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George And The Dragon : Medals

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 182
Medals Seals (11) an interesting group various types, including seals (5) 29mm and 24mm, 20mm, 19mm and 16mm diameters, a Lead cloth seal, - , octagonal brass seals with Arabic text and decorative wide borders (2) each 41mm x 29mm and unusual VF, a small seal 15mm diameter hand cut, and hinged with decorative handle dated AH1337 Fine, Incuse stris, or seals, on 25mm copper flans (2) both uniface, both appear struck, each Fine, a plaster (?) seal one side with n text, the other decorative, , Fine, and a cast medal in bronze, undated, Obverse: female figure right, draped, Reverse: Good Fine, holed

Auction 180
Medals Medals and Medallic (5) comprising One Ounce Silver Ingot 32mm x 22mm the obverse with images of both sides of a China Dollar Y#332 (1916) Inauguration of the Hung-Hsien regime with portrait of Hung-Hsieng in uniform with plumed hat facing and dragon reverse, A/UNC, GB Admiral Vernon 1739 HE TOOK PORTOBELLO WITH SIX SHIPS ONLY, Eimer 550, Fine, cleaned, GB Medallic Fantasy Crown 1936 Edd VIII Obverse: Bust left with 1936-2006 below, Reverse UNC and lustrous, Medal 8 Journey Round The Moon 1968 39mm diameter in silver 0.8 Troy oz. Lustrous UNC boxed with certificate, 1969 300th of Innsbruck University 27.89 grammes of silver Lustrous Prooflike UNC with colourful choice tone, with certificate

Auction 176
Medals St. Silver medal, (2010), 80mm diameter, in .999 silver, with 'antique' finish, FDC in the black box of issue with booklet-style certificate

Auction 175
Medals Mayoralty of the 700th 1889, 81mm diameter in bronze by A.Kirkwood & Son, Eimer 1752, BHM 3377, Welch 23, Obverse: Busts, crowned and draped, of RICHARD I. 1189 and VICTORIA 1889, facing each other, within two open circular frames; a vignette of seven interlaced circles, above, and one of St. below. TO COMMEMORATE THE 700th ANNIVERSARY OF THE MAYORALTY OF THE CITY OF LONDON . MDCCCLXXXIX. Reverse: Londinia seated, right, receives symbols of Mayoralty from St. Michael standing before her; above, a radiate crown. Beyond: St. Paul's and the Tower. THE POWERS THAT BE ARE ORDAINED OF GOD. In Exergue: 1189-1889 UNC in the Corporation of the City of London box with lettering on the lid, only 450 issued
£700 London Coins : A175 : Lot 900 : Mayoralty of the City of London 700th Anniversary 1889, 81mm diameter in bronze by A.Kirkwood & ... London Coins : A175 : Lot 900 : Mayoralty of the City of London 700th Anniversary 1889, 81mm diameter in bronze by A.Kirkwood & ...

Auction 172
Medals 1851 51mm diameter in white metal by Allen and Moore Eimer 1462 NEF and lustrous. International Exhibition 1862 36mm diameter in white metal by G.Dowler NEF and lustrous. a 5-piece Mint medallic set comprising Churchill - Great Leaders, Great Words Silver One Ounce, with 70mm diameter gold-plated copper medals (4) in a presentation folder. Banco Vizcaya - 1993 75th UNC boxed. Winners 2003 38mm diameter in nickel-brass by the UNC boxed with certificate. The Yeoman ders of the Tower of London 51mm diameter in Royal Mint box. II 1977 45mm diameter UNC in a Royal Mint box. Queen I 80th birthday 2006 Lenticular Medal 45mm diameter in Nickel-Brass with 3D portrait of the Queen by the Royal Mint UNC in the box of issue with certificate. Eiffel Tower Ascension to the First stage 1889 45mm diameter in copper GVF. 193732mm diameter in bronze GVF. Queen 1953 Coronation in brass, UNC boxed. Mission to the October 4 1965 63mm diameter in bronze by Medallic Art Co. New York UNC boxed. 50th State - The Aloha State 63mm diameter in bronze by the Medallic Art Co. New York. UNC boxed. Prize Medal 1905 - Awarded to Herbert G.Hogben for Proficiency in Science by the Board of Education 38mm diameter in bronze EF in a 'Board of Education - South Kensington' box. Millionaires Fantasy Double Leopard a modern fantasy in base metal UNC. Fantasy Crown 2012 Queen Elizabeth II with Reverse, UNC. Queen Elizabeth II 2002 in base metal UNC on the card of issue. George V Silver Jubilee 1935 32mm diameter Obverse with conjoined busts, Reverse a coat of arms, GEF. King George V Silver Jubilee 1935 a regional issue - Byworth 38mm diameter in base metal. King George VI Coronation Medal 1937 38mm diameter in white metal EF. Queen Elizabeth II 2015 UNC in 'Daily Mail' blister pack. Medals Crown-sized in base metal (6) Bicentennial - Fleet Arrived 1788, William Wilberforce 150th Anniversary of the Abolition of ry UNC, 20th Anniversary of Independence 1984 UNC, Pope Paul II Visit to Britain 1982 UNC, of and Miss Sarah Ferguson 1986 UNC, Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977 UNC, these all in slide cases. Replica Miniature Medals modern issues (2) and star, as issued. Silver plated Stamp book holder with Coronation 1937 on the front with conjoined busts of George VI and the , GVF. Cigarette Tin 1953 'Four Square Cigarettes', ' Sutcliffe MP Royston Division Conservative Association, Ingots (2) The Year of the Three Kings Gold Crown Set 206 of 499 ingot, and ingot inscribed ' Deutsche Reichbank 999/1000 gold' a fantasy issue weighing 28.8 grammes UNC

Auction 172
Medals Medals (5) 1901 In Memory of Queen 19.11 grammes NVF with suspension loop and ribbon, , reverse, 17.39 grammes NVF with suspension loop, undated, shield-shaped with lion and motto 19.34 grammes, One Year medal , undated (c.1901) Reverse: two female figures below tree, 17.82 grammes VF, 1889 6-month medal in silver, 12.24 grammes uniface Good Fine with suspension loop
£40 London Coins : A172 : Lot 738 : Army Temperance Society Medals (5) 1901 In Memory of Queen Victoria 19.11 grammes NVF with suspensio... London Coins : A172 : Lot 738 : Army Temperance Society Medals (5) 1901 In Memory of Queen Victoria 19.11 grammes NVF with suspensio...

Auction 154
Medals St. 82mm diameter, 250 grammes of .999 silver, Toned UNC in the box of issue with certificate. The Royal Mint Silver Medal 2011 65mm diameter, 5 ounces of .925 silver UNC toned in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate

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