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Collection Large : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 170
World Banknotes World (125) a various and very interesting in an album of early notes mostly circa late 1800's early 1900's and in different grades mostly averaging VF to UNC. Includes a few always collectable issues from the US as a 1 Dollars (3) Pick 342 series of 1923 Blue seal, Speelman & . Pick 416d2e series 1935E Priest & . Pick 416a series 1935A Julian & Morgenthau ink signed on main body Eugene Elbert. And a Operation Torch Pick 415Y series of 1934A, yellow seal Issued for use in North and in . A Fractional Currency P108e 1863 Colby & Spinner. Currency Pick 67 (Criswell T69-561) series 4 Plate G. Pick 378g series of 1928G Clark & Snyder. Obsolete Currency such as the Natchez, Railroad Company dated 3rd April 1839. Bank of Windsor, 5 Dollars circa 1800's or wrongly cut at top and bottom sheet originally of 4 notes now only 2full notes and with parts of the first and the last notes from the sheet showing. Also a Thesouro Nacional 500 Reis Dom 2 Pick A243b ND 1880 (1885) variety with 2 serial numbers 81510 serie 61A. Some interesting 1700's items such as a period State Lottery ticket 1776 and a Cleo bury Mortimer Bewbley Old Bank sight note unissued remainder circa 1796 as advised by Forster, , Bosanquets & Co. bankers and watermarked upside down with the Royal cypher and the date 1796 also has 2 Revenue embossed stamps. Philatelic n Inland Revenue Beer Duty Stamps (2) 12 s on 9 shillings (One Barrel) green and 1 on 18 shillings (One Hogshead) dark brown/black, both stamped "The Cascade Brewery Co. Limited" used, 1901. a part of a Fiscal Revenue s Tax Revenue paper from the n period and a Bhopal Fiscal 8 Annas dated 17th February 1900, red and black. An i in Arabic and with an illustration of 25 note on obverse. Together with many more other issues from including some n and Not geld, , ( ), The , some large sized issues and World War II period and Military notes. The lot includes a fantasy issue US 1 million dollars and some modern contemporary copies

Auction 170
World Banknotes 100 s & Evans Colour ESSAY/ circa 1880 Pick NL (PMS BA78) ND circa 1880, UNC Exceptionally Rare and unusual for the time. Uniface large-sized note printed by lithography in 4 colour variations - 2 variations in red, 1 in olive-green and 1 in purple, this example is of the green-olive type. According to Douglas, these were produced in 1880 when the Bank embarked on a period of extensive research into methods to prevent . Some changes were made to the earlier plate but there is no record of who the engraver was and no mention of these notes can be found in the Bank's records. A Scarce and pleasing example that would do a great addition to any
£220 London Coins : A170 : Lot 239 : Scotland Bank of Scotland 100 Pounds Bradbury & Evans Colour Trial ESSAY/SPECIMEN circa 1880 Pic... London Coins : A170 : Lot 239 : Scotland Bank of Scotland 100 Pounds Bradbury & Evans Colour Trial ESSAY/SPECIMEN circa 1880 Pic...

Auction 167
World Banknotes The Linen Bank 20 s Fourth Waterlow issue Pick 159a (BY SC234c, PMS BL68c) dated 2nd July 1942 serial number F/4 8/103 printed signature George Mackenzie titled General Manager and manuscript signature Robertson titled P. Accot. The obverse in blue on light green and red sunburst underprint featuring Bank's Coat of Arms at upper centre surrounded by value in panels at left and right and at far left - a panel displaying Ditat and seated helmeted (Pallas). The reverse in blue on light green underprint featuring an enlarged Ditat helmeted Athena (Pallas) panel at centre and numerical value panels at left and right. GEF or Scottish UNC as some would say due to the engrained habit of Scottish bank tellers of folding their notes to fit them in their tills. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd London Wall, London imprinted in lower centre obverse and reverse, on 'granite' paper containing red and blue silk fibres as an additional srity feature. An Exceptionally Rare war-time note and very seldom offered in this superb high grade with sharp corners, certain to be a fabulous addition to any advanced Scottish therefore this being a unique opporty to acquire it
£320 London Coins : A167 : Lot 1611 : Scotland The British Linen Bank 20 Pounds Fourth Waterlow issue Pick 159a (BY SC234c, PMS BL68c) dat... London Coins : A167 : Lot 1611 : Scotland The British Linen Bank 20 Pounds Fourth Waterlow issue Pick 159a (BY SC234c, PMS BL68c) dat...

