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Farthing Halfpenny 18th Century 19th Century... : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 174
Tokens (26) North 1793 Edge: PAYABLE AT LONDON OR ANGLESEY DH6a, Good Fine/Near Fine, scarce, 1788 25 Acorns Good Fine, (4) 1793 Godiva/ DH244 Fine, Coventry Godiva/Ancient Cross date worn. otherwise Fine, Wilkinson 1793 DH397 Edge: PAYABLE BY THOMAS BALL SLEAFORD Fine, 1791 Wilkinson Near Fine, the reverse worn in places, so exact attribution not possible, - (5) 1789 Obverse: Beehive and cypher DH10 Fine, 1789 Obverse : Beehive and cypher DH12 Good Fine, 1790 DH22 Fine/Good Fine, 1791 DH30 Fine, 1791 DH41 About Fine, (5) 1792 DH21 Near Fine, 1794 DH41 Fine, DH144 Fine, (2) 1791 DH66, Good Fine, some corrosion, 1791 DH71 Near Fine, REMEMBER THE DEBTORS IN ILCHESTER GOAL (GOAL a mis-spelling of GAOL) DH35 Good Fine, (2) George Prince of Wales, Edge: BRIGHTON CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV DH952 Good Fine, Lackington's 1795 Edge: PAYABLE AT THE TEMPLE OF THE MUSES DH357 NVF, (2) Gosport 1794 DH41 VG, Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe/Britannia DH13 Fine, John Howard 1794 Fair, Lothian 1790 DH24 Fine with poor surfaces, Ireland - Wicklow Cronebane Fair, Pennies (3) and Neath - Co. 1811 Fine, Canada Lower Canada Penny 1837 Fine, the third very worn, 1812 British Naval Halfpenny Nelson/Ship, Fine, 18th Century North Wales 1793 DH18 Fine, Unofficial Isaac Earlysman - J.Sparrow, Ironmongers , undated issue (1825) About Fine, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fenelon Death 1715 28mm diameter in copper EF, Spain 8 Maravedis 1848 Fine, and Byzantine 29mm diameter with worn design, Fair, all housed in a Lindner Tray

Auction 172
Tokens (11) 1791 Paris Miners 24 Acorns DH438b GVF/VF, - Brimscombe Port 1795, Obv: Ship with plain sails, Reverse: Entrance to a tunnel, Edge: PAYABLE IN BRIMSCOMBE PORT, DH59 GVF, - Lackington's , Lyceum Theatre, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON BATH OR MANCHESTER, DH362a GVF with traces of lustre, Middlesex Political and Social series - Fox 1794 Obverse: Earl Howe Reverse Foot and map of France, Edge: CURRENT EVERY WHERE DH1016 Good Fine/Fine, - undated Obverse: a brandy bottle, Reverse: Figure of Hope standing, Arm points to T of PROSPERITY, Plain edge, DH23b About VF, 1790 Obverse: , Reverse: Female seating holding mining tools, Edge: PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR LONDON DH 327a About Fine, Warwickshire -1793 Wilkison spelling, Obverse: Bust of Wilkinson, Reverse: Vulcan seated, Edge PAYABLE AT ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL the N's reversed DH460a Fine, Norfolk - Norwich undated Obverse: Cornucopia, Peace and Plenty, Reverse: Figure of Hope standing, Plain edge, DH26e VG, Ireland - Wicklow, Cronebane 1789 DH3 Near Fine, - Lothian - , Hutchison's 1791 LACESSET error contemporary counterfeit DH38 NVF Rare, Scotland - Lanarkshire - 1791 Obverse: Arms of Glasgow, Reverse: A river God reclining, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON BRISTOL OR LANCASTER DH3c VF, 18th Century North 1793 Obverse: Bust right, Reverse: Prince of Wales crest Large Flan, Plain edge DH15a Near Fine/Fine, Penny Company 1812 Poor, Halfpennies 19th Century (7) - and Copper Company (5) 1811 Ship sailing to left with boat at stern Davis 117 NVF, 1811 Ship sailing right/P of PENNY to centre of E of PAYABLE Davis 113 (2) both Fine, Ship sailing right/ P of PENNY aligns to the end of the L of PAYABLE Davis 111 (2) VF and GVF, Halfpennies (2) 1813 18 Acorns/Lion's Tail to the beginning of the first N Davis 41 About Fine, 1813 18 Acorns, Lion's Head touches the H Davis 39 VG, Canada (2) Lower Canada 1813 Britannia/Eagle VG, New Brunswick Penny 1843 KM#2 VG/Near Fine, Token undated by Kirk, Obv: George II Rev: GEORGE THE SECOND in three lines Fine, Advertising Token , , Hewett& Co Ltd. Iron Box 1870 VF, Penny North Shields - Bell Brothers Penny undated VF, along with a small group of GB and World coins (6) GB Halfpenny 1748 Near Fine/About Fine, British West Indies One 1822 KM#2 VG, Belgium Two Centimes 1845 KM#4.2 VG, Spain Five Centimos 1870 KM#662 Fair, German States - Kingdom of Prussia 1802A KM#376.2 VG, Roman Ae27 Poor/Fair

