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Postcard : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 173
Misc Items s an accumulation, comprising Sussex (1355) includes Ardingly, Alfriston, Arundel, Battle, Bexhill, Brighton, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Eastbourne, Hastings, Hurstmonceux, Hove, Lewes, Pevensey, Rye, Worthing and more, Kent (452) includes Canterbury, Cliftonville, Dover, Folkestone, Margate, Maidstone, Rochester, Ramsgate, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and more, Surrey (226) includes Guildford, Dorking, Albury, Farnham, Croydon and more, and a mixed group (349) includes a group of Scottish types (32) with Tartan designs, many with ecclesiastical themes, many are early 20th Century with some sepia toned and some colour tinted types, many of the cards are unwritten, an interesting group and would appeal to the South-Eastern collector with over 1800 cards alone from Kent and Sussex with some smaller towns and villages noted, the vast majority in very good to excellent condition, also includes a number of empty vinyl storage sleeves
£240 London Coins : A173 : Lot 1142 : Postcards an accumulation, comprising Sussex (1355) includes Ardingly, Alfriston, Arundel, Battle, B... London Coins : A173 : Lot 1142 : Postcards an accumulation, comprising Sussex (1355) includes Ardingly, Alfriston, Arundel, Battle, B...

Auction 171
Misc Items s - a large, and comprehensive retired Ex-Coin Dealer's Library covering many aspects and areas of numismatics, includes many key reference works such as 'The ' (2) 1999 Edition and Edition by Michael Marsh. 'The Gold ' by Michael Marsh, 1982 edition. Spink Standard Catalogue - Issues 2017. 'English Coinage Since 1649' 1992 Edition by P.A.Rayner. 'British Silver Coins Since 1816' by Peter J. Davies 1982 Edition. Gold Coins of the World 5th Edition by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg. Krause World Coins 17th Century 1601-1700 3rd Edition (2 copies). Krause World Coins 1801-1900 2nd Edition. Krause World Coins 1701-1800 3rd Edition. Krause World Coins 1901-2000 39th Edition. The Banknote Yearbook 8th Edition 2013 by Token Publishing. 'World Paper Money General Issues 1368-1960 Volume 2 by Pick. 'World Paper Money Modern Issues 1961-date' 9th Edition. 'Paper Money of the d States' 6th Edition by Robert Friedberg. 'The Coinage of Great Britain' by Michael J. Freeman 1985 Edition. (2 copies) 'English , Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958' by C. Wilson Peck 1964 Edition. 'English Hammered Coinage' by J.J.North (3) Volume 1 (1) and Volume 2 (2). 'The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century ' by Dalton & Hamer 1990 Edition. 'Price Guide to 18th Century Tokens' by Siegfried E. Schwer. 'The British Bronze ' by Michael Gouby. 'Greek Coins and Their Values' by David R. Sear 1997 Edition. 'Greek Coins and Their Values - Volume 2 Asia and Africa' by David R. Sear. 'Byzantine Coins and Thier Values' by David R. Sear 2002 Edition. 'Roman Coins and Their Values' by David R. Sear 1970 Edition. 'Roman Coins and Their Values 'Volumes 1 (2001 Edition) , 2 (2002 Edition) and 3 (2005 Edition). 'English Paper Money' (2 copies) 6th and 7th Editions 2002 and 2006 by Vincent Duggleby. 'Tradesmen's Tickets and Private Tokens' by R.C.Bell 1966 Edition. Coincraft Standard Catalogues (5) 1995 (2), 1997 1999 and 2000 Editions. 'Scottish Banknotes 1695-2000' by Richard Dennett. 'English and -Size Pieces 1658-1960, by Howard W.A Linecar and Alex G. Stone. 'Canadian Coins' by W.K Cross 59th Edition 2005. 'European Crowns and s since 1800' by John S. Davenport. 'The Silver Token Coinage 1811-1812' by R.Dalton 1968 Edition. US Red Books (3) by R.S.Yeoman 1985, 2000 and 2004 Editions. 'Roman Silver Coins' by H.A.Seaby 1967. 'Greek Coins and Their Values' 1966 Edition by H.A.Seaby 1966 Edition (2 copies). Krause 'Standard Catalogue of World Gold Coins' 5th Edition. Coincraft Standard Catalogue of the Coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man 1999 Edition. 'British Commemorative s' by Christopher Eimer 2010 Edition. Other titles include works covering Ancient Coins, Trade Tokens, Greek Coins, World Coins, Mexican Coins, Finnish Coins, Italian Copper Coins, Medals, Coin s, War Medals, and other related titles covering Antiques Silver, s, Pocket Watches, Gold and Silver Hallmarks, Military and Air Force s, Medals and Decorations, Gemstones and Postcards. All in good second-hand condition, the Standard references alone would cost new hundreds of s (total weight over 150 Kilos)

