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London Coins Auction 173
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World Bulk Lots : Lot 953




953 GB and World a diverse group (20) includes GB Hammered (3) Shillings Elizabeth I and Charles I both Fare, Sixpence Elizabeth I 1565 mintmark Pheon Fair/VG, Spain Two Reales 1718J Fine toned, Mexico Half Real 1800 Mo VG, Spanish American Cobs One Real (2) 1766 an d 166- (last digit nor readable) possibly Bolivia issues, VG to Near Fine, Italian States - Tuscany Grossi worn, France (2) 10 Sols 1/12th Ecu 1643A VG, 12 Sols 1741 Fine, India Dump Coinage (2), Hungary Denar 1554 Near Fine, Lead Token uniface with large H on the obverse, 19mm diameter, Fine, Roman Denarius Lucius Opeimius 134BC Head of Roma Right /Victory Galloping right in quadriga holding wreath, L.OPEIMI beneath Fine, Netherlands/Belgium Jeton 1578 VG, a Shilling sized very worn and damaged flan, and unidentified dump coinage 20mm and 212mm diameter each with a figure on horseback, much of the legend missing off the edge of the respective flans £75 - £150

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