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Kabul : World Banknotes

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Auction 183
World Banknotes 100 and 1000 Afghanis (600) all in fresh and crisp about UNC - UNC and in original bundles of 100 notes each as if just out of printing. Comprising 3 bundles of 100 Afghanis (300) including Pick 58b SH1369 (200) a constively numbered serial numbers 61/Q 0190201 - 61/Q 0190300 together with ly numbered 61/Q 5093201 - 61/Q 5093300. The third bundle of Pick 58a SH1358 (100) consecutively numbered serial numbers 45/T 2891389 - 45/T 2891488. Also 3 bundles of 1000 Afghanis Pick 61c SH1370 (300) the first bundle consecutively numbered 16/T 1821601 - 16T 1821700, the second - 54/TH 9622401 - 54/TH 9622500 and the third bundle made of a near consecutively numbered run of 94 notes 9/Y 6945605 - 9/Y 6945706, together with consecutive set of 6 notes 6/A 1300810 - 6/A 1300814. All notes with the Bank's coat of Arms with horseman at upper centre on obverse. The 100 Afghanis in deep red-violet on multi-coloured underprint featuring Farm workers in wheat fields at right on obverse and Hydroelectric dam in mountains on reverse. The 1000 Afghanis in dark brown and deep red-violet on multi-coloured underprint illustrating the Mosque at Mazar-e-Sharif at right on obverse and the Victory Arch near at left centre on reverse

Auction 171
World Banknotes World (743) all in fresh and crisp about UNC - UNC and in bundles. Consisting of Law 1211 of 14th January 1970 issues (190) including 500 Turk Lirasi Pick 195 President Atatürk & the Clock tower in Izmir (90) all B11 prefix and near constively numbered sets B11 838781 - B11 838878, B11 838880 - B11 838882, B11 838904 & B11 838906 and B11 838912 & B11 838914. Together with 50 Turk Lirasi Pick 188 President Atatürk & a Marble fountain with Topkap? Museum, Istanbul (100) all prefix I90 and in a near ly numbered set I90 169406 - I90 169500, together with consecutive set I90 038128 - I90 038134. 10 Sudanese s Pick 46 dated 1991 City gate & Bank of Sudan building, (195) a consecutively numbered run E/374 062001 - E/374 062095 together with E/374 066201 - E/374 066300. 25 s Pick 72 dated 1982, Horses & palace (74) consisting of a consecutive bundle of 25 notes AYKH/218 0256630 - AYKH/218 0256654 together with a second bundle of 49 notes with other prefixes most consecutive or near consecutive. (189) including a bundle of 1000 Afghanis Pick 61c SH1370 Mosque at Mazar-e-Sharif & Victory Arch near (89) serial numbers in a consecutively numbered run 25/HY 9132713 - 25/HY 9132800 along with 25/HY 9132802. Second bundle of 5000 Afghanis Pick 62 SH1372 Pul-e-Khishti mosque, Kabul & Ahmad Shah Durrani mausoleum, (25) all prefix 39/HP and mostly made of consecutively close numbered sets/pairs. And third bundle of 10000 Afghanis Pick 63b SH1372 Mosque of t & Arch of Qila-e-Bost, Lashkargah, space between "Da" and "Afghanistan" in bank name at upper centre reverse (75) all near consecutive run prefix 9/HR. Also, a bundle of (Arab Republic) 1 Rial Pick 16B ND1983 Al-Bakiriyah mosque, San'a & Khat es - clear design in over watermark area on obverse (95) a consecutively numbered run A/88 748305 - A/88 748400. A varied and interesting amalgamation of notes

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