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Auction 182
Medals Medals, s and Tokens (14) Medals (3) 1746 of Culloden 1746 34mm diameter in Brass, Obverse: figure of the Duke WILL DUKE CUMBERLAND Exergue: Born 15. AP. 1721, Reverse: A Battle scene REBELLION JUSTLY REWARDED, Exergue: CULLODEN 16 AP. 1746 as Eimer 604, VG, Bridge Opened 1831 29mm diameter in Brass, unsigned Obverse THE FIRST STONE WAS LAID BY RT - HON THE LORD MAYOR JOHN GARRATT ESQ. ON THE 15 JUNE 1825 THE 1st AUGst 1832 AND THE BRIDGE OPEN'D BY THEIR MAJESTIES COST 506,000 POUNDS, Reverse: View of the bridge spanning the river with ships, as Eimer 1246 NEF, The S.S 1843 27mm diameter in brass, by J. Gardner BHM 2119 Obverse: Starboard view of the 'Great Britain' under sail, THE GREAT BRITAIN STEAM SHIP LAUNCHED AT BRISTOL, LENGTH 322 FT. BREADTH 50.6. DEPTH 32.6, Reverse: THIS IRON STEAM SHIP WAS LAUNCHED IN THE PRESENCE OF H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT JULY 19 1843 . THE WEIGHT OF IRON USED IN THE SHIP AND ENGINES IS UPWARDS OF 1500 TONS CONSTRUCTED BY T.R. GUPPY ESQ. C.E, VF, Pub Tokens (2) COACH AND HORSES CHURCH LANE, Reverse: OMS & BS with central 2, VF, The , Gt. Hampton St. Reverse: 3 within a wreath, Fine/VF, Token 1800 Obverse: , Reverse: Crowned shield, in brass, Brewery Token 1881 Halstead Brewery, 32mm x 25mm oval, in bronze, Reverse: A & S 1881 VF, Jeton and Maria Theresa, (1666) 27mm diameter in bronze, Near Fine/Fine, Tran Token, Halfpenny , Clyde Ferries ticket, undated in brass, 27mm diameter Fine, Halfpenny 18th Century undated - Spence's, Odd Fellows DH803c, , GVF, - The Santa Rina Nitrate Co. 1 Peso Brass Token 36mm diameter in brass, Reverse: OFICINA SANTA RITA, Fine, Notgeld coins in red porcelain (2) One mark 1921 Grunberg UNC, 50 Pfennigs 1921 Grunberg UNC, and a Two Pence 1971 on a thinner flan, 5.83 grammes, VF

Auction 182
Medals Medals (4) Admiral Vernon 1739 Obverse: Bust left, three-quarter length 36mm diameter in brass, THE BRITISH GLORY REVIV'D BY ADMIRAL VERNON, Reverse: Ships in Portobello harbour, HE TOOK PORTOBELLO WITH SIX SHIPS ONLY Good Fine, Sin of the Lusitania 1915 A/UNC boxed, 1852 of the /Callender medal showing all Sundays of 1853, 41mm diameter in White Metal Fine with some corrosion, Copper medalet 1905 of the of , 16mm diameter, containing copper from the VF with loop mount at the top, and a counter 1790 'Spade' type Fine

Auction 181
Medals Medals (8) of Queen and Prince Albert 1840 42mm diameter in white metal by W.J. Obverse: Conjoined heads right, the Queen ed with roses, the Prince bare-headed, with torch in field to left, VICTORIA OF ENGLAND . ALBERT OF SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA, Reverse: Conjoined shields of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert crowned and garlanded with roses, MARRIED AT THE CHAPEL ROYAL ST. JAMES' PALACE . FEB. 10. 1840, BHM 1918 EF and lustrous, of , of - Henry II (No.5) by J. 1731 Obverse: Bust of Henry II right, HENRICUS II D.G.ANG.ET.HIB.REX, Reverse: seated among trophies, leaning on the shield of England and holding , Eimer 526, NVF/GF the obverse with some surface dirt, College medal, 38mm diameter in bronze GVF, Metropolitan Borough of St. Pancras 39mm diameter in white metal EF holed for suspension, Counters 'To (2) the first 1837 the second with the date area damaged, Near Fine to Fine, Peace medal 1919 Borough of -on-Sea 33mm diameter in base metal, GVF holed for suspension (2), and Holy medal 40mm diameter in white metal, undated, EF holed for suspension

