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Decimal Silver Bronze : English Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 172
English Bulk Lots GB and World a mixed group comprising GB s (2) 1708 E* Fair, Queen Plain in angles and below bust, worn, 1931, Good Fine with some scratches, s (2) 1846 doubled 18 in date Bright Fine, 1855 Bright About Fine, Bright GVF, 1838 About Fine/Fine, 1842 2 over large 2 in fraction, VG/Near Fine the variety very clear, 1876H About Fine, 1844 VF/NVF holed, GB pre- s to Farthings and Decimal issues in base metal (68) in mixed grades, GB Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC in the wallet of issue, GB Decimal (65) in mixed circulated grades, Southern Rhodesia Crown 1953 AU/UNC and lustrous, South Africa Two Shillings 1895 Good Fine, Germany - Federal Republic One Mark (8) 1950F Fine, 1950J VF, 1956F Fine, 1956J (2) Fine and Good Fine, 1957D Good Fine, 1957G Fine, 1958D Fine/Good Fine, Austria One Kreuzer 1885 GEF and lustrous, Prince William and Catherine Middleton Royal Wedding 2011 medallic issues (5) in gilded base metal UNC with a coloured picture of the couple on the reverse, World base metal minors (44) in mixed grades, World a further group of 19th and 20th Century base metal issues (1.6 Kilos) in mixed grades, Alderney 2006 Rocket Gold plated Proof FDC in capsule, no certificate, Guernsey Crowns (5) 1972 I and Silver Wedding, 1977 Queen Silver Jubilee (2), 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer A/UNC to UNC, Five Pound Crowns (4) 2001 Queen Elizabeth II 75th Birthday, 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee UNC, 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee UNC, 2008 History of the Royal Air Force - Battle of Britain 1940 Prooflike UNC, s (2) 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation 37mm diameter Lustrous UNC boxed, 1989 800 Years of Mayoralty 63mm diameter in toned , by the UNC in the box of issue with certificate, Medallic issues USA Bicentennial in base metal (4) Liberty Bell, The Minuteman, Spirit of 76 and Declaration of Independence issues UNC boxed, Shell Historic Cars (20 pieces) and Man in Flight 15 of 16 pieces) EF to UNC on the cards of issue, Coins of Ancient Britain an 8-piece set of modern fantasy replicas of pre-Roman, Roman and Anglo-Saxon ancient coins, in folder as issued, World Banknotes (80) includes Brazil, Peru, Yugoslavia, modern issues in UNC

Auction 172
English Bulk Lots A mixed lot, s 1984 and 1985 aFDC some toning, Mint Set 1986 Unc lightly toned, crown sized in a mount and chain NEW HEAD OFFICE FOR COUTTS 1978, Coins in high grades Unc or near so including a few 50p and £1, modern world issues in high grades base metal, a small in album pages including a 1935 and 3 world silver issues, and about 8 kilos of bronze pennies and from circulation sorted by date back to . Along with paper money (10) including 2 B of E last issue Pounds (lot 15 kilos gross weight)

Auction 169
English Bulk Lots Crowns (4) 1844 Cinquefoil stops on edge, 1889, 1892, 1900 LXIV, VG to Fine, 1951 (2) EF to UNC, one boxed, s (16) 1887 Jubilee Head EF, 1959 S (4), 1961 S (11), Fine to VF, s (2) 1836 VG, 1888 VG/NF, 1843 VF, s (11) 1899, 1930, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1948 in mixed grades, the 1942 in Lustrous UNC, Pre-1920 £1.17 1/2 face, Pre-1947 Silver £2.30 face, Mint Mis-Strikes (11) 1969, s (2) 1969, 1980, Two Pences 1971 (5), Shilling 1960S, 1967, all with planchet clips VF to A/UNC, Decimal Half 1971 with flattened edge between 4 and 6 o'clock VF possibly has happened after striking, s (4) 1993, 1996, 2001 A/UNC, 2004 Entente Cordiale UNC, (2) 1997, 1998 EF to GEF, (8) 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, VF to GEF, Fifty Pences 1982 (2) NEF and GEF, 1982 UNC, Five Pences (19) 1968 (1), 1969 (18) EF to UNC, Half New Penny 1980 VF, s 1798 (3) in darkened , and ine UNC, only 600 minted of each metal, s (10), s (7), Sixpences (8), s (16) includes 1948 (7), 1950 (1) in mixed circulated grades, Pennies (147) mostly 1967 includes 1912H, 1919H (2) and 1926 First Head (2), (131) mostly 1967, in mixed grades, some later coins UNC, and a group of mixed World (27) mostly European base metal in mixed grades, and a Croatia Banknote 100000 Ruder Boskovic UNC