Auction 171
Tokens Tokens an impressive in an album (149) includes (116), many rare pieces included with Low Hall 1797 DH1 A/UNC, believed to be only 200 minted, Very Rare. - 1795 Obverse: Stag lying under a tree, Reverse: Windsor 1795, Edge : SKIDMORE HOLBORN LONDON DH1a A/UNC with traces of lustre, very rare and desirable. - 1796 Crescent DH3 A/UNC and attractively toned. - Badminton 1796 DH32 Obverse: Ship, Reverse: Legend in 10 lines, GEF. - Abergavenny 1795 Obverse: A cask, JAMES POWELL IMPORTERS/ Reverse: J.POWELL/WINE & BRANDY/ MERCHANT/. ABERGAVENNY DH1 EF with a hint of lustre, scarce. - 1790 J.Spence Slop-seller DH15 UNC with hints of colourful tone, Very scarce, - County Obverse: COL. NOEL OF THE RUTLAND FENCIBLES etc. in 7 lines, Reverse: WHOSE EXAMPLE IN LIFE CONSISTS IN BEING BRAVE HUMANE, NOBLE & GENEROUS in 6 lines. DH1, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare and desirable. Gloucestershire - Brimscombe Port 1795 Obverse: A barge with plain sails, THAMES AND SEVERN CANAL, Reverse: The entrance into a tunnel, Edge: PAYABLE AT BRIMSCOMBE PORT, DH60, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare, - Aylesbury 1796 Obverse: William III/Reverse: A cap of Liberty on a pole, DH7 A/UNC toned, the obverse with usual weaker strike on the bust. USA/ Starry Pyramid Halfpenny, Lancashire DH59c, Breen 1156, edge reads LANCASTERLONDON (No space between) due to slipped collar, GVF, Rare. The vast majority of the tokens in the 18th Century group are EF, representing a wide spread of counties and types, the remaining group includes s , Farthings 18th Century, , shield-shaped, many of the 18th Century Halfpenny group in EF, the remaining group in mixed grades to GVF
£4,200 London Coins : A171 : Lot 1121 : Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare... London Coins : A171 : Lot 1121 : Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare...

Auction 168
Tokens - Workhouse 1813 Fine, as part of a group of Tokens (19) Penny (1), Pennies (3), 18th Century (3), 19th Century Unofficial s (6), Canada Halfpennies (5), St. Helena 1821, and an Irish uniface Pub token Tho.s Jackson, in mixed grades VG to Good Fine

Auction 163
Tokens Tokens a mixed group includes Penny 1796 Good Fine, Tokens (7) VG to NVF, Tokens (11) Fine to GVF, one holed, Waggon Ticket 1831 Eglinton Fine, One and 1814 a contemporary Counterfeit in base metal, and a box made from 10 George III , About Fine

Auction 162
Tokens (13), Halfpennies (3), s 18th and 19th Century (6), and Bank of Upper Canada 1850, in mixed grades to VF £160

Auction 161
Tokens Pennies (2) 1794 Botanical Gardens NVF, 1794 Bridge DH4 struck in white metal, Fine, 18th Century 1795 Jas Bayley, Draper GEF, 1814 Sailing Ship, For the Convenience of Trade Withers 1415 Good Fine, Very Rare, along with a further group of 19th Century (10) 1813 Workhouse, Pennies 19th Century (17), along with (6), Farthings (2) in mixed grades to VF

Auction 156
Tokens (2) 1792 John Wilkinson DH451K About Fine, DH 454B Good Fine both Very Rare, Pennies (2) Phoenix Ironworks (2) both 1813 W.1352 Fine once cleaned, and W.1353 NVF, Ireland - Dublin Advertising Token Geale and MacBride size (c.1806) Withers 1813 About fine with lightly pitted surfaces, 19th Century 1814 Lanarkshire, Hamilton DH43a with oblique edge milling Good Fine, Rare

Auction 149
Tokens (27), Halfpennies (3), Penny 19th Century (1), 18th century (1), plus 1799, in mixed grades, many of the 18th Century Halfpennies VF and better £260

Auction 143
Tokens (9), Pennies 18th Century (2), 18th Century (1), Penny (1), 19th Century (1), plus a small bag (18) of Counters, copies, toy money and a Victoria weight, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 142
Tokens (8), 18th Century (1), (1), Farthing 19th Century (1) NVF to EF £150

Auction 141
Tokens (13), 19th century (1), Pennies 19th century (5), (1) in mixed circulated grades £65

Auction 140
Tokens Pennies (2), 18th Century (152), s 18th Century (7), Pennies (3), Halfpennies 19th Century (2), Cuidad Rodrigo 1812 in mixed grades mostly Fine to VF £700

Auction 140
Tokens Solomon Barnard 1653 W65 Fine, 17th Century Dursley W74 Obediah Webb NF, (4) 1796 Saint Andrews Street DH16 GVF, 1794 DH22 About VF, 1795 DH10 VF, 1795 Stortford NEF, Halfpenny 1811 Patent Sheathing , Nail Manufactory VF

Auction 139
Tokens (27 including 3 holed), s 18th Century (2), Penny 18th Century , Pennies (2), Halfpennies 19th Century (2), George III Halfpennies (11), 10 1808, Isle of Man 1798, also Forgeries (3) Bank of 1804 in , 1816 in , Eighteen Pence 1814 in low grade ? in mixed grades

Auction 134
Tokens (16) mostly VF, Pennies 19th century (3,1 holed), , 19th Century, plus a Roman these in mixed grades Fair to Fine

Auction 111
Tokens (23), (1), Pennies (3), Bank of Upper Canada Penny 1852, 1850, Australia Victoria 1862 KM#Tn2 £75

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