Auction 174
Medals Prize Medals, Fantasies and counters a varied group includes Prize Medals (4) by Huguenin comprising Diablerets S.C. 27 Dec 1910 1st Prize 100 Aces, La Comete Diablerets S.C Jan. 1912 2nd Prize, and Leysin 1st Prize La Comete 4/1/12 each 30mm diameter in silver, and Diablerets S.C.30 Dec. 1910 2nd Prize 100 Aces 30mm diameter in bronze each with a bobsleigh type event depicted on the reverse EF and unusual, GB Fantasy Crowns 1706 EF and 1879 , by D.R.Golder, Gaming Counters (3) 1788 and 1797 Fine, in brass, holed, the third a Half size 1797 Near Fine, silvered, 3 Keuzer 1676 made into a button Fine, Copper Dump coinage 18mm diameter Falus/Paisa Fine, Indian Silver Quarter Rupee Fair with much of the detail worn

Auction 172
Medals Medals and a few counters (57) a mix of medal and prize medals, a few in silver, in mixed grades to UNC, along with a group of enamelled Sixpences (7) I issues each in 5 colours, good workmanship

Auction 172
Medals Medals, Token, Tokens and a few modern replicas the vast majority 20th Century issues in base metal (80) a varied group, includes Model by Joseph Moore (c.1848) these Good Fine, and a Sunday Schools - Robert Rakes medal in white metal VF holed, overall in mixed circulated grades

Auction 168
Medals Medals to I (53) base metal types, plus a further group of Medals, Tokens and counters (66) in mixed grades

Auction 156
Medals Tokens and medals a varied and interesting group (14) Edd VII Visit to 1903 31mm diameter by Spink and Son NEF, Wirral and Birkenhead Agricultural Society 52mm diameter in silver awarded to Messrs Peter Patrick and Son for anti-sag gate hangings 1906 EF, Watch fob of Schloss & co 1889 Universal Exposition 31mm diameter in silver, which reproduces in miniature the prize won by Schloss and Co. at the 1889 Exposition, NVF with fob mount at top, Jura 1854 32mm diameter in silver Fine, 1810 Eimer 1007var. 42mm diameter in bronze, Good Fine, Counters (3) George III, and Maria Theresa obverses VG to Fine, Hard Times Token (c.1837) 'The Constitution as I understand it', 'Roman Firmness' reverse, Fine, Duchess of Token 1774 in copper by J.Kirk Fine, some scratches, Copper token by Sparrow of Bishopsgate, 1823 Ironmongers, reverse hot air balloon, 'ASCENDED AT OXFORD JUNE 23 1823' Good Fine, Farthing token or medalet 1821 21mm diameter in copper Fine, Halfpenny 19th Century Political and Social Series 1794 DH1016 edge 'CURRENT EVERY WHERE', Fine, plus an unidentified ancient coin

Auction 154
Medals Medals, Prize Medals, Tokens, Counters a varied group (26) mostly base metal, in mixed grades

Auction 153
Medals Medals a varied group (6) The 1851 Exhibitors Medal Obverse Bust of Prince Albert, Reverse EXHIBITOR around a globe, 44mm diameter in bronze , by W., surrounded by a wreath VF, Houses of Parliament opened 1847 43mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis. Obverse conjoined heads of Queen and Prince Albert, Reverse a view of the houses of Parliament EF, South Eastern Railway/ 1886/7 oval 31mm x 37mm in bronze by Pinches, presented to a shareholder, Obverse Crowned and Veiled bust of Victoria, Reverse Crest and supporters, Oval containing bust of E.W.Watkin Chairman, the name erased on the reverse otherwise NEF, modern fantasy Crown UNC, GB Victoria 1879 modern fantasy Silver Crown, UNC, a modern fantasy in gold plated cupro-nickel by Mint UNC, along with 'To ' token 1837 EF

Auction 152
Medals World, Medals, Tokens and counters in base metal, a wide variety (over 300) in album pages, in mixed grades

Auction 150
Medals Medals, Tokens, Counters, Paranumismatic etc. 19th and 20th Century (186) , mostly base metal, a few in silver, in mixed grades

Auction 149
Medals ty, assorted medals & tokens in bronze or metal from to I. F or better. (22).

Auction 144
Medals medal 1935 in silver boxed Toned UNC, a balance scale, as part of a group of medals and tokens and a weight 17th to 20th Century (13) includes counters and 1850 Whist ' Keep your r' tokens

Auction 136
Medals Medalets/ Counters (11) in base metal, in mixed grades to EF

Auction 135
Medals Medals 19th and 20th Century a mixed group (18) includes some silver issues including some and issues, some of these boxed, in mixed grades to UNC, plus counter bearing the head of VF

Auction 110
Medals Medals and s (some boxed) plus a few tokens struck in various metals (49) mixed lower grades, plus Duke Of Governor of Plym

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