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London Coins Auction 173
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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5th - 6th December 2021

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One Pound Peppiatt Beale Fforde : English Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 172
English Banknotes GB and World in an album (23) GB (10) s (5) B266, H43Z 297505 Good Fine, B294 (3) Z32 177491 VF, Z63 376508 and Z63376514 both A/UNC, B310, C95N 039129 NEF. (5) blue B249, R75H 179976 Fine, some folds, Beale B268 (2), W09B 543236 NVF with an inked number on the reverse, A55J 683904 Fine with inked text on the reverse, B337 Last run Z27 971372 UNC, B341 DW44 860550 A/UNC. Isle of Man (4) One Pound (3) undated 1983 issue Pick 38a VG, undated 1961 issue signature Garvey, prefix B, Pick 25a, Fine with some light foxing to the edges, undated 1961 issue signature Stallard Pick 25b About VF with some folds, Fifty Pence undated 1969 issue Pick 27a GVF, - s 1999 Pick 203a UNC or very near so, France - 50 Centimes undated 1918 issue Red on green underprint, Fine, Germany One Mark 1944 issue 9-digit serial number Pick 192b VF, Israel 5 Sheqalim 1978 issue Pick 44 UNC, Malaya - Japanese Occupation 1942 Ten Dollars Good Fine, China Five Yuan 1936 issue Pick 217a Near Fine with some edge damage at the right, Bulgaria 100 Leva 1951 Pick 86a Good Fine, Bohemia and Moravia 1000 Korun 1942 issue Pick 14a NEF, Croatia 5000 Kuna 1943 issue, single letter prefix Pick 14a, UNC

Auction 172
English Banknotes s (6) Blue Shade B249 B80D prefix VF, B268 1950 issue T50C prefix VF, O'Brien B273 B02L prefix Fine, O'Brien B281 and B282 1960 issues VF-EF and B305 S60J prefix AU £28 London Coins : A172 : Lot 24 : One Pounds (6) Peppiatt Blue Shade B249 B80D prefix VF, Beale B268 1950 issue T50C prefix VF, O'... London Coins : A172 : Lot 24 : One Pounds (6) Peppiatt Blue Shade B249 B80D prefix VF, Beale B268 1950 issue T50C prefix VF, O'...

Auction 170
English Banknotes & (40) a private in an album comprising wide range of cashiers and denominations , circulated mostly in average VF-GVF some better. Comprising Treasury George V period 1 Pounds (2) including the Second issue T11.1 De La Rue Black Type 1 Letter only prefix issue 1914 serial number B/6 66235 along with the Second issue T31 Dot in No. Ireland in title issue 1923 serial number G1/82 141090. Accompanied by Bank of England examples (38) consisting of various cashier as 1930's issues (3) 10 Shillings B223 prefix L55 910575 along with 1 Pounds B225 (2) prefixes T33 & S76. Britannia medallion examples (5) including Second Period World War II Emergency issues as the 1 Pounds B249 Blue/Pink issues 1940 (3) prefixes C70E, O85D and T52D along with a 10 Shilling B251 Mauve example prefix M73D. Also includes a Post-war threaded example 1948 prefix D48B. An interesting fact about this period is that all pre-war Britannia medallion issues were unthreaded but a metal thread was incorporated into the Emergency issues and the ones to follow, so perhaps the war is what sparked the integration of this additional security measure. 1 Pounds B268 issues 1950 (3) prefixes D05J, D99J and M26C. O'Brien examples of the last Britannia medallion issues and the new QE2 portrait (6) comprising 10 Shillings B271 prefix E37Y. 1 Pound B273 prefix R08J. The last of the notes example 5 Pounds B276 dated 13th December 1955 serial number B56A 092487. 1 Pounds QE2 portrait (11) including the B281 prefix H63 along with B282 (10) prefixes 92K, 93K (2), 95L, 93N, 80N, 47R, 55S and 95S (2). (5) including 10 Shillings B295 (3) prefixes 01C (2) and 99B. 1 Pound B288 prefix J78S. And a 5 Pounds seated child Britannia B288 prefix J78S. (3) including 10 Shillings (2) B309 prefix 03Y and B310 prefix C02N. Also, a 1 Pound B305 prefix S98B. 1 Pound QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac 339 W Reverse issue 1978 prefix 77A. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 W Reverse issues 1981 (3) including a pair prefixes CU10 along with a DU81.
£320 London Coins : A170 : Lot 5 : Bank of England & Treasury (40) a private collection in an album comprising wide range of cashie... London Coins : A170 : Lot 5 : Bank of England & Treasury (40) a private collection in an album comprising wide range of cashie...

