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In catalogue descriptions it is a standard technique to include as part of a lot's attribution one or more standard references. A variety of publications (reference books) have been issued over the years which attempt to list the entire known items coins, tokens, paper money etc. within a give group such as 17th Century British Tokens, English Milled Coins, or English Paper Money. These publications list all known types of their chosen group at the time of publication and all use a reference number or code against each type they identify. This number or code is what is known as the standard reference.

Some of these publications go into more detail than others if bronze pennies of the UK are used as an example a World Coin Catalogue which attempts to include listings for all countries in a given era may have individual reference numbers for large groups perhaps separated by monarch only, a UK publication will sub divide into more detail with major obverse and reverse designs itemised separately, a specialist catalogue such as Peck English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558 - 1958 will identify more minor varieties often having several types within the same date, Freeman's The British Bronze Penny 1860 - 1970 which focused solely on the Bronze Penny will go into even more detail listing and referencing separately minute varieties where magnification may be necessary to identify them.

The collector has the intriguing choice of deciding his or her chosen series and the detail in terms of variety he or she is pursuing. Where all varieties are being collected however minor the collector may find himself at the cutting edge of research into the series whereby new varieties are being discovered and published. The investment minded should note that some series are currently more heavily collected than others resulting in high prices being realised at auction for varieties, scarce bronze penny varieties even in poor grades have been realising thousands of pounds on occasion, where other series currently have far less followers and varieties here can be obtained at relatively lower prices and may have growth potential if new collectors chase these series in future.

If you are or intend to collect a series avidly we recommend you acquire the relevant reference book.

Reference Books


    • English (UK) Coins
    • Spink, Coins of England and The United Kingdom
    • Example: S.1257

    • English (UK) Coins
    • C.Wilson Peck, English Copper Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958
    • Example: Peck 1425

    • English (UK) Coins
    • Freeman, The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain 1985 Edition
    • Example: Freeman 16

    • English (UK) Coins
    • J.J.North,English Hammered Coinage
    • Example: North 586

    • English (UK) Coins
    • John Jerrams, The early British Bronze Bun Pennies and Their Varieties 1860-1865 inclusive, 2003 edition
    • Example: Satin 12

    • English (UK) Coins
    • Marsh, The Gold Half Sovereign, Second Edition 2004
    • Example: Marsh 400

    • English (UK) Coins
    • Marsh, The Gold Sovereign,Golden Jubilee Edition
    • Example: Marsh 4

    • English (UK) Coins
    • P.Alan Rayner, English Silver Coinage since 1649, 1992 edition
    • Example: ESC 750

    • English (UK) Coins
    • Peter J.Davies , British Silver Coins since 1816, 1982 edition
    • Example: Davies 1558

    • World Coins
    • Grierson,Coins of Medieval Europe
    • Example: Grierson 538

    • World Coins
    • Krause Mischler Standard Catalogue of World Coin
    • Example: KM#101 or Y#52 or C#15
    • Note : Various Catalogues exist for each century back to the 17th.

    • World Coins
    • Krause Mischler Unusual World Coins
    • Example: X#1

    • British W.Africa/St.Helena
    • David Vice, The Coinage of British West Africa and St.Helena 1684-1958
    • Example: FT250

    • Scotland, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Lundy
    • Spink, Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Man and Lundy) pre-Decimal Issues, 2003 edition
    • Example: S.6612

    • USA Morgan Dollars
    • Michael S.Fey Ph.D and Jeff Oxman, The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys
    • Example: VAM 6A

    • Ancient Coins
    • David Hendrin, Guide to Biblical coins
    • Example: Hendrin 37

    • Ancient Coins
    • David Sear, Greek coins
    • Example: Sear 678

    • Ancient Coins
    • David Sear, Greek Imperial coins
    • Example: G.I.C.528

    • Ancient Coins
    • David Sear, Roman coins & their values
    • Example: Sear 438

    • Ancient Coins
    • Seaby, Roman silver coins
    • Example: RSC 638

    • Ancient Coins
    • Spink, Roman Imperial Coinage
    • Example: R.I.C.583

Paper Money

    • English Paper Money
    • English Paper Money by Vincent Duggleby 7th edition 2006
    • Example: T30 for Treasury notes, B353 for Bank of England

    • GB Provincial Banknotes
    • The Standard Catalogue of Provincial Banks & Banknotes by G.L.Grant 1977
    • Example: Grant 211

    • World Paper Money
    • Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money General Issues 12th edition by Krause Publications
    • Example: Pick123

    • World Paper Money
    • Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money Modern Issues 14th edition by Krause Publications
    • Example: Pick123

    • World Paper Money
    • Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money Specialized Issues 10th edition by Krause Publications
    • Example: Pick S123



    • Tokens
    • Williamson, 17th Century Tokens of the British Isles and their Values
    • Example: W.455