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London Coins Auction 171
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1194 Ae As. Vespasian , Lyons Mint (77-78AD) Obv: Bust right laureate, globe at point of bust, Reverse S-C PROVIDEN below large altar, RIC 1234, Sear 803 VG, Ae Tetradrachm Diocletian Alexandrian Coinage, Dattari 5819-20 Good Fine £30 - £60
1195 Ancients (5) includes a Byzantine Large Follis Fair, Sestertius Faustina II Fair, in mixed lower grades £15 - £30
1196 Ancients (6) Ae Antoninianus Gallienus (Joint Reign) AD255-256, Antioch or Samosata Mint. Obverse: Draped bust right, radiate, IMP CP LIC GALLIENVS AVG, Reverse: Valerian standing right holding globe and sceptre, facing Gallienus, standing left, holding Victory and Sceptre. VIRTVS AVGG, RIC 456j var. 3.22 grammes Good Fine. Small Follis Constantine I 3120-313AD Trier, Obverse: Bust right, laureate, draped, and cuirassed SOLI INVIC-TO COMITI, Sol standing left, chlamys draped over left shoulder, holding globe and raising right hand. T-F across fields. Mintmark PTR in exergue, 5.46 grammes Good Fine. Sestertius Gordian III Obverse: Bust right, draped, laureate and cuirassed IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, Reverse: Securitas seated left with sceptre SECVRITAS AVG, S C in exergue 17.26 grammes Near Fine. Ae Semis Tiberius as Caesar 12-14AD Lugdunum Mint.; Obverse: Laureate Head right, TI CAESAR AVGVST F IMPERAT VII, Reverse: Frome elevation of the Altar of Lugdunum ROM ET AVG below, 11.98 grammes, Fine, along with two further unattributed Roman in lower grades £30 - £60
1197 Byzantine Bronze Follis (6) Fair to Fine £30 - £40
1198 Celtic - Armorica (Channel Islands and North West Gaul) Billon Stater Obverse: Stylized head right, Reverse horse and rider with reins, cross of pellets below, 6.22 grammes, approaching VF and bold with an edge crack £200 - £250
1199 Celtic Gold Stater, Early uninscribed coinage, British 'B'. Chute type S.22, VA 1205, BMC 35-76, weight 6.06gr Good Fine/NVF with an edge chip £350 - £450
1200 Channel Islands - Armorican Issues - Northwest France and Channel Islands Billon Staters 75-50BC (5) 5.82 to 6.41 grammes, Fair, one with an edge chip £25 - £50
1201 China Spade Money (2) Wang Mang (c.9-22AD) 36mm 6.36 grammes and 26mm 3.6 grammes, Fine with green patina, Ancient Greece (22) Ar Drachm Thrace - Istros, Late 5th-4th Century BC Obv. Two Young male heads/ Rev. Sea Eagle left on dolphin AΠ 4.95 grammes NVF. Sicily - Syracuse Ar Litra Hiketas II (288-278BC) Obv. Head of Apollo right/ Rev.Eagle standing left, 6.03 grammes Near Fine. Thasos Ar Trihemiobol (411-350BC) Obv. Satyr kneeling left holding kantharios/ Rev. Amphora, 0.64 grammes, Fine. Thrace - Chersonesos Ar Hemidrachm (480-350BC) Obv. Forepart of Lion right, head reverted/ Rev. Dot AY monogram dot - Bee, 2.36 grammes, Sear 1605 var.VF. Ionia - Miletos Ar Obol, Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Forepart of lion left, head turned/ Rev. Floral Star Pattern in incuse square, 0.88 grammes SNG Cop. 952 NF/Fine. Ionia - Miletos Ar Obol Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Forepart of Lion left, head turned/ Rev. Floral Star pattern in incuse square, 0.93 grammes, Fine/Good Fine. Ionia - Miletos Ar Diobol Late 6th Century BC, Sear SG 3533, Obv. Lion's head left/ Rev. Floral Star pattern in incuse square, 1.2 grammes, VF. Ionia - Uncertain Ar Trihemiobol c.Late 6th Century BC, Obv. Star of 8 rays/ Rev. Quadripartite square 0.61 grammes Fine. Sicily Trihemiobol Obv.Triskeles/Rev.Pellet in circle 0.61 grammes, Fine. Mylasa- Caria Ae17 Strategos Eupolemos, Obv. Three overlapping shields Rev.EMΠO / ΛEMOY Sheathed Sword. 