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Rubber : Bonds and Shares

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 176
Bonds and Shares , Galang Besar Plantations Ltd., bearer warrants (6) for twenty five sh of 2 Shillings each, 5 dated 1937 and one dated 1935, vignette of plantation being worked, text in English & , black & green, with coupons, all VF

Auction 151
Bonds and Shares & related (11), E & W n Exploration Co. 1922, Kanbauk () Wolfram Mines 1918, Loengoer () Ltd. 1925, Paringa mining & Exploration Co. 1934 (3), Trinidad Oil Lands 1923, n Consolidated s 1930 (3), The Wolhuter Mines Jo'burg 1920, this with rust marks. Generally GVF. (11)

Auction 145
Bonds and Shares , and related industries, 20th c. issues mainly 1920's, some duplication. Mixed grades (40).

Auction 141
Bonds and Shares (13) titles include: Broad Oak Manufacturing Co. Ltd 1876, W.H. Beresford Ltd. 1935, Eastern Garage Ltd. 1926, an & n Steam Co. Ltd. 1857, n Tyre & Co. 1929, Metropolitan Board 1912, New Brewery Co. 1879, , & 1845 Five & Ten share certificates (Cut top right) and , Ashanti Kotoko Co. 1935 (2). Generally GVF. (15).

Auction 134
Bonds and Shares , Galang Besar Plantations Ltd., 6 x bearer warrants for twenty five sh, all 1937, vignette of plantation being worked, text in English & , black & green, with coupons, all VF. (6).

Auction 133
Bonds and Shares , 15 certificates, dated 1897-1926, titles include, Parent Tyre Co. Ltd., 2 types, 1917/19, Parent Trust and Finance Co. Ltd., 1917, K.T. New Pneumatic Tyre & Co. Ltd., 1910, Laminated Gears Ltd., 1916, Nilambur Rubber Estates Ltd., 1910, Pneumatic Tyre Syndicate Ltd., 1897, Motor Cab Co. Ltd., 4 types, 1910-14, mixed condition, mostly F-VF. (15).

Auction 132
Bonds and Shares , 8, wide certificates titles include Co. £100, 1912 with cancellation holes. Builders Site Services Ltd. 1968, an & n Steam Co. Ltd., 1857, Grainger & Smith Ltd., 1898 with vignette of Castle,Metroplitan Board 1911, Plantations Investment Trust 1960, Wallsend Slipway & Co. Ltd. 1906 & 1935,

Auction 129
Bonds and Shares , 6 certificates, Dahan Estates Ltd., 1925, Adolph Frankau Co. Ltd., 1899, Burndept Wireless Ltd., 1925, Batoe Doelang Rubber Estate Ltd., 1930, Bibiana Ltd., 1908, and Wassau ( Coat) Co. Ltd., 1912, all VF. (6).

Auction 125
Bonds and Shares Bank and Private s, Bonds and Documents (46) GB, and (12) (34) 19th and 20th Century includes Bonds (12) Compania Mexicana De Petroleo 'El Aguila' (2), the Gula-Kalumpog- Estates Limited 1925, Societe Miniere Anonyme e De Carassou 1910, Lindsay Consolidated Mines Limited, Anglo- Trust Limited, Charles Laffite and Limited, plus others in mixed grades

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 15 certificates, dated 1882-1919, titles include, Northern Counties Constitutional Newspaper Co. Ltd. 1882, Toxteth Real Property & Investment Co. Ltd. 1905, Fishguard and Rosslare s and Harbours Co. 1911, Ellenborough y Co. Ltd. 1910, Nirpuzha Estates Ltd. 1906, Clark & Son (haven) Ltd. 1912, East Coast Oil and Produce Co. Ltd., 1919, mostly F-VF. (15).

Auction 122
Bonds and Shares Bank and private checks, sh, bonds and documents (70) from GB, , and other (40) including Mexicana de Petroleo 'EL-AGUILA' S.A 1949 (2) Improved Chilling and Tran Limited 1919, Texiana Company 1923, The Anglo- Trust Limited 1919, Alpha Petroleum Company limited 1911, the Gula-Kalumpog- Estates Ltd.1923 and many other bonds plus documents (17) mostly from the Constantine s Limited and General Certificates, in mixed grades

Auction 122
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., 10 bonds and certificates, Airless Auto Wheel & Tire Co., certificate, 1916, Archer Tire and Co., certificate, 1920, Four Wheel Drive Auto Co., certificate, 1929, Cranston Coal Co., certificate, 1910, National Segar Machine Co., certificate, 1871, and Co., certificate, 1879, land Smokeless Coal Co., bond, 1903, Provident Coke and Mining Co., bond, 1903, Mining and Milling Co., bond, 1914, and Middle States Coal and Iron Mines Co., bond, 1906, nine with vignettes, mostly F-VF. (10).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 8 bearer share warrants, Pena Copper Mines Ltd., 1905, Lead Mines and Spelter Works Co. Ltd., 1908, Consolidated fields of the Ltd., 1903, Para (Marajo) Islands Estates Ltd., 1911, Fer Oil Fields Ltd., 1911, Lagunas Nitrate Co. Ltd., 1897, Buffelsdoorn Estate & Gold Co. Ltd., 1899, and Juga () Tin and Power Co. Ltd., 1911, four with vignettes, all with coupons, F-VF. (8).

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