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Cumberland : Tokens

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 180
Tokens (8) - Bury Obverse: Shield of Arms of SUCCESS TO THE PLOUGH & FLEECE, Reverse: A cypher P D above a , between palm and branches THE COMMERCE OF BRITAIN, Edge: PAYABLE AT P.DECKS POST OFFICE BURY, DH26, NEF, - Banbury Obverse: Bust three-quarter facing WM. RUSHER HATTER BOOKSELR. STATIONER . BANBURY. Reverse: The Sun DEUS . EST . NOBIS . SOL . ET . SCUTUM . , Edge: PAYABLE AT BANBURY OXFORD OR READING, DH1 About EF, Foundling Fields 1795 Obverse: A lamb within a circle FOUNDLING FIELDS 1795, Reverse: Cypher IB within a circle, PAYABLE ON DEMAND, stop after DEMAND obscured by die flaw, as normal with this issue, milled edge, DH305 GVF, - 1792, Obverse, A three quarter length figure of Bishop Blaize SUCCESS TO THE WOOLLEN MANUFACTORY, Reverse: Shield of Arms with date below EXETER HALFPENNY, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF SAMUEL KINGDON, DH2 GVF, - York 1795 Obverse: View of a cathedral, Exergue: YORK 1795, Reverse: View of a castle and drawbridge CLIFFORD'S TOWER AD.1100. Edge: YORK BUILT A.M 1223, CATHEDRAL REBUILT A.D.1075, DH63, GVF/VF, Yorkshire - 1791 Obverse: An statue of William III GULIELMUS TERTIVS REX Exergue: MDCLXXXIX, Shield of Arms within sprigs of oak, 8 acorns to the left and 7 acorns to the right, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF IONATHAN GARTON & Co. DH17 GVF/NEF, - Low Hall 1795 Obverse: A man with a horse in a gin, Reverse: LOW HALL COLLIERY 1797, DH1, VF/NVF Scarce, Middlesex - Street 1795 Obverse: A filtering stone FOR PURIFYING WATER, date 1795 in exergue, Reverse: THE FILTERING STONE WAREHOUSE * COVENTRY STREET LONDON. DH292 NEF

Auction 180
Tokens - Whitehaven 1812 Wilson Bragg, Obverse: WB monogram PAYABLE AT WHITEHAVEN, Reverse: A ship, FARTHING TOKEN 1812, W1205, VF
£42 London Coins : A180 : Lot 734 : Farthing 19th Century Cumberland - Whitehaven 1812 Wilson Bragg, Obverse: WB monogram PAYABLE AT WHI... London Coins : A180 : Lot 734 : Farthing 19th Century Cumberland - Whitehaven 1812 Wilson Bragg, Obverse: WB monogram PAYABLE AT WHI...

Auction 171
Tokens Tokens an impressive in an album (149) includes (116), many rare pieces included with Low Hall 1797 DH1 A/UNC, believed to be only 200 minted, Very Rare. - 1795 Obverse: Stag lying under a tree, Reverse: Windsor 1795, Edge : SKIDMORE HOLBORN LONDON DH1a A/UNC with traces of lustre, very rare and desirable. - 1796 Crescent DH3 A/UNC and attractively toned. - Badminton 1796 DH32 Obverse: Ship, Reverse: Legend in 10 lines, GEF. - Abergavenny 1795 Obverse: A cask, JAMES POWELL IMPORTERS/ Reverse: J.POWELL/WINE & BRANDY/ MERCHANT/. ABERGAVENNY DH1 EF with a hint of lustre, scarce. - 1790 J.Spence Slop-seller DH15 UNC with hints of colourful tone, Very scarce, - County Obverse: COL. NOEL OF THE RUTLAND FENCIBLES etc. in 7 lines, Reverse: WHOSE EXAMPLE IN LIFE CONSISTS IN BEING BRAVE HUMANE, NOBLE & GENEROUS in 6 lines. DH1, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare and desirable. Gloucestershire - Brimscombe Port 1795 Obverse: A barge with plain sails, THAMES AND SEVERN CANAL, Reverse: The entrance into a tunnel, Edge: PAYABLE AT BRIMSCOMBE PORT, DH60, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare, - Aylesbury 1796 Obverse: William III/Reverse: A cap of Liberty on a pole, DH7 A/UNC toned, the obverse with usual weaker strike on the bust. USA/ Starry Pyramid Halfpenny, Lancashire DH59c, Breen 1156, edge reads LANCASTERLONDON (No space between) due to slipped collar, GVF, Rare. The vast majority of the tokens in the 18th Century group are EF, representing a wide spread of counties and types, the remaining group includes s , Farthings 18th Century, , shield-shaped, many of the 18th Century Halfpenny group in EF, the remaining group in mixed grades to GVF
£4,200 London Coins : A171 : Lot 1121 : Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare... London Coins : A171 : Lot 1121 : Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare...

Auction 161
Tokens Tokens and s , includes Duke of (3) Battle of Culloden 1746 Eimer 605 36mm diameter in , Reverse: Battle Scene, Fine, Recaptured Eimer 600 Reverse: Lion subdues a Wolf, Fine, Carlisle Recaptured 1745 Obverse Bust right, draped, WILL DUKE CUMB BRITISH HERO (as Eimer 599), Reverse the Duke, as a Warrior, attacks a hydra, in the distance a city, Fine also includes France Jetton 1818 Octagonal, Agricultural Society of Cher Obverse: Agricultural tools and Wheat, Reverse :SOCIÉTÉ D'AGRICULTURE DU CHER / FONDÉEÀ BOURGES EN 1818 EF and attractively toned, also 18th and types, and tokens and others (220, all different), in mixed grades, along with Tokens a small group (5) Hensingham 26mm diameter in (c.1760) Fine, Curwen 1750 Reversed C's monogram 24mm diameter in About Fine, Land Shipping Colliery , Lowther Arms/monogram/Dragon left VG, Clifton 1735 Crest of the Lowther family, a dragon, ed Ł on either side VF, 1736 IK Walton with the date countermarked on either side 22mm diameter in copper, Fine

Auction 120
Tokens Tokens, assorted Tokens (15) including (D.38), Chatteris (D.2), Cheadle Staffs.(D.82), Cheltenham (D.15), Farthing (D.1), Halesowen (D.3), (D.15,16,20), (D.13), Weybridge (

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