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London Coins Auction 183
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World Cased : Lot 588




588 Tristan da Cunha 2020 a 7-coin set in gold 'The 2020 George III 200th Anniversary Heritage Gold Sovereign Prestige Set' comprising Fifty Pounds 2020 Gold 5oz., Twenty Pounds 2020 Gold 2 1/2 oz., Five Pounds 2020 Gold, Double Sovereign 2020, Sovereign 2020, Half Sovereign 2020, and Quarter Sovereign 2020 each coin featuring a reverse depicting currency coins of the George III era, struck in Heritage gold, a mix of antique and new 22 carat coin, mintages of the coins limited respectively to 22 coins for the Fifty Pounds, 49 coins for the Twenty Pounds, 200 coins for the Five Pounds, 299 coins for the Double Sovereign, 2020 coins for the Sovereign, 1820 coins from the Half Sovereign, and 1999 coins for the Quarter Sovereign, over 304 grammes of 22 carat gold, an impressive and eye-catching set, the Quarter Sovereign with some edge nicks, nFDC to FDC in the Hattons of London box with their certificates £11,000 - £16,000

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