Auction 166
Misc Items GB and World s includes some maxi-cards (226), Coins GB and World (51) 18th to 20th Century base metal in mixed grades, includes FUN show 2019 and USA Cents 2017D and 2018D Lustrous in PCGS Sample holders, along with Australia Banknotes (4) Two Dollars LKY 775143 and LKY 775144 constives, DJC 092117 and DJC 092118 consecutives A/UNC to UNC, along with two 2020 FUN show s

Auction 163
Misc Items weighing scale with a set of 7 weights, in case, along with s (58) , mostly black and white with a few colour and a few sepia toned, mostly European subjects, in mixed condition

Auction 161
Misc Items GB and Channel Islands First Day Covers, Numismatic First Day Covers, Cigarette Cards, and modern reproductions of black and white and sepia toned s, 1930s to 1990s issues, in s and albums, a wide variety of subjects, Monarchy, Ships, Railway, s, Wildlife, Entertainment etc. in mixed condition (lot, over 40 Kilos) includes over £35 face in currency within the numismatic sets, also First Class stamps in books (146)

Auction 158
Misc Items - GB and World Stamps and Airmail letters, also some s, colour and Black and White, a large box, with Stanley Gibbons 1969 catalogue, in mixed condition, along with a small group of GB and World Coins (16) in mixed grades

Auction 157
Misc Items s in Five albums including World War one, an early wedding album, and an old on trains

Auction 156
Misc Items Love Token 1917 the obverse inscribed with a scene of a destroyer, in exergue, ANNIE WITH LOVE FROM CHARLES NVF, along with s c.1914-1916 of the S.S.Lena (2) and S.S.Pruth

Auction 150
Misc Items s a in an old album (around 280) includes many European, the British issues contain some sepia toned, in mixed condition

Auction 145
Misc Items s contained in an album (194).

Auction 143
Misc Items s in an album, mainly personalities and topographical, many written on front (240 approx.), overall good condition.

Auction 142
Misc Items s (2) Krause World Paper Money 1650-1960 Volume 2 Hardback Eighth Edition, World Paper Money Modern Issues 1961-date Volume 3 10th Edition both in very good condition, along with album pages (45) these in unused condition

Auction 141
Misc Items , First Day Covers, s etc. (209) a varied group mostly dating from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s, 'Collectors Coins 1978' , Banknotes (5) Syria 10 1944, Lebanon 1944, British Armed Forces s (2) (1) in mixed condition

Auction 139
Misc Items s and s in 6 albums includes many from the early part of the 20th Century, some sepia toned, a wide variety includes some European (total weight around 5 Kilos), in mixed condition

Auction 138
Misc Items s (approximately 1150) a varied group

Auction 138
Misc Items s (approximately 700) a varied group

Auction 138
Misc Items s (approximately 700) a varied group

Auction 137
Misc Items s including many early 20th century and Letter cards (1123) includes many European, in mixed condition, plus a number of black and white s and an album taken in the early part of the 20th Century

Auction 131
Misc Items First Day Covers (222), s (15) in three albums a wide variety, varied state, many UNC as issued

Auction 106
Misc Items A R.M.S. Titanic sent from Liverpool 4th May 1912, and "In Sacred Memory of the Titanic" a card by the East London Printing Company, also an £200

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