Bustcountermark VF host coin Fine

Auction 120
Tokens (15), Barnsley, (D.76), Scythe Works, Workhouse (D.50) (2), Keightley Union Co. ed, (5) inc. Phoenix Works & Nelson, Roscoe Mills; Christopher & Jennett and 1817. F

Auction 118
Tokens 20 s W.Cussons , and (100) mostly UNC with traces of lustre

Auction 112
Tokens 1812 Workhouse Davis 50 on a Union Company Penny VF this much better than usually seen

Auction 102
Tokens Seventeenth Century (4) s 1665 John Smith Marlborough D146, Jacob Selbee on Avon D19, 1664 George Clemens D167, H

Auction 101
Tokens of the but ed, host 1812 clasped hands and countermarked Keighley (2) countermarked Work

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