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USA World Collection : World Bulk Lots

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 183
World Bulk Lots World A-Z includes n back to George V, n issues, including silver s, back to George III, NZ 1953, including a Peace Dollar, ZAR silver issues and many hundreds more from a wide variety of countries to recent issues generally from circulation (lot over 17 Kilos in two boxes)

Auction 181
World Bulk Lots GB and World modern in an album UK, , and with strength in U.K 50p, £1 and £2 many in higher grades

Auction 180
World Bulk Lots World a wide ranging group (9) includes medallic issues comprising 2014 Centenary of World War I, 5oz. Gold plated Proof, The Waterloo 1815-2015 by shire Medal Service after B.Pictrucci 88mm diameter in layered with silver, an impressive issue Prooflike UNC in the box of issue with certificate, 2019 50th Anniversary of the First Flight of e in -plated Silver, Proof FDC in the soft case of issue with certificate, 2 1/2 Euros 2015 Battle of Waterloo, UNC on the card of issue, 1972 GVF, GB (2) 1966 VG, Silver 1935 VF, The Duke of Medal 2015 45mm diameter in platinum plated bronze Proof FDC boxed with certificate, GB The Queen's 2002 32mm diameter in Brass UNC, Sets (3) Five Pounds 2014 a 3-coin set 'By Air, By Sea, By Land' each with a different reverse design UNC in the wallet of issue, GB Britain's First Coins 1968/71 UNC in the blue wallet of issue, The Historic an 8-coin set comprising 1947, Florin 1947, Shilling 1957E, 1959, 1967, Penny 1912, 1967 and 1946 in mixed circulated grades, Banknotes (2) One Pound Somerset DX43 011620 EF, Fe A78N 655845 Near EF, and a brass ashtray

Auction 177
World Bulk Lots A in album pages including sized issues (20) mostly themes including Dollars (5) and One Fantasy Silver issues (9) and a 1908 GB VF harshly cleaned, Pre 47 silver issues £1.95 and more, along with paper money B of E and £7 10/- face including a Peppiatt green pound (VF), USA $2 (2) and three world notes all in circulated grades

Auction 176
World Bulk Lots World in album pages (57) including silver crown sized issues 1780 restrike BU, Maple 1 1994 BU, Sucre 1890 VF, AH1327 nF, GB £2 Britannia 1998 (2) BU, 1972 Unc, Dollars 1885o Unc, 1921 VF (2), s 1994 and 1995 BU, - s (38) including GB £5s (7) these generally EF-Unc, 1876 VF, Silver 1935 and 1936 VF,. USA Half Dollar 1967, and a few base metal minors

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots GB s to s, and World a 18th to (363) in albums and pages, includes , , , , , , , , , , and many more, with some issues, in mixed grades to EF, Mint Set 1968 UNC, along with a small group of World Banknotes (23) in mixed circulated grades

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots World a in an album (120) 19th and includes , , and , includes some items, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots World 18th to a in an album (275), many different countries represented includes , , , , , , , , and a few Roman s, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots GB and World a in an album including issues and some paranumismatic with these including fantasy strikes of Edward VI and Elizabeth I s and Continental (lot, from circulation)

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots World a in home made trays including pre 1900 (lot) £200

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots a in an album (190) (10), Cents (175), these include better dates 1798 onwards, and s (2) 1804 and 1807, and other World s (3) in mixed grades, plenty of the later Cents in high grade

Auction 157
World Bulk Lots GB and World a in 4 large albums issues, the majority with many in silver includes Dollars, s, s and Dimes, in mixed grades with many later coins lustrous (lot)

Auction 155
World Bulk Lots World a in an album (203) includes Rand 1966-1969 (20) EF to UNC, also , Rhodesia, , , , , , , , , , and more, in mixed grades some EF to UNC and lustrous, along with South Africa Mint Sets (2) 1987 and 1988 UNC in the sealed packs of issue

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots World from an old (42) 17th to many countries represented includes , , , Austrian , , Antwerp, and , some token issues included, in mixed grades some VF or better, all with old collector's envelopes

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots World a 19th and (155) includes items a wide range of countries includes , , , , , , , , , and more, in mixed grades includes some useful types

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots Dollar (6) 1972 S Proof, 1983S s Silver Proof , 1984S Olympics Silver Proof, 1987 Silver Proof, 1989 Silver Proof, 2008 Bald Eagle Silver Proof, 2006 UNC, 1982 Silver Proof, 1964 FDC, US Liberty Coins 1986 a 2-coin set and Half Dollar Silver Proofs 2009S a 6-coin set District of , Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, , Guam and n FDC in the cases of issue, State Quarters a in a Dansco album complete except for 2008 D EF to UNC, plus USA and a few World a collection in two Lindner trays (88) mostly a few in silver, in mixed grades with later dates lustrous

Auction 136
World Bulk Lots World a small box of individual items including 5M 1907, West 2M 1951G EF, 1/2 G 1932, Cent 1871 and others from and The , then two bags of German issues mostly and a small of paranumismatic items machine tokens etc. in an album page (lot)

Auction 135
World Bulk Lots World, a charity mostly later issues from circulation including ble currencies such as Euros and Swiss Francs, includes paper money and a few earlier items with the odd issue and an engraved Love Token 1916 on a (lot, over 17 kilo gross weight in two boxes)

Auction 128
World Bulk Lots and (around 820) 19th and USA (685), Canada (130) includes 29 pre World War II, generally in mixed grades with around 200 in UNC, includes 20 in

Auction 125
World Bulk Lots A mixed group with a of GB and World in album pages, a group of imitation s, paranumismatic including casino chips, forgeries, machine tokens etc, some crowns GB and World including and GB 1935 crowns with others some cased (lot)

Auction 112
World Bulk Lots World a large comprehensive A - Z (many thonds of coins in stock boxes and albums) difficult to estimate the value as the lower valued i £4,400

Auction 103
World Bulk Lots World in albums and pages, including Caribbean, and (282) mixed grades and from a type and date so without dupli

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