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Lowther Bailey Bank Of England Darwin : English Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
English Banknotes & issues (19) all circulated and a pleasing mid-grade group Fine to VF/GVF consisting of 10 Pounds Bailey QE2 pictorial & Charles B400 Orange-brown issues 2004 (9) including prefixes CD79, CE33 this with inked numerals at reverse upper margin, DC31, DD06, DD41, DJ47, EA20, HH60 and JB76. Together with 20 Pounds Lowther QE2 pictorial & Sir Edward Elgar B386 Purple & Black Foil hologram Windowed thread issues 1999 (5) prefixes AD27, BE41, BE77, BK58 and CE72. £220

Auction 167
English Banknotes early to modern issues (23) in various grades VF to UNC comprising 1 Pounds World War II Emergency B249 issue 1940 serial number R14D 516937. Britannia medallion 1950's notes (2) including 10 Shillings B266 Red-Brown issue serial number S45Z 102908 and 1 Pound Green B268 serial number N21C 145996. O'Brien 5 Pounds Lion & Key B280 symbols issue 1961 serial number J58 327803. 5 Pounds QE2 portrait & seated child Britannia B297 issue 1963 prefix D07 . 10 Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B309 issue 1967 prefix 18U. 1 Pound QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B322 issue 1970 prefix BT79. 1 Pound Sir Isaac B341 W Reverse issues 1981 (2) prefix CU76 along with DW47 in a Raffles presentation wallet. 10 Pounds B354 L Reverse issue 1988 prefix ET57. (5) including 5 Pounds George B364 Crown at upper right issues 1963 (3) prefixes BH33, BH79 & BK22 along with 10 Pounds Charles B369 Denomination at upper right issue 1993 prefix JH06 and 20 Pounds Michael Faraday B375 issue 1994 prefix AL29. (4) including 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B343 prefix JA39 and B395 (2) prefixes HD30 & HJ08 along with 20 Pounds Sir Edward Elgar B386 issue 1999 FIRST series prefix AA37. 10 Pounds Charles B400 issue 2004 prefix EA78. 5 Pounds B414 issues 2016 (3) prefixes include FIRST series AA17 & AA33 along with AC28.

Auction 166
English Banknotes (43) comprising 20 Pounds QE2 & Sir Edward Elgar B386 issue 1999 serial number AA17 659328. 10 Pounds Lowther QE2 & Charles (2) including B388 "The Company" issue 2000 serial number AA15 826613 and B390cs Column Sort "And Company" issue 2000 serial number EL11 548347. 5 Pounds (40) comprising QE2 & George B364 Turquoise Crown at top right issue 1993 (16) prefixes CE65, CJ04, DA21, DA59, DA61 a near set (8), DA77 (4) . Lowther (13) including B393 Full Halo issues 2002 (3) prefixes JA12, JA17 and JA63, B395 Cut Hallow issues 2002 (4) prefixes HH05, HH23 and HE72 (2), QE2 and B380 Turquoise Crown at top right issue 1999 (6) prefixes EB54, ED68 (2), EE61, EE62 and EE70. QE2 and Elizabeth Fry (11) including B398cs Column Sort Turquoise Cut Halo & Unvarnished issue 2004 serial number EL01 815915 and B398 turquoise Cut Halo & Unvarnished issue 2004 (10) prefixes JB51, JC29, JH17, JH19 (2), JH20, JH75 (4). Mostly About UNC - UNC, few with tellers creases
£280 London Coins : A166 : Lot 90 : Bank of England (43) comprising 20 Pounds Lowther QE2 & Sir Edward Elgar B386 issue 1999 serial ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 90 : Bank of England (43) comprising 20 Pounds Lowther QE2 & Sir Edward Elgar B386 issue 1999 serial ...

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