Auction 167
World Banknotes (64) a in an album early 1914 to modern from various issuers, different denominations some of which high and some in constive sets. All in mixed grades about VG to about UNC - UNC. A lot of dates in the World War II period including a Greek Italian occupation 5 . Also includes large sized Seal type "Italia" / "Fascio" issues such as the commonly known amongst Italian collectors as the "Regine del Mare" (Queens of the Sea) 1000 Lire Pick 63 dated 13th February 1943 and 1000 Lire Pick 62 dated 12th December 1942. Also includes a known amongst collectors as "Jeune Paysan" Pick 128d (Fayette F28) dated 4th September 1952 series B.468 10421 number 11676110421 signatures Gouin d'Ambrières & Gargam and the correct watermark variety with hair parted on her left

Auction 165
World Banknotes (127) a large in an album modern to early issues includes some scarcer mid and late 1800's scarcer issues like El Banco Nacional denomination set 1873 and Banco Parana nos dated 01.04.1868 Pick S1818a. Along with 1860's Remainders (7) comprising El Banco Oxandaburu Y Garbino 2nd January 1869 (6) 1 Peso Pick S1791 No. 29393. Pick S1792 No. 12607. Pick S1781r No. 75575. 1 Peso Pick S1782r No. 76803. 5 Pesos Pick S1783r No. 339901. 10 Pesos Pick S1784r No. 12319. Along with El Banco Oxandaburu Y Garvino 5 Pesos Pick S1776b dated 1st December 1867 No. 022332

Auction 165
World Banknotes (207) a large in an album in mixed grades up to about UNC - UNC. Includes an assortment of issues with a variety of high denominations. Includes issues, a variety of Banks certain ones include The Farmers Bank of China, Provincial Bank and Provincial Bank of , also The of China Gold Customs s up to 50 Gold Customs units and other banks include The Central Bank of China with issues from different printers, Bank of China, The Central of China and . Along with issues from various banks such as The , The Hong Kong and Ban Corporation and The Chartered Bank of , & China also includes an assortment of Government of Hong Kong QE2 issues and a Hong Kong Bank Travellers $1000. Also North & South (28) a collection of modern to early issues notes includes notes such as South Korea 10 hwan Pick 16 EF - about UNC, 1000 Won Pick 10a EF - about UNC and 1 Won Purple Pick 116 UNC. Other countries include (2), (23) and (5)

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (136) a large in an album in mixed mostly high grades modern and some early issues from countries s, , & , , , Vietnam and . Includes Burma issues and a Cambodia 1 Riel Pick 1

Auction 163
World Banknotes World in large album with slipcase (167) plus 2 further large albums and slipcases with empty sleeves, many different countries seen, mixed grades, the majority about Uncirculated to Uncirculated, needs viewing

Auction 162
World Banknotes from (475), large with (79), (102), (139) and (155), some constively numbered runs seen, much duplication, in mixed grades including some Uncirculated

Auction 159
World Banknotes (12) 10000 Francs 1953, 5000 Francs (3), 1945, 1949, 1942, (4), 1945, 1939, 1940, 1943, 1925, 1936, 1942 & 1934, nice of large notes, mixed grades

Auction 150
World Banknotes World a in an album (241) a wide variety includes a few larger denominations, in mixed grades to EF

Auction 149
World Banknotes a in an album 1775 onwards includes fractional currency s to Large format, s. payments etc. (75) in mixed grades, some pressed

Auction 146
World Banknotes World an alphabetical in 10 albums, contains many hundreds of notes, largely 1960s onwards, the majority in high grades

Auction 146
World Banknotes 19th Century (25) and a large in 7 albums the vast majority hyper issues and , in mixed grades with some EF to UNC

Auction 143
World Banknotes World in 3 Lindner albums (480) all better types and nearly all different, some constive numbers noted, , QE2 & early , , Southern , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Tripolitania, etc, some earlier issues in lower grades but a large amount in EF to UNC, many high catalogue values, viewing recommended.
£7,000 London Coins : A143 : Lot 313 : World collection in 3 Lindner albums (480) all better types and nearly all different, some consecuti...

Auction 135
World Banknotes in loose leaf album approx. 220 better notes over £700 face value, mostly all different date types includes early £1 (13) 1931 to 1952, £5 (3) 1949 to 1952, £1 (13) 1927 to 1958 & large size £5 (5) 1940 to 1953 , 1930 to modern, North of Scotland £1 (4) 1932 to 1940 and £5 1944, Linen Bank , £1 (11) 1931 to 1941 & £5 (4) 1931 to 1943, and others, average Fine to VF many better, needs viewing

Auction 135
World Banknotes World a small mostly pre 1945 (65) includes , , , , with many larger types, in mixed grades

Auction 134
World Banknotes World a small mostly pre 1945 (55) includes , , , and , with many larger types, in mixed grades

Auction 134
World Banknotes World a small mostly pre 1945 (60) includes , , , , with many larger types, in mixed grades

Auction 134
World Banknotes World a small mostly pre 1945 (50) includes , , , , with many larger types, in mixed grades

Auction 133
World Banknotes World in Lindner album (205) earlier Scottish includes Bank of £5 1957, £20 1964, various Bank of , large selection of QE2 portrait notes, , East Caribbean, , , St. , , etc, a few , $1 (2) and older Capt. Cook types, various grades but a high quantity in UNC, viewing recommended

Auction 131
World Banknotes 16 August 1951 circulated as part of a large in an album denominations up to £20 including Scottish and Irish Banks and some general world issues (lot)

Auction 127
World Banknotes World all pre-World War II a small (55) not common types includes , , , , and others, includes larger types, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 119
World Banknotes A large and impressive from A - Z, 2,038 different notes being an incomplete collection by Pick number of all countries of the world post 1960 with a total Pick catalogue price of over $42,000 all Unc or near so. A comprehensive list by country £18,000

Auction 114
World Banknotes World in 2 albums strong in , , , some , early plus a large range of more modern types, viewing well r

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