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London Coins Auction 171
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Hammered Coins : Lot 1225




1225 Half Angel Henry VII, from altered dies of Richard III, Clear signs of die alteration are visible on the strike of the I and the C of HENRIC. One foot on dragon type. S.2188, North 1699, Schneider 506, mintmark Halved Sun and Rose/Lis on Halved Sun and Rose. Dies as Schneider 506 with a saltire stop at the end of the reverse legend, 2.45 grammes. 20mm diameter, About VF with a little shortage of flan in places. Comes with paperwork from the Portable Antiquities scheme detailing the find. An accompanying note states that only five previous examples have been recorded of this type. Further notes on the Henry VII Gold Coinage can be found in W.J.W. Potter and E.J. Winstanley Chapter 8, pages 141-143, a copy of these pages also comes with the coin, which states that of the five other examples, four are in museums. A very important coin from the early Tudor period, the extreme rarity of this piece cannot be overstated. £5,500 - £6,500

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