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London Coins Auction 171
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World Coins : Lot 530




530 Australia - South Australia Adelaide Pound 1852 Type I, Cracked Die Reverse, 9.64 grammes, KM#1 one of the classic World Gold rarities and Australia's first gold coin. VG/Fine Ex-Jewellery. Only around 40 examples are believed to have been minted of the type I piece. The Government Assay Office, Adelaide had only opened 9 months earlier, in February 1852, and had previously assayed gold nuggets into ingots from the South Australia goldfields. The intention was for these new coins to circulate in order to stimulate South Australia's then ailing economy. Now the minting of the coins, rather than ingots required further precision and care, and proved beyond the capabilities of the primitive minting processes then employed, and on the initial run the reverse die cracked and broke. The type II series followed in greater numbers from a new die. Examples of the type I series are therefore greatly prized as so few were minted. A rare chance to obtain such a classic World Gold rarity £10,000 - £12,000

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