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London Coins Auction 173
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English Cased : Lot 367




367 GB and World (22) GB (9) Two Pounds Silver Britannia 2000 Lustrous UNC, Crowns (4) 1951 A/UNC in the green box of issue, 1953 UNC in a slide case, 1965 A/UNC, 1981 GEF, Five Pound Crowns (3) 1990 Queen Mother 90th Birthday UNC on the card of issue, 1999 Millennium UNC, 2015 Royal Birth of Princess Charlotte UNC still sealed in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, Royal Mint Year Set 2015 the Fifth Circulating Coinage (Jody Clark) Portrait 8 coins - Two Pounds to One Penny Lustrous UNC, some coins with light toning, in the double set slip case, Falkland Islands 25 Pounds 1986 Royal Wedding of Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson 150 grammes of .925 Silver Proof nFDC uncased, Guernsey (6) Five Pounds and One Pound pair 1999/2000 Silver Proof with Gold plated Nugget nFDC in soft case with certificate, Five Pounds (3) 1999/2000 UNC, 2001 100th Anniversary of the End of the Victorian Era Cupro-Nickel Proof nFDC in soft case with certificate, 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Gold plated cupro-nickel Lustrous UNC, One Pound (2) 1999 Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones Silver Proof nFDC lightly toned, in soft case with certificate, 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday Silver Proof nFDC with light toning, uncased in capsule, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Two Pounds 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday 2006 Proof nFDC in capsule, Medals (5) Ireland 2016 Easter Rising Centenary 32mm diameter Bimetallic UNC, Mary Queen of Scots modern cast issue 67mm diameter Obverse: Half length bust of Mary, Reverse: 'Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1567 Queen of France 1559-1560 Beheaded 1587' GVF, Edinburgh Castle undated Crown-sized medal in Nickel Silver UNC cased, BBA Group Ltd. 1979 Centenary Reverse: Founders William Fenton and W.Wilson Corbett UNC in a slide case, RMS Titanic Medal 2012 44mm diameter UNC in Belfast Telegraph wallet £100 - £150

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