1.90 grammes Lindgren III 435, NVF. Elymais -Orodes II Copper Drachm (100-150AD) 3.74 grammes Fine. Knidos - Caria Ae11 (300-190BC) Obv. Head of Aphrodite right/ Rev. Prow right 1.95 grammes, Fine. Kyme - Aeolis (350-250BC) Ae15. Magistrate Eubios 3.68 grammes. Obv. KY and forepart of horse right EYBIOΣ below/Rev. One-handled drinking cup, TEYB monogram to left SNG Cop 76. Good Fine. Pontos - uncertain, possibly Amisos Ae24 c.130-100BC. Obv. Helmeted head left/ Rev. Star with eight rays, 20.15 grammes About Fine. Maroneia - Thrace Semi-Autonomous coinage Ae15 (400-350BC) Obv. Prancing Horse right, monogram below/ Rev. grape-vine within linear frame. 2.33 grammes, Fine. Brettii - Bruttium Ae14 reduced Unit/Uncia (208-205BC) Obv. Head right/Rev. Eagle standing Near Fine with green patination. Carthage in Zeugitana Ae14 Obv. Head of Taniot left/Rev. Horse prancing right, 3.245 grammes, SNG Cop95 VG/Near Fine. Macedonia - Akanthos Ar Hemiobol (C.470-390BC) 8mm diameter, 0.37 grammes Obv. Head of Bull right/ Rev. Quadripartite incuse square SNG ANS 51 GVF. Lydia - Tmolus Ae14 semi-autonomous issue. (117-161AD) Obv. Youthful head of Dionysus right, wreathed with ivy, thyrsos before/ Rev. TMΩΛITΩN, bunch of grapes, Paris 97, Waddington 5384, Sardis 327, Good Fine. Mysia - Pergamon Ae12 (200-133BC) Philetaerus, King of Pergamum. Obv. Helmeted Head of Athena right/ Rev. ΦIΛE-TAIΡOY, Bow. SNG von Aulock 1364; SNG Stockholm 2086; SNG Leipzig 1094; BMC 12, 54; Lindgren III 273 Good Fine with green patination. Thrace - Mesembria c.3rd to2nd Century BC Ae19 Obv. Female head right/ Rev. Athena Promachos standing left holding shield and brandishing spear, 5.17 grammes, SNG Cop 660 approaching Fine, along with a further group of Ancients (15) all but one in bronze, in mixed lower grades. Macedonia - Antigonus I Ae15 Obv. Gorgon on shield, Rev Worn. 3.84 grammes. VG/Poor. Celtic (3) Gaul - Northwest Senones (c.100BC-50BC) Potin Unit, Obv. Head right/ Rev. Stylized horse with pellets around. 17mm diameter, 4.64 grammes Fine on an irregularly shaped flan., Celtic Bronze Unit Obv. Blank/ Rev.Horse and rider right, 14mm diameter, 2.71 grammes, NVF with edge cracks. Celtic - Britain Iceni Silver Unit S.436 Symbol type Obv. Two opposed crescents/ Rev. Horse with three pellets below, 1.12 grammes, Fine £125 - £350
1202 Denarius Tiberius (17-21AD) 'Tribute' Penny. Obverse: Bust right, laureate. Reverse: Livia as Pax seated right MAXIM PONTIF, 3.43 grammes, bout Fine £40 - £80
1203 Roman and Ancient a collection in 4 Lindner trays (165) a wide variety includes Dupondius, As, Antoninianus, Denarius, Byzantine Follis (2), a large group of 3rd and 4th Century Ae3 the vast majority with attributions, in mixed grades to VF includes two modern imitations £200 - £400
