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Nazi : Bonds and Shares

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 165
Bonds and Shares 1920s ,1930s and 1940s issues (94) includes many Bills and Nazi types 1935-1937, 100000 Reichsmarks to 12 Reichsmarks 50 Reichspfennigs the majority EF

Auction 164
Bonds and Shares Bonds and Sh a large group (5459), comprising - Bank 4% Bank Bond 5000 Gulden/5000 Forint 1889 (33), Austria-Hungary Bank Mortgage 4% Bank Bond 1000 Gulden/1000 Forint 1893 (89), Austria-Hungary Bank Mortgage 4% Bank Bond 100 Gulden/100 Forint 1899 (18), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 2000 Kronen (around 200), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 1000 Kronen (around 400), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 200 Kronen (around 1300), Austria 1892 4% Debenture Certificates 100 Kronen (134), generally in high grades some items with pencil marks or ink stamps, Reichsgau , a group of around 1180 comprising 4% Schuldverschreibung 1000 Reichsmark, Salzburg 1 Jui 1940 Gruppe C (around 745), 500 Reichsmark, Gruppe B (around 215), 100 Reichsmark Gruppe A (around 220) VF to EF, The Reichsgau Salzburg (Gau Salzburg) was an administrative division of in Salzburg. It existed between 1938 and 1945. This bond of 11.2 million Reichmark was issued according to the ordonnance from 14. June 1940 on interest-reduction and the change of currency, and was replacing the of 1937. Quoted at the exchange. Print signature of NSDAP-Gauleiter Friedrich Rainer (1903-1947) as Reichsstatthalter of Salzburg. (In , he was found guilty of crimes against the people and sentenced to death in 1947.) EBG Oberösterreichische Elektro-Bau (around 975) comprising a mix of Vorzugsaktien and Stammaktie types 25 Vorzugsaktien, 25 x 100 Schilling, 12 November 1937 (around 125), 1 x 100 Schilling a mix of Vorzugsaktien and Stammaktie types (around 850) VF to EF. This electrotechnical company was founded in 1922 in Linz. In 1937, capital was increased by 400,000 Schilling. Today VA Tech Elin EBG. Compagne Des s Electriques, from Limoges to Aixe - Action of 100 Francs (around 100) EF all with the majority of coupons, General Society for the Sanitation of Cities and Towns (around 60) EF most with the majority of coupons, General Motors Corporation Share Certificates, $1 2/3 blue, (around 100) around VF, The Arro Expansion Bolt 1963 Blue stock Certificates (40) About EF some with pencil marks, - Minas Del Centenillo, Sociedad Share Certificates 500 Pesetas 1921 (36) with coupons Fine to VF, Spain - Electrade Viesgo , Share Certificates 1000 Pesetas 1956 (11) VF to GVF, Ronson Corporation 100 Shares (4) VF to EF, n Brands Inc. Stock Certificates (2) 100 Shares 1977 and 1 Share 1979 $2.67 VF, USA Clevite Corporation Share Certificate 1965 NEF, USA Brandywine s Inc. Share Certificate 1977 Fine, USA General Computing Machines Corporation 100 Shares certificate 1953 (3) VF to EF, USA The t Manufacturing Company 100 Shares certificate 1971 Fine, USA The Glen Alden Corporation $1000 Debenture certificate 1971 VF, USA Technical Corporation 100 Share certificate 1975 VF (Large Lot, over 75 Kilos)

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