Auction 168
English Bulk Lots 1797 Good, made into a , Edward VI base issue VG/NVG holed, 1797 Fine with some surface residue, as part of a group of to mostly items, includes some pre-1947 silver and pre-1920 silver minors, s 1948-1950 (23) Lustrous UNC with some choice, s, , s to with many later types in lustrous UNC, also modern s (13) 1965 (4), 1972 (8), 1977, Rolls of (3) Two Pence 1971, Penny 1971, Half Penny still sealed roll with date not visible (reverse side up) UNC and lustrous (lot)

Auction 165
English Bulk Lots Crowns (10) 1889, 1890, 1893LVI, VG to NF, 1965, 1977 (2), 1980 (2), 1981 (2), s (2) 1997 Golden Wedding, 2002 Queen Mother Memorial, EF to UNC, s (2) 1887 Jubilee Head Withdrawn types (2) A/UNC to UNC one with gold plating, in a London Mint Office box, GB Decimal and in three small coin albums (69) includes a few in , in mixed grades, Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Commemorative 2015 (2) one in , the other in silver plated bronze, UNC with one certificate

Auction 165
English Bulk Lots s to s the majority issues includes Provincial Mint (154) 1912H (116), 1918H (13), 1918KN (5), 1919H (17), 1919KN (3), Pennies (4) 1864 (2) Plain 4 and Crosslet 4, 1902 Low Tide (2), 1902 Low Tide, along with a group of minor mis-strikes (8) Penny 1797 ed QUIRK, double headed Penny (two halves joined), 1959E struck on a thin flan VF, 1962 struck slightly off-centre with a small raised edge 'lip', Jubilee Head holed and countermarked POLL, ANNE THOMAS countermarked on a flan of 22mm, 1973 EF with a planchet clip, Finland Markka 1929 overstruck on a previously used flan, the understrike date of 1922 visible, Good Fine (total weight over 17 Kilos)

Auction 164
English Bulk Lots and s to , to , in mixed grades to Lustrous UNC, s (2) 1935 GEF, 1937 A/UNC, and Decimal coinage and a group of s (9) includes some in , these in mixed grades to EF (total 214 pieces in lot)
£360 London Coins : A164 : Lot 1546 : Copper and bronze Twopences to Fractional Farthings, George III to Elizabeth II, in mixed grades to ... London Coins : A164 : Lot 1546 : Copper and bronze Twopences to Fractional Farthings, George III to Elizabeth II, in mixed grades to ...

Auction 161
English Bulk Lots Austin Motor Company 50th Anniversary 1955 64mm diameter in ed Eimer 2096 NVF as part of a group of GB and World mostly in mixed grades, includes GB 1711 Good Fine, India 1900 Bombay VF cleaned, Canada 1898 Fine, and a group of (30) includes - and Mrs.Tiggywinkle types, and (20) in a Lindner tray these in mixed grades GVF to UNC

Auction 160
English Bulk Lots Roman s (30) VG to Near Fine, Lead Tokens and Tallies (32) and Post-Medieval (32, one holed) various designs, some uniface, in mixed lower grades, Detector finds (1.4 Kilos) mostly to issues in base metal, in mixed lower grades, s (15) and s (7) EF to UNC, Brass s (18) George VI and Elizabeth II issues, EF to UNC and lustrous, Australia (50) Pennies (27) and (23) in mixed grades to VF, Spain (33) and Portugal (8) 19th and a few mostly base metal issues with a handful in , Medal and s a small group (12) late 19th and early 20th Century in base metal, in mixed grades, GB and World a small group (18) includes modern - crowns, in mixed grades to UNC, Pre 1947 silver £2.20 face, Pre 1920 £0.27 1/2 face, World 20th Century (13) in mixed grades a few in silver, GB Base metal issues () Halfcrowns (13), s (2), Shillings (14), s (130), s (50), Pennies (212), Halfpennies (52), s (144) in mixed circulated grades, Provincial Mint Pennies (12) 1912H (8), 1918H (1), 1919H (1), average circulated, (5) 1986 Games, 1995 Peace Dove (2), 1996 Euro 96 Football (2) EF to UNC and lustrous, Decimal 1971 NVF, GB and World (over 11.5 Kilos) includes some redeemable currency, (total weight around 20 Kilos)