1204 Roman Antoninianus (4) Philip I (244-249AD) Reverse: Liberalitas standing left with abacus and cornucopia, 2.17 grammes, NVF. Gordian III, Reverse: Jupiter standing right with sceptre and thunderbolt IOVI STATORI, RIC 84 2.69 grammes, Good Fine/NVF. Gordian III, Reverse: Apollo seated left with branch, resting elbow on lyre, 3.29 grammes, RIC 89, RSC 261 Good Fine with some thin edge cracks. Gordian III Reverse: AETERNITATI Sol standing facing, head left, holding globe, 3.31 grammes, RSC 41, RIC 82 Good Fine, Denarius Vespasian, worn, Dupondius Philip I Fair, Roman bronzes (14) Ae3 (11), Reduced Follis Constantine I Reverse: Jupiter standing facing with head left, chlamys hanging from left shoulder, holding Victory on globe and leaning on sceptre, eagle to left, Officina letter Δ, 3.33 grammes, RIC Siscia 232b Fine, along with a further group of Roman (47) all but one in bronze, unattributed in mixed low grades £50 - £100
1205 Roman Ar Siliqua Valens (364-348AD) Trier Mint Obverse: Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right D N VALENS P F AVG, Reverse: Roma seated left holding Victory and sceptre. In exergue: TRPS ESC 109, S.620 Fine with an edge crack £25 - £50
1206 Roman Denarius (5) Hadrian (121 AD) Obverse: Laureate head right IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, Reverse Providentia standing left holding sceptre and pointing at globe at foot. and raising skirt PMT R P COS III, PRO - AVG in field, RIC 133, RSC 1198a, 3.25 grammes, NVF with some edge nicks. Hadrian (134-138AD) Obverse: Draped bust right HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, Reverse: Hadrian veiled and standing right, shaking hands with Fortuna RIC 248, RSC 789. 3.29 grammes, Good Fine. Antoninus Pius ( 138-161) Obverse: Laureate Head right PACI AVG COS III, Reverse: Aequitas standing left holding sceptre RIC 301, RSC 573, 3.28grammes, VF. Geta as Caesar (200-202AD) Draped Bust right P SEPT GETA CAES PONT, Reverse: Geta in military dress, standing left with baton and sceptre, trophy behind RIC 18, RSC 157, 3.26 grammes, Near VF. Julia Domna (193-211AD). Obverse: Draped Bust right IVLIA AVGVSTA, Reverse: Hilaritas standing left, holding long palm and sceptre, HILARITAS, RIC 555, RSC 76, 3.63 grammes, VF £75 - £150
1207 Roman Republic Ar Denarius L. Censorinus. (82 BC.) Rome mint. Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right, Rev: Marsyas standing left, raising hand and holding wineskin over shoulder, with column to right surmounted by statue of Minerva(?). 3.80 grammes. Crawford 363/1d; Sydenham 737; Marcia 24. VF/About VF £75 - £150
1208 Sassanian Hemidrachms (10) VF to NEF £100 - £150
1209 World and Ancient (18) a mixed group includes Sassanian Drachm (2) Fine to Good Fine, Roman and Greek bronzes (6) Near Fine to VF, an Islamic Dirham Fine, an Indian Temple Token Good Fine, Medieval Brass Jetons (2) Poor, a Byzantine Follis VG, Parthian Silver Drachm Mithradates IV Fine, Farthing Token Edinburgh - Lothian Harrison's undated, About Fine, a brass apothecaries weight, Fine, Portugal Real Branco Duarte I (1433-1438) VG with part of flan missing to inner circle, and a bronze? button 20mm diameter with RICH TREBLE GILT legend Fine £100 - £150

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