Auction 170
English Banknotes & (78) a in an album in various grades mostly in average VF-GVF but also includes several higher grades to About UNC - UNC. Comprising the now little over a century old Treasury George V period 1 Pounds Third issue T16 (2) serial numbers including a FIRST series A/12 529939 along with D/44 205890. Along with Bank of England various cashiers and designs issues from the various periods (47) including 1 Pound B225 prefix Y75. (4) consisting of 10 Shillings First Period B236 Unthreaded prefix 82W. Along with Second Period World War II Emergency issues (3) 10 Shillings B251 prefix Z17E and 1 Pounds B249 (2) prefixes B62H and U62D. 1 Pound B268 prefix X55C. O'Brien 1 Pound B273 prefix H25K. 10 Shillings QE2 portrait B295 prefix 66C. 10 Shillings B309 (2) prefixes 78X and 93W. 1 Pounds (4) including a QE2 portrait B322 prefix DR10 along with QE2 pictorial (3) B337 (2) prefixes T71 and W71 and B339 prefix 75K. (3) including 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial B341 W reverse (5) prefixes CU80, AR11, BY64, BZ84 and DW39. Along with a 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial B343 L reverse prefix DY05. Together with a selection of 5 Pounds (27) consisting of B393 (26) prefixes HA89, HB02, HB06, HB08 (2), HB10 (2), HB11, HB14 (2), HB15 (2), HB17, HB19, HB22, HB28, HB29 (2), HB31 (2), HB36, HB37, JA63, JA67, JA69 and JA70. Along with B395 prefix HD38. The lot also comes with a small selection of world notes from various countries including China (14) Foreign Exchange Certificates - 10 Fen Pick FX1b (2), 50 Fen Pick FX2, 1 Yuans Pick FX3 (6) and 5 Yuan Pick FX4. Together with 1 Fen Pick 865, 1 Jiaos Pick 881a (2) and 5 Yuan Pick 886. Belgium (2) 20 Francs Pick 138 and 100 Francs Pick 140. India 10 Rupees Pick 81. South Africa 20 Rand Pick 121c (2). Indonesia (3) 100 Rupiah 1977 Pick 116, 500 Rupiah 1977 Pick 117 and 1000 Rupiah 1980 Pick 119. Spain 100 Pesetas Pick 152. Turkey 100 Turk Lirasi Pick 194a. Hong Kong 10 Dollars Pick 191a. Russia Soviet Union 1 Ruble Pick 222a. Zimbabwe 2 Dollars Pick 1b. And USA (2) 1 Dollar Pick 468a and 2 Dollars Pick 382a. An interesting amalgamation certain to attract some attention

Auction 167
English Banknotes ,s (11) various signatures from to , including , , and a very high grade group, mostly Unc

Auction 165
English Banknotes in an album (56) mostly in mixed circulated grades comprises s Note B270 dated 25th November 1949 series P05 090648. s T12.2 De La Rue Red issue 1915 series D1/3 01409. Ten Shillings (2) T26 Red Dash in No. First issue 1919 last series H38 112465 and T30 Second Issue Red No. omitted prefix P77. s Lion & Key B327 Brown issue 1971 first series M01 693529. (7) Ten Shillings to s includes s and One Pound Green B239 First Period issued 1934 first series prefix A52A. Beale (12) Ten Shillings to One Pounds. O'Brien (12) Ten Shillings to Five Pounds includes Lion & Key 1957 issues (2) B277 Shaded Symbols prefix D41 and B280 White Symbols first series prefix H22. (4) Ten Shillings and a Five Pounds. (7) 10 Shillings and One Pounds. One Pounds Page (4). s prefix AA08. Along with (2) and Jersey (2).

Auction 165
English Banknotes (90) - s Red/Brown QE2 & seated Britannia (60) & s Green (30) in mixed circulated grades, different cashiers. The Ten Shillings comprised of O'Brien (9) B286 prefixes B27, B32, B60, D83, E03, H06, last series K55 & K58, (17) B294 (3) prefixes S06, L08 & Z28, B295(14) prefixes 46B, 66B, 88B, 97B, 95C, 30D, 71D, 72D, 46E, 60H, 01J, 37K, 99K, 23L, (34) includes B311 Issue series M63 365320, B309 (8) prefixes 84W, 47X, 87X, 06Y, 63Y, 96Y, 93Z, B310 (25) prefixes B08N, B31N, B65N, B75N, B81N, B84N, B86N, B89N, C12N, C31N, C45N, C47N, C72N, C81N, C83N, C85N, C88N, C92N, C96N, D03 & D36N. One Pounds Green comprised of (4) B239 First Period 1934, prefixes - first series A66A, B66A, C70A and B260 Fourth Period 1948 prefix C27B, (17) B268 issued 1950, prefixes - X40B, Y47B, B55C, B57C, J11C, K49C, M64C, S24C, U51C, Y30C, A30J, C92J, D94J, E64J, H75J, J28J, O'Brien(9) B273 issued 1955, prefixes - M22J, T63J, Z54J, B43K, O99K, U45K, X25K, E54L and J54L.

