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Jeton : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 175
Tokens s (20) a mix of and types, includes some dated issues 1582-1665, also includes five issues by Hans Krawinkle, Near Fine to Good Fine

Auction 175
Tokens 1811 Garratt, Terrell, Bird, Beck and Grigg VF, along with / 1689 26mm diameter in , Obverse: Busts right conjoined, Reverse: Armes with supporters NEF, Jetons types in brass (5) Fine to Good Fine, and Tokens, George III type (34) VG to Fine, a rotating photograph coin in the style of a 1901 using Britannia's shield as the photo frame, shows small photos of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, Consort Alexandra, the future King George V, Queen Mary and Edward VIII as a child, Fine, unusual, along with a further wide ranging group (9) Token 1813 Workhouse VG, 19th Century (2) 1787 John Wilkinson Good Fine, - 1794 Reverse: A decorative tea urn VF, 19th Century 1823 Ironmonger Bishopsgate , Reverse: A balloon ASCENDED AT OXFORD June 23 1823 Fine, France 5 Sols 1792 Monneron Medallic issue Good Fine, Bank of 1804 a contemporary Counterfeit in brass VG, a Prize medal Cricket Cup 23rd Bn, London Regiment, Pte. VH. Manning 1929 in , Good Fine, Medal - Battle of Camperdown, Lord Viscount Duncan 1797 Fair, holed, Medal - 49mm diameter uniface in crowned arms with supporters VG with pitted surfaces

Auction 174
Tokens Tokens, Weights, and ed (6) Tokens (2) 1811 W.Sheppard, Withers 65 Fine, , Mail Coach DH363 Good Fine, Jeton George III 1783 23mm diameter in , Reverse Crowned garnished shield, in the style of the Guineas of the same period, Weights (2) George III Guinea weight, Reverse: weight within wreath, with coffee pot countermark, undated NEF, George III Weight, Reverse: weight within wreath, with coffee pot countermark, undated EF, Uruguay 20 Centesimos 1893 So KM#15 countermarked S.GUERRAA, Fine

Auction 172
Tokens - 1788 25 Acorns, 12 to the left, 13 to the right, Straight 1 and 7 in date, DH224 Bold VF, Penny - - Sawbridgeworth 1801 Robert Orchard, a modern copy of DH1, About as struck. The original is a celebrated and rare token, of which only 4 examples are believed to exist, the extremely high relief design causing the die to shatter after just a few impressions, 1809 New Theatre pass uniface in lead, P P . S on reverse (Pit on Prince's side) Fine, Unofficial s (12) London (3) Antill &Son 2330 Fine, pitted, Bovril 2372 Good Fine, Foley & Shoyer 2532 Fine. (2) - Hellewell 2160 GF/VF, - Mitchell & Co. 3460 NVF. (2) Dye 4000 Good Fine. - Robert Bumpstead 5252 Fine. - under Lyme Josiah Robey 3785 About VF. - Lowestoft W.C.Wiseman 3130 VF, - T.Gargory 401 NVF officially holed. Ireland (2) - Ferrar & Taggart 5410 Fine, Dublin - Todd Burns & Co. 6313 Near Fine, along with s (15) in base metal a wide ranging group in mixed grades

Auction 170
Tokens Tokens a mixed group (289) (20), Pennies (4), 19th Century (1), Canada (2) Bank of Montreal Halfpenny 1844 and Bank of Upper Canada Halfpenny 1850, Two s Token and Salford, along with a French , and Ionian Islands 1819 KM#32 in mixed grades VG to Good Fine

Auction 170
Tokens France - Chambre de Commerce Bordeaux 1750 30.5mm diameter in Obverse: Bust right, laureate D.V below, Reverse: Ship's deck and compass QUO NON BAC DUCE, Feuardent 9185 EF
£70 London Coins : A170 : Lot 302 : France Jeton - Chambre de Commerce Bordeaux 1750 30.5mm diameter in silver Obverse: Bust right, laur... London Coins : A170 : Lot 302 : France Jeton - Chambre de Commerce Bordeaux 1750 30.5mm diameter in silver Obverse: Bust right, laur...

Auction 170
Tokens France s 1659 Henry and Marie de la Trémoille, Duke and Duchess of La Trémoille 27mm diameter in (2) Feuardent 9044, Obverse: Arms of Henry on a mantle HENRY DE LA TREMOILLE. Pr. DE TARENTE DVC DE TOVARS.P.D.F. Reverse: A Tower in the middle of the sea, battered by winds. Above on a banner: NUMINE FRETA. MARIE . DE . LA . TOVR . DAVVERGNE . DVCHESSE . DE . LA . TREMOILLE. both Near VF and attractively toned

Auction 168
Tokens Toy Money, mostly Lauer types and Spielgeld (13) in a cylindrical miniature box shaped in the style of a stack of 14 x 1900 s, Toy Money and s (13) in a small box with castle on the lid, some of the medalets depict Queen Victoria's children, along with Tokens, Medals, Checks and s (11) an eclectic mix in mixed grades to GVF

Auction 164
Tokens GB and World 18th to a of Tokens, ed coins, Transport Tokens, s, Counters, Toy Money, Co-op Tokens, and s (708) in a home-made cabinet, includes a wide variety of types, in mixed grades

Auction 164
Tokens s a large and wide-ranging group (259) with many different types represented, includes some larger and sized examples, we noticed two pieces dated 1660 and 1664 similar in style to the -type of William and Mary, would make an excellent study group, in mixed grades to GVF, along with Counters (4) in mixed grades to EF

Auction 164
Tokens Medals, Tokens, s, s and elongates (354) includes some interesting items, with a few in , in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 138
Tokens 18th to a varied group (199) includes a handful of earlier s, in mixed circulated grades, some housed in a Lindner Tray

Auction 134
Tokens (9), Pennies (2), 1753 also a group of s, s and tokens (27) in base metal many in white metal 1862-1992, in mixed grades

Auction 132
Tokens s William Owen Westbourne Grove Obverse Kaiser Franz Joseph (10) NEF-EF some with lustre

Auction 127
Tokens Early Tokens and s a in an album (163) a wide variety, in mixed circulated grades

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