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London Coins Auction 171
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English Cased : Lot 250




250 1887 Golden Jubilee Currency Set Victoria Jubilee Head (11 Coins) comprising Gold Five Pounds 1887 GEF and lustrous with a heavier contact mark in the reverse field, Two Pounds 1887 GEF and lustrous with some spots on the horse , Sovereign 1887 NEF, Half Sovereign 1887 Lustrous GEF, Crown 1887 EF with a heavier contact mark on St. George's helmet, the obverse with Prooflike fields, Double Florin 1887 Roman 1 GEF with signs of old lacquering, Halfcrown 1887 A/UNC and lightly toned, Florin 1887 AU/UNC and nicely toned, Shilling 1887 GVF/NEF toned, Sixpence 1887 Withdrawn type NEF/EF and Threepence 1887 A/UNC and nicely toned, comes with a maroon Specimen set box £3,500 - £5,000

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