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Pond : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 174
Tokens (6) (3) Corresponding Society 1795 The Fable of the bundle of sticks, Reverse: A Dove flying with an olive branch, milled edge, DH286 NVF, Kilvington's 1795 Obverse: Laureate Bust left, Reverse: Figure of Britannia seated left, engrailed edge, DH346 Near VF, Richardson's DH471 Obverse: A Bluecoat boy preparing to draw from a lottery wheel, Reverse: Richardson Goodluck & Co. GVF holed, - Newent 1796 Obverse: A shield against a tree/ Reverse: a spiral inscription with date in the centre, DH64 VF, - 1792 Obverse : Shield of Arms of Norwich/ Reverse: Man in loom DH38 VF, - 1794 Obverse: Bust of John Howard left, Reverse: The Sun and Moon over a castle DH19 VF, along with s (7) The Venerable Order of the Druids 53mm diameter in white metal NVF holed with some edge knocks, Sunday School Centenary, 1885 Thomas Charles of Bala 44mm diameter in white metal Obverse: Bust almost facing, draped Eimer 1713 Reverse: 8-line inscription in Welsh Eimer 1713 NEF holed, Reform Bill 1832 44mm diameter in by D.Gibson, Obverse: REFORM IN THE REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE IN THE COMMONS HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT 1832 within a wreath with the shield of below, Reverse: Britannia with shield holding a spear alongside a crowned scroll inscribed THE FOUNDATION IS LAID BY JUSTICE, LET THE SUPERSTRUCTURE BR RAISED BY WISDOM AND HAPPINESS MUST BE THE RESULT, GVF, issued at the Bishopgate Ward Reform Dinner September 1832, Francis Henry Egerton (c.1850) 41mm diameter in bronze by F.Donadion , Obverse: Bust Right no legend, Reverse: FRANCIS HENRY EGERTON, EARL OF BRIDGEWATER VF, Lloyd's Medal 1839 a cast of the reverse of the 1839 medal (reverse type as Eimer 1333) 72 mm diameter by W.Wyon GVF, The Capture of the HMS Seripas by the USS Bonhomme Richard a uniface bronze cliché, VF cleaned, Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey 1678 after G.Bower a later cast copy 38mm diameter, unsigned with plain edge, in (?) Fine

Auction 170
Tokens (10) a high grade group, (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The fable of the bundle of sticks/Rev: A dove flying with an olive branch. Milled edge DH286, EF the reverse with some thin scratches. Street, Obv: A filtering stone/Rev: Coventry Street, . DH292 NEF. Davidson's 1795 (2) Obv: A female seated, with arms of London, St.Paul's behind, Rev: A Crowned Triangle with CONSTITUTION in the centre, lettered edge DH295 the first NEF, the second EF with traces of lustre. Eaton's 1795 Obv: Bust of D.I.Eaton left/Rev: A cock crowing over pigs in a sty DH301 GEF/EF with traces of lustre. Moore's 1795 Obv: A girl sitting under a tree making lace/Rev: A scroll inscribed MUSLINS IRISH CLOTH HOSE &c., Edge: Coarse milled DH389 GVF. Shackleton's 1794 (2) Obv: The Royal Arms and Crest/Rev: A candle mould, Edge: Payable in - Street, Hay - DH477 the first NEF, the second GVF/VF. Heslop's Obv: A Man and a monkey in postures/Rev: Legend in 6 lines. Plain edge DH336b. - 1796 Obv: George and the Dragon, Rev: A man-of-war sailing GVF with traces of lustre
£190 London Coins : A170 : Lot 306 : Halfpennies 18th Century (10) a high grade group, Middlesex (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The ... London Coins : A170 : Lot 306 : Halfpennies 18th Century (10) a high grade group, Middlesex (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The ...

Auction 160
Tokens (5) 1795 Whitfield DH911b Bust left/Cypher NEF, Lackington 1794 DH354 NEF, 1795 Moore DH389 GVF/NEF, Political and Social Map of France and Foot/Legend in 5 lines within a wreath of oak DH1016e NEF, Corresponding Society 1795 DH286b VF

Auction 156
Tokens (10) Burchell's Legend/Legend DH274, Corresponding Society Prince of /Group DH287, 1797 Mail coach, Coach/Legend J.Palmer DH364, , and , undated Legend in 8 Lines/Legend in 4 Lines, Plain edge DH923, London, Essex and Norfolk, undated Legend in 8 Lines/Legend in 4 Lines, O in OF under I in PRINCESS Plain edge DH924, London and Middlesex 1792 Bust of /Female seated, upright milled edge DH928a, National Series undated, Conjoined busts/Ship, Milled edge DH945a, 1793 Prince of Wales Bust/Feathers, edge 'Payable at London, or ' DH981c, 1794 Political and Social Series Foot upon map of France/Legend in 4 Lines, edge reads 'Payable at Clougher or in Dublin' DH1017a, 1797 Political and Social Series DH1019 NVF to GVF

Auction 156
Tokens (5) Political and Social 1794 Bust of Hardy/Legend in 6 lines DH1024 EF, Street 1795 Water Filtering Stone/Legend in 3 lines, DH292 EF, ic Cupid/Arms DH372 NEF, Shackleton 1794 Cvandle mould/Arms DH476 EF unpriced by Withers, Corresponding Society 1795 Fable of the bundle of sticks/Dove DH286 EF/NEF toned

Auction 146
Tokens (5) Chipping Ongar 73, 156, Great Chesterford 184, 243, Romford 269 Fair with attribution tickets

Auction 136
Tokens 1795 Corresponding Society DH286 GEF with traces of lustre
£26 London Coins : A136 : Lot 1476 : Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex 1795 London Corresponding Society DH286 GEF with traces of lustre London Coins : A136 : Lot 1476 : Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex 1795 London Corresponding Society DH286 GEF with traces of lustre

Auction 132
Tokens a (28) Billericay W17, Brentwood W48, W58,W72, Chipping Ongar W73, Coggeshall W80, W87, W93, W101, W110, W114, W116, W143, W153, Great Chesterford W184, Harwich W201, Hatfield Broad Oak W202, Hedingham Castle W205, Leigh W223, Maldon W231, Manningtree W235, Much Clafton W242, W243, Pentlow W248, Pleshey W253, Thaxted W314, Waltham W335, Fair to VF some with old attribution tickets

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