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London Coins Auction 177
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Tokens : Lot 743




743 Halfpennies 19th Century - Non-Local (11) 1815 GENUINE BRITISH COPPER Withers 1400 (2) VG and Near Fine, 1814 Obverse: GREAT BRITAIN Reverse: Britannia with date below COPPER (2) Withers 1409 the first VG the second slightly better, 1815 HALF PENNY TOKEN, Reverse: Ship SUCCESS TO NAVIGATION & TRADE Withers 1429 VG with two long scratches on the obverse, Undated - Obverse: Small bust of Wellington left FIELD MARSHAL WELLINGTON, Reverse Britannia HALFPENNY TOKEN Withers 1498 Fine/Near Fine, Undated Bust of Nelson (?) right VICTIA NOBIS EST, Reverse: Britannia seated left HALFPENNY TOKEN Withers 1595 Good Fine, 1815 HALFPENNY TOKEN Obverse: Ship, no legend, Reverse: Female seated left on a bale, holding cornucopia Withers 1625/8 Fine, Undated, Obverse: Sailing Ship, FOR GENERAL ACCOMODATION, Reverse: HALF PENNY TOKEN . PURE COPPER PREFERABLE TO PAPER, Withers 1670 Fine, 1814 Obverse: RH Cypher monogram, Reverse: Ship, HALF PENNY TOKEN 1814 Fine, Withers 1686 unpriced by Withers (listed as RR) Fine, 1813 Obverse: Spread Eagle HALFPENNY TOKEN, Reverse: Britannia seated within a wreath of oak, 5.51 grammes, Withers 1711-1715 (for use in Canada) Fine £80 - £100

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