Auction 158
English Bulk Lots 1950 UNC to NFDC and brass lustrous, Proof Set 1970 nFDC, Plastic Set 1953 UNC, Whitman-style Folders (3) s 1937-1967 complete, in mixed grades, Brass s 1937-1967 complete along with some extra duplicates, s 1937-1956 Lustrous A/UNC to UNC, Papal States mint sets (2) 1976 Pope Paul VI, 1978 I/Sede Vacante UNC in the cards of issue, GB Unofficial Year Sets (6) 1960, 1965, 1967, Mixed Year set 1969-1973, Last £sd set mixed dates, Last £sd/First Decimal Set mixed dates A/UNC to UNC in slide cases, Unofficial Sets in slides cases (5) s 1961-1967 in mixed grades, s 1937-1951 Scottish (13 coins, missing 1944 and 1945) in mixed grades, Shillings 1953-1966 English (14 coins) in mixed grades, s 1953-1967 (15 coins) in mixed grades, s 1953-1967 (14 coins, missing 1957, with Jersey 1966 Threepence included) in mixed grades, Isle of Man Wedding Set mixed dates with Crown 1972 UNC in a slide case, Guernsey Silver Wedding Set mixed dates with Crown 1972 UNC in a slide case, Jersey 1966 a 3-coin set Crown, Threepence and UNC in a slide case, Gibraltar Crown 1967 UNC in a slide case, along with to a mixed group includes a few silver items and a small group of lic issues, also some decimal coinage, in mixed grades (lot, total weight over 6 Kilos)

Auction 157
English Bulk Lots GB Decimal and £sd in 7 boxes comprising Decimal Coinage a large group (£454.45 face) s (72), (106), 25p Crowns (91), (260), Five Pence (313), mostly 1970s issues, many including earlier dates UNC-BU, - issues in cupro nickel (532) s (141), s (112), s (395), s (247), also includes Pre-1947 £6.20 face, Silver s (28), GB and World in bags and red tubes, also Decimal issues in mint rolls, Shillings 1959S (55), 1961S (37), s in lustrous grades includes some better dates (lot), s (219) 1940 (1), 1941 (1), 1942 (50), 1943 (2), 1944 (1), 1945 (64), 1946 (16), 1947 (1), 1948 (1), 1950 (40), 1951 (1), 1952 (1), 1953 (1), 1954 (2), 1955 (36), 1956 (1), includes 1953 and 1926 in bags, Decimal Bronze issues and more, the majority in lustrous grades with many BU (Total weight over 49 Kilos)

Auction 156
English Bulk Lots A mostly unsorted parcel from a former corner shop owner, generally being items put by at the time prior to isation, strength in pre 47 issues, with some paper money, plenty of issues and some 1971 decimal issues in BU rolls (lot in 11 boxes over 90 KG gross weight) £3,800

Auction 151
English Bulk Lots s to includes pre-1920 and pre-1947 issues (62) comprising Halfcrowns (6), s (21), s (37), s (11), Silver 3d (1), (3) plus Pennies (94), (32), and s (20) to in mixed grades, plus an additional group of GB (6) 1994, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, Gaming Tokens (2) 1797 Spade type EF, plus World bronze issues (11) in mixed grades some EF

Auction 149
English Bulk Lots A mixed lot with issues from circulation which include a small proportion of a few of these in higher grades, , a few notes, a and more (lot)

Auction 145
English Bulk Lots base metal and 19th and (approximately 4.25 Kilos) includes a small group of pre-1920 (£1.06 face) a few of these holed, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 143
English Bulk Lots Pre 47 (over £60 face) along with quantities of -, and including n , modern issues in high grades, a few sets, and paper money, most from circulation (lot, over 40 KG gross weight)

Auction 138
English Bulk Lots A mixed group including s and s - , pre 1947 silver issues over £11 face value, - and issues including n bronze, smaller quantities of world coins some in silver and commemorative s and others (lot)

Auction 138
English Bulk Lots Accumulation in tins and albums, value in pre 47 issues, plenty of some n, some world issues and bronze in mint rolls (lot)

Auction 137
English Bulk Lots A large of s, s, s and s (82 kilos will be about £750 face value) no apparent the Shillings and Florins containing some and 10p (the larger de-monetised types) some in high grades, along with (6.5 kilos)

Auction 133
English Bulk Lots - and , plus a few earlier in an accumulation total weight over 50 Kilos includes many later dates in Lustrous UNC

Auction 132
English Bulk Lots A mostly and -, the vendors list indicating £28 face of pre 1947 silver some of this pre 1920 with some earlier better dates, post 1947 £50 along with some and (lot in 2 boxes)

Auction 122
English Bulk Lots A mixed group in three boxes with some s and singles, pre 47 , high grade late base metal issues, a bag of earlier world circulated issues, some later Roman s and others (lot)

Auction 122
English Bulk Lots Pre 1920 £1 9s 4d face, Pre 1947 Silver £2 5s 3d face, plus s - (13) in mixed lower grades, plus a mixed group of - issues (115) in mixed circulated grades and several bags of s - - QE II generally from circulation

Auction 120
English Bulk Lots A large accumulation from an original source of mostly circulated issues, plenty of pre 47 , and substantial quantities of including n types, also some world circulated material (lot in 2 crates)

Auction 118
English Bulk Lots /Accumulation in three boxes, several tins of , others in and these too from circulation, a few earlier and w

Auction 118
English Bulk Lots A mixed group with £10 - £20 face of pre 47 , and some modern commemoratives including £5 face value issue some of these in p

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