Auction 165
English Banknotes s (34) in mixed grades to about UNC some pressed & washed comprising One Pounds Green (11) O'Brien (3) B274 issue prefix S73S and B273 issued 1955 (2) prefixes J89K & E28L. B268 issued 1950 (5) prefixes D26C, H35C, H13C, J85C and J30J. (3) B239 First Period Unthreaded prefix H02A and B260 Fourth period Threaded issues (2) prefixes C06B and C07B. Along with One Pounds QE2 portrait & seated Britannia (23) comprising O'Brien (2) prefixes D31 and 30T. (6) prefixes D95T, L11T, E79T and a set of 3 L29N 130980 - 130982. B305 issue series R51D 184812. B322 issues (14) prefixes EW56, consecutive trio CZ04, consecutive set of 5 HX17 and another consecutive set of 5 HY39.

Auction 159
English Banknotes & (125) in 2 albums and some loose, range from to 5 Pounds, Bradbury, , , , , O'Brien, , , , & Gill, 1st & last runs and s seen, including runs, mixed grades, a very interesting and varied collection of English banknotes, viewing recommended

Auction 159
English Banknotes , 5 Pounds & 10 Shillings (50), , , O'Brien, & , s noted, mixed grades
£90 London Coins : A159 : Lot 1512 : Bank of England One Pound, 5 Pounds & 10 Shillings (50), Peppiatt, Beale, O'Brien, Page &am... London Coins : A159 : Lot 1512 : Bank of England One Pound, 5 Pounds & 10 Shillings (50), Peppiatt, Beale, O'Brien, Page &am...

Auction 153
English Banknotes (36) (30), (6), in mixed circulated grades, s (60) O'Brien (2), (13), (16), in mixed circulated grades, Fforde (29) UNC

Auction 147
English Banknotes (2) B260 issued 1948 prefixes C92B, a ly numbered pair GEF, 10/- (5) Unc, others 10/- to s £24-10/ , O'Brien, Peppiatt etc, thee Fine - Unc

Auction 142
English Banknotes GB and World in an album (90) includes £133 face s (2), s (2), Somerset (1), (18) (1), (2), O'Brien (1), (1), (5), (8), s (8) Peppiatt (1), Fforde (7) plus World (125) including , Channel Islands and , in mixed grades

Auction 142
English Banknotes (8), One Pound Blue (16), s O'Brien (3), (4), (34) in mixed circulated grades

Auction 131
English Banknotes s (3) Lion and Key (1), (2), (9) Blue, , O'Brien, Hollom (4), (2), s O'Brien (5) in mixed grades to EF includes some s

Auction 127
English Banknotes s (3 x & 4 x ), (2 x ,1 x & 4 x O'Brien, 4 x & 5 x ). GVF -EF

Auction 126
English Banknotes s (3) B369 prefix DD01 First run UNC, B316 prefix A85 UNC, B299 prefix A01 First run UNC, s (4) B277 Lion and Key prefix C23 EF, B280 prefix H80 EF, Hollom B297 prefix N90 UNC, Fforde B312 prefix X33 UNC, (6) B341 prefix AN01 First run UNC, B269 prefix S64S About EF, Beale B268 prefix L60J VF, (3) Blue B249 prefix L77H, B260 (2) prefix A14 AEF, B74B VF, s (4) Fforde B311 prefix M78 UNC, O'Brien B271 prefix A47Z VF, Peppiatt Mauve B251 prefix W94D GVF, Peppiatt Red-Brown B262 prefix 79H VF

Auction 121
English Banknotes A in an album (61) s (5) Duggleby B385 (2) numbers, Duggleby B370 (2) consecutive numbers, Duggleby B355, s (6) Gill B354 (2) consecutive numbers, Kentfield Duggleby B366 (4) two pairs of consecutive numbers, s (2) December 4 1944, O,Brien July 23 1956, Five Pounds (9) Kentfield Duggleby B362 R36 prefix (2 consecutive numbers), Gill Duggleby B353 RD prefix (4,two pairs of close consecutive numbers), Duggleby B297 , (24) (1), Blue (1), (1), (15) (5) later notes with many consecutives, s (23) (7), Hollom (6), O'Brien (4), (1), Peppiatt (4), Catterns (1), One Pound (5) 1992 consecutive numbers, in mixed grades many VF or better some later notes in UNC

Auction 105
English Banknotes s blue shades (1), 1950 B268 (5), 1955 B273 (1), series C portraits 1960-79 , and (45) (7),

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